JACK N JILL Waterproof Baby Apron with Bib (Pack of 3)


Avoids Stain Of Water , Milk And Other Food Particles On Clothes
100% COTTON & PERFECT USABILITY – Even a dumb looking piece of cloth can be used to entirely cover the baby such that her clothes are well protected. However, what’s the use of such protection which creates shabby childhood memories (imagine every picture with baby fully wrapped in a cloth). Using our Baby Bandana Bib not only protects the baby’s clothes but also accessorises her dresses, and make her look even more beautiful. The bibs are far easier to change, clean & replace
USEFUL BABY SHOWER GIFT – Every mother is going to love this thoughtful gift as it not only helps take better care of the baby but also reduces the work for the new mother – easier to change the bibs than clothes. The unique design ensures that the baby’s dress is not fully covered rather its look is enhanced for better. Moreover, the superior quality fabric also ensures that the bibs remain new-like even after several wash cycles. Certainly one of the best baby shower gifts!
Plastic Scoop bibs , Light Weight
Applicable- 0-12 Month Old Babies

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