?Excellent Image Quality?This digital camera with 20MP photos resolution(8MP CMOS), 1080P high definition video, 8X digital zoom?ÿit no focus. it can only zoom in or zoom out? and a 3 inch LCD display
?Strong Functions? Digital video camera with face recognition, smiling face detection, easy to leave a beautiful moment, make every smiling face your precious memory?It’s the best choice for a child a
?Lightweight Digital Cameras?Mini camera with a super light camera, just right in size, just can be placed in your hand, without having to carry heavy equipment and start a trip with light
?Long Battery Life?The kids camera contains 800MA Li-ion battery, no longer need batteries, can be directly charged through USB, convenient and fast. You can enjoy 80 minutes of continuous photography
?Warm Tips? It is suggested that the picture be transferred to the computer and the picture is clearer. Please send the video to the computer and watch it.The camera has built-in microphone, but there

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