Ceasefire Gas Based Car & Home Fire Extinguisher (Antique) – 500 gm : Pack of 04


Residue free & Lightweight : It leaves no residue making it safe for use on sensitive equipment equipment. Extremely lightweight, yet packed with tremendous power and throw, to penetrate past even the finest grills and meshes.
Simplicity in handling & Pressure gauge : The easy grip plastic handle aids simplicity in handling. The world’s smallest and yet remarkably easy to read, this is the only pressure gauge that can be tested onsite, using a special magnet to ensure that it is working perfectly and is 100% accurate.
Discharge mechanism: A simple discharge mechanism allows you to control the discharge and optimize use of the extinguishing agent.
World class quality: Comes with ISO 9001 and CE certification, and conforms to ISI standards. Comprehensive Helium Tests and Leak Tests also guarantee that the products you buy are manufactured according to the world’s most stringent quality standards.
Standards: Virtually every Ceasefire extinguisher has ISO 9001 and CE certifications, and conforms to ISI standards.

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