Aseem Multipurpose Use Silicone Kitchen Sink Organizer Tray (Small, Grey)


Large and deep kitchen sponge holder provides enough space for your dishwashing accessories like sponges brush scrubbers and liquid soap dispenser. Perfect for spoon rest, soap holder and other kitchen sink accessories
Being handy countertop tray, the sink organizer keeps things an easily accessible place on hand. Sink sponge holder protects sink area from soap scum or water and keeps wet sponges off the counter
Aseem Kitchen Sink Organizer is made of flexible heat resistant silicone. FDA approved antibacterial and antimicrobial sponge tray keeps your family safe. Easy to wash by hand with liquid soap and brush under the warm water
Use dishwashing silicone scrub holder with dish drying mat and your countertop will always boast its neatness and cleanness
Dispenser and sponges are not included in package. Get high quality organizing hand soap tray now, click on the button – Add to Cart

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