Skin Companion Twin Tip Tattoo Pen – 6+1 Free – Multi Color Pack by Skin Companion


Pack of 7 colors Tattoo Pen for Real Life Tattoo – Pack of 7 colored Twin Tip Tattoo Pen. Red, Orange, Green, Black, Pink, Blue and FREE Yellow, Twin Tip Marking Pen with don’t dry Ink Tips formula, Best of both worlds!! Two unique marker tips in one, Dry fast on Skin, MADE in GERMANY
Great Quality and Look – Provide Real Tattoo Look and Feel (Not the Airbrush Paint Look), Used for Permanent Tattoo Stencil Marking, Gentle on Skin, Even Kids can apply and can be used on Face, Great German Quality, Don’t Buy Poor Quality Pen sold else where
Twin Tip and Easy to Grip – Each Pen is double tipped with a fine tip for outlining and medium tip on other side for shading and filing the Colors, Slender Design for easy grip
Great for piercers, tattooist, and body modification artists
Anti Clog Tips and Easy to Remove – Both Tips are Anti Clog, Provides fine lines and shading as needed. It can be even used with Tattoo Stencils. Color does not spread and bleed, Stays on the body for almost a week even if with gentle use of soap and water, Can be easily removed with Alcohol Swab or Nail Paint Removers

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