SmartHealth – Hospital Management Software


SmartHealth is a Hospital Management Software for SMB Hospitals. SmartHealth works well for multi speciality hospitals, maternity homes, nursing homes and poly clinics. SmartHealth is designed for Indian conditions. It is well-proven at several hospitals already. Inputs from many customers have been taken into consideration.
Good coverage of Functions: Patient Registration, IPD Registration, In-Patient Billing & Receipts, OPD Consultation and Prescription. Medical Certificate, Patient Care – Initial Assessment, Physical Examination Note, Doctor’s Order, Drug Sheet, Intake-Output Chart. Diagnostics Services Billing & Receipts, Discharge Summary, OT Records, Post Operative Care, Birth & Death Register, Appointments, Drug Management and much more.
Record the treatment given to the patients and generate Prescriptions and Out-Patient Bills. The Prescription can be prepared along with the consulting doctor’s notes. A Treatment Summary can be prepared and the Medical Certificate printed. Create the In-Patient Bill with details of all services rendered to the patient. A Discharge Summary for Surgical or Non-Surgical cases can be printed. OT Records can be maintained along with the Doctor’s order on Post-Operative Care.
SmartHealth runs on Windows OS (10/8 and variants). It is for Lifetime Use. No Annual Fee is charged. It has a Single-Device License. However, SmartHealth supports many internal users who may login, use and logout on the same PC. Menu-driven backups. No IT Staff required. SmartHealth is easy to install and can be installed by you. Getting Started and Usage Videos are available to tutor the user on using SmartHealth.
SmartHealth does not support Email & SMS notification, Image printing and Online Access. Financial Accounting is not included.

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