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Why good Mintwud Wood Double bed is necessary?

Your bed is where you spend almost one third of your life, yet for many it is one of the least thought about furniture purchases. Making sure you have a good nights sleep is the key to a good day – all too often bad sleeping patterns can be put down to a Mintwud Wood Double bed that is too old and no longer gives the support which you need.

Did you know?

  • In your lifetime you’ll spend over 200,000 hours in bed. You’ll end up spending more time in bed than you do with any other household item including the couch, TV and kitchen items.
  • Your body isn’t flat! It’s a unique collection of curves, muscles, organs and bones that need the right support.
  • When people get the sleep they need, they not only feel better but will also increase their odds of living healthier, more productive lives.
  • Numerous studies have found that insufficient sleep can significantly increase a person’s chance of developing medical conditions including obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

This guide aims to help you select the best possible Mintwud Wood Double bed, ensuring you get a good nights sleep each and every night.

Best Mintwud Wood Double Bed Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Mintwud Wood Double Bed

A bed just doesn’t look like a bed until that mattress is off the floor and cradled within a quality frame. A headboard, footboard, and frame gives a bed structure, presence, and personality. There are many different types of King size beds for your design aesthetic, room size, and living situation. Take time to consider these factors before you buy, so you are pleased with your purchase for years to come.

Types of Beds

Here are a few examples of the most popular bed designs, including buying tips and pros and cons of each bed type:

Divan beds

One of the most popular styles on the market, the divan bed comes with drawer space in which you can store a multitude of items. They’re ideal if you have no other place for additional duvets, towels or packed-up seasonal clothing.

Depending on whether you want a firm or softer base, you can choose from a platform divan (with a solid base) or a sprung edge divan (with more bounce).

Ottoman beds

Who doesn’t need additional storage space in their home these days? If you need a bit more room, it’s worth taking a look at an ottoman.

With the help of a gas-hydraulic system, the storage space in ottomans can be accessed by lifting the mattress from the side or bottom, which reveals a larger compartment within the bed. Because ottomans allow you to use the entire base of the bed as storage, the space is much larger than drawers.

Wooden and metal beds

Whether you’re looking for the sleek, modern design of a metal bed frame or a classic, natural wooden bed, the right frame can really make a style statement.

You’ll find yourself spoilt for choice if you decide to start your bed buying journey with a frame. There’s a range of design options available, from rustic to elegant.

Fabric and leather beds

Both leather and fabric beds usually share the same design – they both have a large, integrated headboard for a striking visual. Like wooden and metal beds, they’re great for making a bedroom seem bigger, as their open sides provide an unrestricted view of the décor.

All you need to decide is the right style for your room. Do you prefer the colourful touch of a fabric bed base? Or is a luxurious faux leather covering more fitting with your interior design choices? Whatever your style, a fabric or leather bed is sure to suit your home.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds are among the most versatile options around and are perfect for spare rooms or smaller flats. They come in a huge range of styles, sizes and colours, while often sitting towards the lower end of the price scale.

When looking at sofa beds, make sure you choose one with a mattress that fits your needs. Depending on whether you have occasional guests or a long-term visitor, you need to find the right mattress which offers comfort and durability.

Guest beds

It’s always important to make sure that your guests are as comfortable as possible. The last thing your visitors want is to toss and turn on an uncomfortable bed. Luckily, we have a wide variety of cosy guest bed options available.

For instance, it’s possible to have your guest bed tucked underneath another bed, which is simply pulled out from the main frame when needed. Our Lena Pine Guest Bed is a great example of a pull-out guest bed. It’s an incredibly tidy option which takes up minimal space.

Another option is the folding guest bed with a sleek metal frame which is quick and easy to set up. It can also be neatly tidied away when your guests have said their goodbyes.

Kids’ beds

For younger children and toddlers, a small kid’s bed is important to ensure that they feel cosy and secure.

If you’re a parent, there are multiple things to consider when you want to give your child the perfect place to sleep. Will you need some extra storage for toys and games? Is there more than one child to consider?

Whether you opt for a bunk bed or a small single will often come down to how much space you have and what’s best for your children.

Adjustable beds

If you suffer from mobility issues or sore joints, your doctor or physiotherapist may suggest looking into adjustable bed options.

These mechanised beds give you the ability to elevate your head or legs at the tap of a button and find the optimal position to keep the aches and pains away. You can read our adjustable bed guide to learn more.

Sleigh beds

The sleigh bed is popular if you want your bedroom to be as stylish as possible. From modern to traditional French-style sleigh beds, there is something for everyone.

They are designed to be large and robust, yet despite this sleigh beds tend to have a softer appearance thanks to a curved scrolling base and headboard.

Sleigh beds offer a range of material options too. The frame can be upholstered in fabric, covered in faux leather or left wooden, which gives you plenty of scope when matching a bed to your home.

TV beds

TV beds do exactly as their name implies. The bottom of the base contains a television that can be raised or lowered as needed. TV beds are perfect if you love to binge-watch in comfort and dream of having movie nights under the duvet.

Though the addition of a TV doesn’t compromise on design, as solid attractive frames are now the norm. They’re also a practical solution that saves space, because you won’t need to find a surface for an extra bedroom television.

Buying Guide for Mintwud Wood Double Bed

Below are few of the considerations to be taken before buying your perfect Mintwud Wood Double bed.


Another practicality to think about is if you need extra storage. Coupling a comfy bed with space to store clothes and spare duvets will be a big help if you don’t have room for multiple wardrobes.

Invest wisely

Buying a bed is a long term investment in your happiness, health and wellbeing. Take the time and effort and buy from a well-known, quality bed specialist to ensure you’re getting:

  • the right information
  • great service
  • value for money

Buy the best valued, quality mattress you can afford. A great sleep sets you up for the day. A cheap bed isn’t a bargain if you’re sacrificing your sleep.

What size bed will you choose?

Choose a mattress where you have enough room to move. This goes for both of you if you’re buying a bed with a partner. Measure the space where the bed will go. It’s also handy to measure the doorways the bed will need to move through to ensure it will fit in the room!

Consider the number of sleepers as well as the height of each sleeper to choose the most comfortable bed:

  • Twin: 38″ x 75″, sleeps one
  • XL Twin: 38″ x 80″, sleeps one
  • Full: 53″ x75″, sleeps one or two
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″, sleeps two
  • King: 76″ x 80″, sleeps two
  • Super King: 72″ x 84″, sleeps two


Finally, there’s the style factor. Does a fabric-covered frame take your fancy? Or it may be the case that you prefer natural materials like a classic solid wood frame. Perhaps you’re more partial to a polished metal bed for a chic modern look.

Health needs or special bed features

Today you have a choice of beds made with various technologies and components designed to: help back pain sufferers minimise partner disturbance hinder allergies alleviate the buildup of heat in the bed help soothe muscle and joint pains provide extra edge support.

Buy for longevity

Ensure your mattress is durable. Durability will determine how long your bed lasts. Quality bed manufacturers back up their product with a 5- or 10-year guarantee. Ask our sleep specialists whether your mattress choice comes with a guarantee.

Top and Best Mintwud Wood Double Bed – [Updated and Highly Recommended]

Sale: -47%Bestseller No. 1 Pepperfry Bed | Mintwud | Yuuma | King Size Bed | King Bed with Storage | Colour: Wenge Finish | Wooden Bed | Cot Bed | Cots for Bedroom | Bedroom Furniture
Pepperfry Bed | Mintwud | Yuuma | King Size Bed | King Bed with Storage | Colour: Wenge Finish | Wooden Bed | Cot Bed | Cots for Bedroom | Bedroom Furniture

10 Reviews


  • H 36 x W 75 x D 86; Seating Height - 10.1; Mattress size - 72 x 78 (Not included)
    (All dimensions are in inches)
  • Room Type: Bedroom
  • Pepperfry will arrrange for carpenter service with in 72 hours post delivery. Assembly cost is included in the price of the product.
  • Accessories shown in the image are only for representation and are not part of the product.
  • Depending on your screen settings and resolution on your device there may be a slight variance in fabric colour and wood polish of the image and actual product.

Sale: -59%Bestseller No. 4 Bluewud Pollo Engineered Wood Wenge Finish Queen Size Bed with Box Storage
Bluewud Pollo Engineered Wood Wenge Finish Queen Size Bed with Box Storage


  • Size: Queen; Dimensions: Length- 202.7Cm (79.8") | Breadth- 158.5Cm (62.4") | Height 92.3Cm (36.3")
  • Made of Particle Board (High grade prelam engineering wood with natural wood grain finish)
  • Recommended Mattress Size: 78 X 60 Inches Storage Type: Box Storage
  • FREE PRODUCT ASSEMBLY service provided by the seller.
  • Product Warranty :: 4 years warranty on manufacturing defects.

Sale: -61%Bestseller No. 5 BL WOOD Solid Sheesham Wood King Size Double Bed for Bedroom Wooden Cot Furniture Palang with for Beautiful Living Room Home Decor & Hotels - (Provencial Finish)
BL WOOD Solid Sheesham Wood King Size Double Bed for Bedroom Wooden Cot Furniture Palang with for Beautiful Living Room Home Decor & Hotels - (Provencial Finish)


  • Product Dimensions:- Length- 208 cm, Width- 189 cm, Height- 74 cm, Mattress Size: 78 X 72 Inch (Not Included)
  • The Bed Product Material:- Sheesham Wood, Color: Provencial Teak
  • The Bed furniture is made of Solid Wood which ensures durability of the Solid Wood Bed. Give Your Home A Luxurious Look With Sheesham Wooden Bed | Fits In Your Space, Fits On Your Budget.
  • The Bed Furniture Wooden has been one of the most essential and integral part of the Bedroom Furniture.
  • Bed for bedroom furniture needs some basic assembly at the customers end to make it perfect for use. We provide the best quality products. Every product goes through a tough quality check to ensure that we can serve our best way.


So now you know which ones are the best picks out of all the available options to buy Mintwud Wood Double bed. While quality and pricing are important, you also might want to look at the ergonomics and style of the Mintwud Wood Double bed to fit your bedroom.

The key to a good night’s sleep is a good Mintwud Wood Double bed and the key to a good Mintwud Wood Double bed is having a good think about your bedroom as a whole. Take a look at our style guides for inspiration and have a good browse through all our range to find the perfect Mintwud Wood Double bed for your needs and tastes.

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