Waist Pack Belt Bag for Outdoor Sports Fitness Adjustable (Black)


The three-layer rubber elastic waterproof fabric can effectively prevent sweat from penetrating into the bag and protect the mobile phone and other items.
Thick, high-quality fasteners are sturdy and durable; the edge of the waist pack is designed with edging to increase wear resistance and prolong the service life; the design of the mobile phone hole is reserved so that you can enjoy listening to music while running.
There is a night vision reflective strip on the outer layer of the waist pack, which has a strong reflective effect, so that you can exercise or travel at night without worries and increase the safety of night running.
Multi-storage storage design, one large warehouse and two auxiliary warehouses, using strong adhesive velcro, so that items in the auxiliary warehouse pockets are not easy to fall out during running. Small size and large capacity. It is necessary for outdoor running and traveling. It can put down 6-inch mobile phones, keys, lighters, bank cards and other items and organize them properly.
This waterproof waist bag uses a high-quality soft elastic band, which can be adjusted. The belt can be adjusted in the range of 50-120cm to suit the different waist circumferences of men and women. You can easily adjust the length to suit your waist.

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