Airveda Abs Smart Accuracy Air Quality Monitor With Wi-Fi & App Enabled (Black)


Reset certified accuracy: high quality pm laser sensors, calibrated individually for indian conditions against bam (beta attenuation monitor- most advanced system for measuring ambient air quality) with remote & geographical calibration support. High quality dual wavelength ndir co2 sensor with support for self and manual calibration on on-site. Commercial grade mos mems tvoc sensor with ability to self-calibrate. Temp & humidity sensors calibrated by a master source traceable to nabl.
Made in india locally manufactured & serviced : airveda monitors are completely manufactured and serviced in india. Sensors are also calibrated locally to suit indian conditions. Our manufacturing facility has been running for 30 years and is a trusted name in the local industry.
Wi-fi and app enabled with local memory: real-time and historic data and alerts can be viewed in airveda app, available for free on ios and android. Monitor stores data locally if no wi-fi is available for up-to 40 days (based on frequency of measurement) and data is uploaded to server when wi-fi becomes available.
Portable and real-time the small size and long battery life makes the monitor extremely portable. Can be charged using any usb power outlet in your car, laptop or power bank. Air quality is measured every second to provide real-time data for pm2.5 pm10 as well indoor co2, tvoc allowing you to understand both – the levels of particulate pollution, and the need for ventilation. This ensures that you can balance both, to help you truly breathe well.
Extended life of sensors the default life of pm sensors is 1 year. However, a special feature in this monitor allows the sensor to switch on/off at regular intervals, increasing the life of the sensor considerably. This interval is configurable and can be set to once every minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes.

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