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Top 10 Best Hockey Stick in India | 11th May 2021

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Best Hockey Stick Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Field Hockey Stick

With so many different types of hockey sticks available today, choosing a field hockey stick can be a daunting task, especially when you have no idea what you are looking for.

That’s why we have put together a complete guide of how to choose a field hockey stick. There are various factors to consider when selecting a stick outlined in more detail below.


Having a stick that is the correct size will help you to better execute your skills.

Ideally your stick should come up to the top of your hipbone, but depends on personal preference. Stick lengths typically range from 24”-38”

A slightly longer stick will improve your reach while a shorter stick will improve stick handling skills.


Field hockey sticks range from about 535g to about 680g in weight. This typically depends on personal preference. For example:

Lighter weight sticks are typically designed for attacking players which allow for a quicker backswing and stick skills.

Heavier weight sticks are typically designed for defensive players and can help to add power and distance in your hits which is ideal for clearing balls and passing.


Carbon: Adds stiffness to the stick. The higher the carbon percentage the more powerful your hits will be. A stick with less carbon will improve control and make trapping easier. Sticks with higher levels of carbon tend to be more expensive.

Aramid: Adds durability to the stick and absorbs vibrations sent through the stick when striking and receiving balls.

Fibreglass: Many field hockey sticks still contain some level of fibreglass. It adds strength, durability and feel to a stick. These are less rigid than carbon-heavy sticks making them more forgiving. Fibreglass is similar to carbon but more economical.

Wood: Some players still prefer to use wooden sticks. Wooden sticks improve control when dribbling and receiving. More affordable and ideal for young beginners.

It is suggested that beginners start with lower levels of carbon and work their way up as they progress.


The bow of a stick is the slight bend that you can see from the handle to the toe. This typically ranges from 20mm-25mm which is the maximum. Bow choice will depend on preference, age and skill level.

The more bend the stick has the easier it will be to use lifted shots, aerials and dragflicks. Having less bend will improve control and you are less likely to accidentally lift the ball.

Toe shape

The toe of the stick is the level of curve and can affect how players strike the ball and handle the stick. Smaller toes provide more agility but limit power while larger toes provide a larger surface area to strike and receive the ball but reduce movement.

Shorti: A classic shape that is ideal for high speed, close control and stick skills. It has a smaller hitting area and is not as popular as they used to be. Ideal for strikers.

Midi: Most used toe shape for beginners. Improve technique and offers close control. Great sweet spot when hitting. Ideal for midfielders or players that like to move the ball quickly when dribbling.

Maxi: Larger surface area and hitting power. Great for dragflicks, injectors and reverse stick control. This toe shape is ideal for defensive players.

Hook: J shaped toe which provides the largest surface area for increased ball control, better dragflicks and using reverse skills. Ideal for players with an upright style and is good on grass surfaces.

Stick flex

Flex on a hockey stick is simply stiffness of the stick’s shaft. This means how easily a stick can bend one inch. Defenders use stiffer sticks given the strength and force they come into contact with unlike forwards. A stick with say 75 flex means that for the stick to bend an inch it has to experience a force of about 75 pounds.

Top 10 Best Hockey Stick – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


ALFA Y30 Composite Carbon, Glass Fiber, Kevlar Hockey Stick with Stick Bag (Black, 37 Inches)
ALFA Y30 Composite Carbon, Glass Fiber, Kevlar Hockey Stick with Stick Bag (Black, 37 Inches)
4 Reviews


Features / Reviews


Very high quality grip



Proskate Player Hockey Stick
Proskate Player Hockey Stick
2 Reviews
  • Player Hockey Stick
  • Light weight product
  • Professional design

Features / Reviews

Light weight

Comfortable handling

Professional design

Non-slip grip


Casio SNS Madman 1000 Composite Hockey Stick, 37-inch
  • Full composite stick.
  • Made of 95% Glass fibre and 5% Kevlar.
  • 23mm LATE bend.
  • Maxi head shape.
  • Recommended for beginners or those switching from wooden to composite sticks.

If you are a beginner who is looking to start out with a composite stick, the SNS MADMAN 1000 is the ideal stick for you. It is a forgiving stick with 95% Glassfibre and 5% Kevlar content. It’s got a maxi head to provide the player a large hitting/stopping surface. It has an optimum 23 mm late bend to facilitate aerials as well as grounded hitting.

Features / Reviews

Made of 95% Glass fibre and 5% Kevlar

Maxi head shape

Full composite stick


FLASH Ninja Hockey Stick (37" L)
  • Full Composite, 30 Percent Carbon and 70 Percent Fibreglass reinforced with Maxi shape
  • Regulation bend as per F.I.H. Specifications
  • Spray Painted finish design
  • Playing level- Advanced
  • Anti vibration- Imported P.U. Grip

Features / Reviews

Regulation bend as per F.I.H. Specifications

Spray Painted finish design

Anti vibration- Imported P.U. Grip

Features / Reviews

High Quality Material

Made of Wooden

Very fine grip


CE BAS Vampire Elite Hockey Stick With P.U. Grip - Full Size
  • BAS Vampire Elite Hockey Stick With P.U. Grip - Full Size
  • Size:- 36",37",38"
  • Reinforcement:- Glass Fiber

BAS Vampire Elite Hockey Stick With P.U. Grip – Full Size

Features / Reviews

P.U. Grip

Full size stick

Faster swing speed


Mayor Gravity Carbon Fiber 100% Composite Hockey Stick (Size 37.5")
  • Made Using 5% Carbon and Glass Fiber
  • Lightweight Composite Hockey Stick
  • Good Bend for Close Control
  • Ultra Durable Materials to provide Extra Power
  • Multiple Sizes Available

Features / Reviews

Extremely Light Weight

Comfortable Grip Feeling

Ultra Durable Materials to provide Extra Power


TEMPEST Fighter Wooden Field Hockey Stick Black
TEMPEST Fighter Wooden Field Hockey Stick Black
39 Reviews
  • Wooden hockey stick for beginners
  • An excellent hockey stick for beginner's
  • Nicely finished with pvc grip
  • Gives good punishment to ball
  • Available in size between 30”-36”

Features / Reviews

Very strong and durable

Nicely finished with pvc grip

Wooden hockey stick


SYN6 Hockey Stick Black
SYN6 Hockey Stick Black
1 Reviews
  • Head Painted In Black
  • Eco Mulberry Handle
  • Eco Multi Blade

Features / Reviews

Optimum weight and balance

Long Durable Quality Of Standard Weight

Superior performance

Made with sturdy material


Sun Fly Practise Hockey Stick Wooden Yellow Standard Size
  • It is advanced wooden hockey stick
  • The wooden core provides optimum 'feel' to the player while receiving, dribbling and passing the ball.
  • fibreglass provide additional power and stiffness, provides adequate flexibility.
  • It is the ideal pick for a player who prefers the 'feel' of a wooden stick and is looking for that extra power and flexibility.
  • Its laminated J-shaped head assists players in developing their full range of skills.

Features / Reviews

Fibreglass provide additional power and stiffness

High strength and weight

Laminated J-shaped head


Whether you’re an experienced hockey player or you are new to this wonderful game, this essential hockey stick guide should serve as a means of refreshing or enhancing your knowledge about hockey sticks. If you are on the market for a brand new hockey stick then below you’ll find tips and information on the various hockey stick specifications, materials, prices and sizing.

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