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Top and Best ShuffleBoard Table in India | 24th Sep 2021

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Why ShuffleBoard Table?

ShuffleBoards are a superb way to enjoy your time with family and friends and adding a little competition to the game for making it more exciting. In this article we present you the Top and Best ShuffleBoard game in India.

It gives you and your friends and family an immense gaming experience right at your home to enjoy some precious moments with your loved ones.

What is a ShuffleBoard Table?

Shuffleboard Table is a game whereby players push weighted pucks down a long, smooth wooden table to a scoring area at the other end of the table.  

Shuffleboard tables can vary in size from nine to 22 feet in length, and are usually at least 20 inches wide. Common sizes are more often 12 to 14 feet long. The object of the game is to slide all four of your pucks to land in the highest scoring area. The pucks (also called weights and rocks) can be used to knock out your opponent’s pucks and, in scoring; you want to avoid having your pucks slide off into the alley.

Shuffleboard tables are excellent for homes, offices, and commercial game rooms. Though longer than billiard tables, they are also very narrow so they’ll fit in narrower spaces. The beautiful thing about shuffleboard is that absolutely anyone can step up and play. Children, teens, adults, and seniors can all enjoy the game. It’s calming, meditative, fun, and it doesn’t make huge demands on a person mentally or physically. Even if going it solo, you can stand there and enjoy the experience, whether for minutes or hours. Because it’s an indoor game, it can be played anytime night or day through all seasons. As well, it’s a good mood booster and can help knock out the doldrums because it’s an activity that’s fun without being particularly demanding, while still requiring coordination, skill, and movement.

Having a shuffleboard table in your office can actually provide benefits. On one hand, the game provides mental stimulation, because it redirects a person’s thoughts and makes them utilize different parts of the brain. It’s one of the reasons people play golf. When you’ve got so much on your mind and feel like you’ve hit the proverbial mental wall, playing shuffleboard can let all the stress out. Next thing you know, voila! The ideas are flowing again, you feel recharged, and it’s back to work with a renewed, heightened level of energy.

Like other games, shuffleboard can also help build rapport between people. When striving to bring people together in your organization as a unified “team,” shuffleboard can help do that. Mind you, if you or any of the players are highly competitive and competition is what drives you, well then… put your money down on a game and give it your all.

Best ShuffleBoard Table Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a ShuffleBoard Table

Learn everything you need to know before you make your decision. Quality of built materials can effect playing speed, stability, and overall lifespan of your shuffleboard table.

Besides being a good player and knowing all the techniques, you need a real shuffleboard to play substantially. Shuffleboards vary greatly in quality, as well as their longevity and ability to hold the dart.

We’ve put together this handy shuffleboard buying guide to help you make an informed decision. Check out the most important factors to consider, so you can understand how to buy the right shuffleboard table that you can enjoy for years to come:

Size of the Table

Before making a decision, buyers must consider the size of the shuffleboard. These should be between 16 and 20 inches in width and length should be a minimum of 9 feet to a maximum of 22 feet. If you want to buy a shuffleboard table for professional purpose, it should be 20 inches wide and 22 feet long. It is also important to assess the space available in the room where you want to place it. Mostly, the shuffleboard table requires a playing space of 3 feet at each end to walk comfortably around the table.

Surface Finish

The playing surface of shuffleboard table or the finish is very important. The quality of finish affects the quality of the game while the game is on. Top quality polymer coating should be used for the top coating. The expensive tables offer a lifetime guarantee on their polymer coating. Polymer surfaces are preferred as they provide a shiny, smooth and gliding finish.

Design of the Table

To reduce the likelihood of puck sliding off the side of the board, these tables are designed with a slight concave curve. Climatic adjusters can be attached to the underside of the board to ensure the correct curve on the wood. If you want to use your shuffleboard table for a longer run, you should purchase the table that comes with a climatic adjuster.

Climatic Adjusters

Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters allow you to maintain the right curvature in the playing field of your shuffleboard table. Changes in temperature and humidity levels can cause your table to become concave or convex. Not all shuffleboard tables come with them so make sure you look for climatic adjusters. Climatic adjusters are a must for anybody considering playing shuffleboard somewhat seriously.

Climatic adjusters are simple to use and very straight forward. They are adjusted using a bolt and screw system.

Scoring System

Shuffleboard tables are available with 2 different types of scoring grids. The 3 level grid, also known as the 1-2-3 scoring system, is most common. The other option is the triangular scoring grid that is typically used on outdoor shuffleboard tables. This grid features a triangle with six different scoring sections.

Top and Best ShuffleBoard Table – [Updated and Highly Recommended]

Sale: -35%Trending # 1 Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case (Set of 8), Dark Cherry Finish
Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks with Case (Set of 8), Dark Cherry Finish

139 Reviews


  • Wooden Puck Case: 9 5/8 in. L x 5 5/16 in. W x 2 1/8 in. H
  • Regulation sized pucks: 2-1/8 inch diameter, 9-1/2 oz.
  • Dimpled top for easy grip
  • Beveled edged for maximum control
  • Includes: wooden puck case, 4 blue pucks, 4 red pucks

Sale: -38%Trending # 2 Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard Game
Carrom 650.01 Shuffleboard Game

336 Reviews


  • It doesn't have to be a fair-weather sport
  • Enjoy it year round from the comfort of your own home
  • Complete entertainment for kids

Sale: -9%Trending # 3 Wanna Party 2-in-1 Bowling/Shuffleboard Drinking Game Set (White)
Wanna Party 2-in-1 Bowling/Shuffleboard Drinking Game Set (White)

1 Reviews


  • This clever set puts a grown-up spin on classic games and includes game board, 4 shot glasses, bowling pins and shuffle pins
  • Colour: white
  • There's no better way to unwind than with a friendly shuffleboard match or bowling-except for a bowling or shuffleboard match with drinks, of course
  • It's easy to turn game night into a party with the 2-in-1 bowling/shuffleboard drinking game set

Sale: -4%Trending # 4 Desktop Shuffleboard: Slide It! (RP Minis)
Desktop Shuffleboard: Slide It! (RP Minis)

237 Reviews


  • Chen, Ruoxi (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 32 Pages - 10/30/2018 (Publication Date) - RP Minis (Publisher)

Sale: -30%Trending # 5 ESPN Shuffle Board and Curling Tabletop

Sale: -41%Trending # 6 Honeytecs 3-in-1 Table Game Curling Bowling Shuffleboard Table Set Family Game for Indoor & Outdoor Entertainment
Honeytecs 3-in-1 Table Game Curling Bowling Shuffleboard Table Set Family Game for Indoor & Outdoor Entertainment


  • 3-in-1 table game, curling, bowling and shuffleboard, is perfect for indoor and outdoor entertainment.
  • SBR composite fabric, double-sided printing, good sliding property, waterproof and durable, long service life.
  • Made with plastic material, chrome-plated pucks and heavy-duty steel ball are sturdy and durable.
  • The game pad is about 910x205mm/35.8x8.1in in size, suitable for multiple players. Rollable material, not easy to wrinkle, easy to carry and store.
  • A great family game, which can increase parent-child interaction and is conducive to children's intellectual development.

Sale: -38%Trending # 7 Ideal Two Cushion Bumpershot Shuffleboard Tabletop Game

Sale: -85%Trending # 8 Franklin Sports Table Top Shuffleboard Bowling Game - Indoor Bowling Game for Kids - Mini Shuffleboard Mat with Bowling Pins - Easy to Setup and Play
Franklin Sports Table Top Shuffleboard Bowling Game - Indoor Bowling Game for Kids - Mini Shuffleboard Mat with Bowling Pins - Easy to Setup and Play

29 Reviews


  • FAMILY FUN: This shuffleboard bowling game is perfect for the whole family and fun for players of all ages!
  • ALL IN ONE SET: This set comes with (1) shuffleboard mat, (2) mini hock pucks, and (6) mini weighted bowling pins so you have everything you need to get started
  • EASY SETUP AND STORAGE: To set up, just roll out the mat, place the pins and start playing. When you're done just roll it back up so you can spend more time playing and less time cleaning!
  • WEIGHTED PINS: The weighted pins provide an authentic bowling feel that can be played on your gameroom table
  • LARGE PLAYING AREA: The 36" x 11" long bowling mat fits perfectly on most dining room tables and is weighted down at the corners to keep totally flat for peak performance

Sale: -37%Trending # 9 Shuffleboard Scorer for Shuffleboard Table Wooden Abacus-Style Shuffleboard Score Keeper/Counter, 2 Colors
Shuffleboard Scorer for Shuffleboard Table Wooden Abacus-Style Shuffleboard Score Keeper/Counter, 2 Colors


  • 21pcs-beads Shuffleboard Scorer, solid-wood made, smooth surface and perfect round beads work great for your classical style shuffleboard table.
  • Come with Installed Screws and wooden gaskets. 2 screws for each scorer, length in 1.4inch. Fits on most shuffleboard table. The wooden gasket is for safety and long-last use.
  • Easy Installation. All necessary accessories provided, you just simply use your screwdriver installing this score system.
  • Excellent craftsmanship and Outlook. 2 colors per pack: wood color and black.
  • Dimension: 14.1” L x 1.2” W x 1.2” H, match to 9ft, 12ft, 14ft shuffleboard table or standard foosball table.

Sale: -30%Trending # 10 PikDos 3 in 1 Family Table Top Curling Games for Kids and Adults Fun Bowling Board Game Shuffleboard Pucks with 8 Rollers Stones Travel Compact Storage
PikDos 3 in 1 Family Table Top Curling Games for Kids and Adults Fun Bowling Board Game Shuffleboard Pucks with 8 Rollers Stones Travel Compact Storage


  • This is 3 in 1 family entertaining games for kids and adults. The home tablecurling game is a very interesting board game, and children will be very happy. Adults vs Kids in this Fun Family Game, a puzzle and funny game for your child and can promote relationship between you and your child, A truly wonderful family games.
  • Family table top curling Games is made from environmental non-toxic PP and ABS material. It is smooth polished without burrs, making the toy smooth to touch. Also, it is designed to withstand rough play which ensures durability and longevity.Complete curling bowling shuffleboard game kit-Our Curling Game includes a 47" long magnetic surface and 8 stones in blue & orange (4 of each color).
  • Easy to set up- Only need one flat place ,allow you perfect to get active indoor or outdoor, the curling game has ball-bearings inside the plastic "stones" and they do a great job of simulating the relative weight of the stones, while the surface is slippery enough to produce the ice-like effect of easily sending the stones too far.
  • Easy storage & carry-The long magnetic surface can be rolled up. It is easy for you to take along even on travel. Our Curling Game is ideal for home, office, parties, picnics and so on.
  • Our fun curling game helps kids build hand-eye coordination, as well as learn game strategy and basic physics. Besides, parent-child interaction plays a very important roles in parent-child relationships. Playing Curling Game can promote the relationship between parents and children during the playing.

Benefits of ShuffleBoard Table

A ShuffleBoard Table offers a range of benefits, which are as follows:

It Lowers Your Stress

Playing shuffleboard has proven to lower stress levels. Exercise in general is good for your mental health, but shuffleboard is especially good at lowering stress levels because you’ll be so concentrated on playing it you won’t be thinking about any other stress factors in your life. 

It Is Great Physical Exercise

For those of us who don’t love to run or go to the gym, shuffleboard is in fact physical exercise and is good for your health and mind. Not to mention, this can be played all year round, whereas other sports are usually season-specific. 

Enrich Your Friendships

What better way to have fun with friends than have a game of friendly shuffleboard? Take your mind off everything else in life and relax with friends playing this easy but simple game. 

A Great Asset to Business Establishments

For instance, dentists and doctors might want to consider putting one in the waiting area of their clinics. Patients who are waiting for their turns can have a turn at the table instead. Playing shuffleboard will not only make time fly but it will relieve anxiety and stress that patients might be feeling. Restaurants and bars are also some of the many places which can benefit from this game. Instead of having to wait at their tables as their patience starts to diminish, customers can play while waiting for their orders to arrive. The customers will be surprised to know that their orders have been served when it seems as if no time has even passed.

Perfect For Homes

Don’t be misled into thinking that only business establishments can have uses for shuffleboard tables. More and more people are buying tables for exclusively for home use. Playing the game in the comfort of your own home is a perfect way to relax with your family and friends. The best thing about the game is that it can be played and enjoyed by persons of all ages. Even your kids can play it with you and can even beat you fair and square. Its rules are quite easy to follow and even if you stray, it really does not matter. What is important is that you are having fun and having a fantastic time with your loved ones.


Picking out the right Shuffleboard Table can be difficult, but we’re confident that anyone can do it with this guide.

That’s all, now you have got enough knowledge about Shuffleboards from this guide and can easily choose which is best for you. If you want to enjoy the game then you should never compromise with the quality of the Shuffleboards. Also, select the right Shuffleboard by considering the purpose of your buying.

If you have any questions or dilemmas or you have some advice you’d like to share, be sure to write it in the comments. Share the article if you liked it, there might be others out there who need the help.

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