wiz LIQUID SOAP pH-Balanced Hand Care Lemon Liquid Hand Wash Refill Pouch -1500ml


pH BALANCED: WiZ Hand Wash is delicately balanced to clean effectively while leaving your skin feeling soft, gentle and healthy. All our products are always Responsibly-Sourced, Ethically Created & NEVER tested on Animals.
SAFE: The mild formula helps remove germs, dirt, bacteria and prevents the spread of infections. WiZ Liquid Handwash is created with pH balanced-FDA approved.
CONDITIONING: It is a premium rich lathering hand wash with a mild, yet effective skin cleanser, conditioners and moisturizing agents which smoothen and protect skin and help maintain its natural pH balance.
FLAVOURS: Our signature Lemon fragrance with all natural lemon extract is the ideal astringent, energising one to feel fresh and ready. The product is specifically made for ANTI FUNGAL purposes. For softer, smoother, and cleaner hands, use WiZ Hand wash regularly. WiZ’s unique fragrances leave your skin feeling fresh longer. Choose from 9 fruity flavours of Lavender, Green Apple, Lemon, Creme, Boquet, Orange, Blossom, Cherry & Peach.
CONVENIENCE: Available in multiple sizes and packaging of 180 ml Refill Pouch, 450 ml Dispenser Pump, 750 ml Refill Pouch, 900 ml Refill Bottle and 5 Litre Cans.

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