Echo Flex bundle with Syska 10 A Smart Wi-Fi Enabled Plug


This bundle contains Echo Flex and Syska 10A smart plug. Use this bundle to make any appliance (TV, lamps, mosquito repellent, phone charger etc.) smart. You can either control your appliance using just your voice, or setup scheduled routines to turn on your mosquito repellent 6 P.M. every day or switch off your air-purifier at 5 A.M every morning.
With Echo Flex, make any space smarter. This plug-in Echo device lets you use your voice to control compatible smart home devices and get help from Alexa in more places in your home.
Voice control your smart home – Control lights, plugs, ACs, TVs and other compatible smart home devices from Wipro, Syska, TP-Link and more. Set AC temperature or TV volume using just your voice, or turn on the AC remotely 15 mins before entering your home or set up smart schedules to turn off the AC and save energy.

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