Jaypee Plus Plastic Basket This & That, 28 cm Pack of 5, Multicolor


Simple & Elegant- You can simply keep it on any flat surface to store any thing in it
Ideal usage is in bathroom, kitchen & study table. can hold knives, spoon, fork, pens, pencils, crayons, markers or paint brushes, spatulas, ladles, serving spoons, tongs, and whisks. Also use on your dressing table to hold make-up brushes, combs etc.
You can keep utensils in the stand right after washing to drain out water as it has holes for water drainage in bottom.
Storage basket can also be used as a small decor flower pot to decorate your home as a proper drainage holes are given in the bottom to drain excess water.
Package Contains: 5- piece storage basket, Multicolor ,Product color may vary depending upon availability.

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