Germibar Instant Hand Sanitizer, Germ Protection, Alcohol Based, 100 ml


PERSONAL HAND SANITIZER: Germibar Hand Sanitizer is hard on germs, gentle on hands. Use this 80% Ethanol Alcohol based sanitizing gel to protect your hands against germs, bacteria, etc.
EFFECTIVE RINSE-FREE CLEANING: Put our hand sanitizer on your hands to clean your hands quickly and effectively without soap and water.
APPLICATION AREAS: Use it at your office, home, in your car, school, metro, bus, public restrooms, or anywhere else you need to quickly clean your hands.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Take proper amount of hand washing liquid into the palm, rub your hands together until your hands dry, and do not rinse with water after application.
SAFE & LONG-LASTING: The offered gel-textured hand sanitizer is gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin, removes odour and has moisturizing properties.

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