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Why good Recliner is necessary?

Exquisite comfort, great features, multiple functionalities – just a few things you get with a recliner. The popularity of recliner chairs has been on the rise ever since they first came into the picture, and for a good reason. The way a recliner chair utilizes limited space to provide you the maximum comfort is truly remarkable.

The basic function of a recliner is apparent from its name. They are large compared to the average chair, resembling what seems to be a cross between a chair and a sofa. They are much more comfortable than a chair. The basic feature of a recliner is that it can be used to put one’s legs up, as the bottom half of the chair rises, allowing for the feet to be raised. This allows for a heightened level of comfort, which normal chairs cannot provide. It provides the perfect position for reading or maybe viewing the television.

The other major feature of the recliner chair is the ability to let the back of the chair fall away, allowing for the maximum comfort achievable by a chair. It is perfect for an afternoon siesta.

Best Recliner | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Recliner

While going for a recliner is definitely a wise choice, choosing the right one often becomes a challenge. You see, you can’t just go for any chair. You need to check and see if it suits your body and comfort requirements. The wrong chair could introduce multiple health issues like back pain, bad posture, etc.

If you’re looking for the best, most comfortable way to sit back and relax at home, you may be in the market for a recliner. This type of chair makes it easy to go from simply sitting to lying back comfortably in seconds, which is just what you need after a long day. Whether you want to keep it simple or prefer to go all out with a recliner you’ll never want to get out of, here’s what to look for as you shop for this luxurious addition to your home.

Types of Recliners

Rocker Recliners

These are the simplest recliners and they work as rockers as well. These is the most affordable option if you are looking to purchase a good recliner. It adds the rocking functionality while you are sitting upright.

The rocker recliners are the perfect choice for those who has trouble falling asleep.

Lift Chair Recliners

These type of recliners are rather expensive. They come with a motorised mechanism in order to push the chair from the base. So, it is very convenient and perfect for people with bad knees.

It comes with a lifting function and reclining backrest which is limited. This type recliner is very suitable for individuals with injuries or disabilities.

Wall-Hugger Recliner

This is a space saving recliner. So, it is ideal if you’re living in a small apartment. If you have very limited space available then his type of recliners are perfect for you. It provides a full recline option but consumes very little space.

These type of recliners can also be adjusted for people with weak knee or low mobility. It helps them to enjoy the comfort of the chair with ease.

Massage Recliners

This one is significantly expensive than the other variations. These recliners are equipped with massagers and some manufacturers adds the heating function as well. It is ideal for people with severe back and leg pain.

These types of recliners are designed for ultimate comfort, there is actually nothing like getting a good message recliner.

These are 4 main variations of recliners. Bu a large number of modern variations has been added to the list. Those variations are listed below;

Two-Position recliner

This is an expensive variation of Rocker Recliners. This type of recliners provided the users joy of sitting in a two different positions. You can sit up straight comfortable or you can fully recline the chair.

The Push-Back Recliner

This is a step up from a comfort chair. Just like an Airplane seat you can push this chair back to its original position with extended support, comfort and convenience.


There are a lot of different variations of recliners available. Most of them are very generic but there are also recliners fitted with variety of feature. So, you have to take in account all these different features. So, in this segment, we will discuss all those features in order to find the best recliner for you.


One of the most important factors to determine the best recliner is its size. First, you have to decide where you are going to put this recliner. You have to keep in mind that most recliners come with lean back feature which takes up significantly more space. We will also recommend you to test the recliner by sitting on it. This is the only way to know if the said recliner suits your body. So, try it out on the stores and then order online to get the best prices.

Weight Capacity

Now, you have to take in consideration the weight capacity of the recliner. If you take that in account you will be able to determine how long the chair is going to last. Obviously, if you are a very healthy person you will need a recliner with greater weight capacity. And if the one you have purchased is not of the right capacity, it will break or get damaged significantly sooner.

The weight capacity also informs you how long the chair is going to last. Regardless of the weight of the person using it. As the weight capacity increases so is the durability of the chair. It is mostly due to the fact that the higher capacity recliners are made with high quality material.


The dimension of the recliner vastly depends on the space you have available in your home. You absolutely need to measure the space very carefully or it is possible that the chair you have purchased may not fit in the room that you had in mind.

So, while you are measuring you need to make sure that you are not only measuring the chair upside down but you also need to remember that the chair will recline. A few recliner takes awful lot of space while they are reclined like the chairs that recline up to 160 degree. But there are also recliner that requires small space, they are even perfect against the wall. These type of recliners are called Hugger Recliners.


The weight of the recliner is a big factor. It is significant for various reasons. First of all, it the chair is a lot heavier then it will be very difficult for you to move it. If the chair is just too heavy for you then you even have to ask someone for help. And most importantly, you may have to hire a mover for it to get delivered or to move it.

Materials Used

A wide magnitude of materials are used while manufacturing a single recliner. These are very significant materials which includes leather, microfiber and polyurethane leather, and etc. Each material comes with a different feel, durability and comfort. So, be sure to choose your material wisely, even a single wrong material could ruin a good recliner.

  • The use of real leather is quite possibly the best option you will find. It is a natural material with extreme durability. So, it will be more expensive than other materials but it will last for a long time. It will be a good investment for you.
  • Almost similar to the real leather you also have PU leather available. The PU leather is manmade and it is manufactured with polyurethane, which a lot cheaper than real leather. But this is a great material if you are looking to save some money but you also want to feel the leather. Sadly, it is not very durable compared to real leathers but it is better than microfiber chairs.
  • Microfiber is the cheapest option but it is actually not as bad as advertised. Although, there is nothing significantly wrong with the material, it is very comfortable and soft. But it’s a very fragile material; gets damaged very easily, also a lot cheaper compared to others.

Reclining Mechanism

Another major factor is the recliner mechanism. You need to take it into consideration while purchasing a recliner as the type of reclining mechanism used in the chair is very important and it will affect the performance of the recliner in the long run. There are two basic divisions of recliners based on their mechanism; manual and power.

The manual recliners are essentially the most popular type of recliners. It is preferred by most of the potential customers. There is a good reason for it, it is relatively cheaper and the operation is very straightforward. You just need to press a switch or pull a lever in order to recline the chair. Some of the manual recliners will also allow you to lay back. So, basically this type of recliner is excellent for mobility.

Secondly, we have the Power recliners. This is the best choice for individuals with limited mobility or injuries. The recliners are electronic and you won’t require any physical labour to move or change the position of the recliner, perfect for elderly people. It will also be easier for you get in and out of the chair with utmost speed, a feat impossible with the manual recliners.

Extra Features

Now, the modern day recliners are a bit different, they are equipped with several additional features. Some of these features can only be found on Power Recliners but others are available on both Manual and Power models.

  • Heating

There are a lot of recliners fitted with warmers or heating feature. It is a great feature if you are suffering from back or neck pain it also helps to relieve pressure from your neck or even spine. Very suitable if you live in cold weathers or perfect for winters.

  • Massage

The other great feature found on recliners is the massage feature. It is a feature, only available with power recliners. It is good to relax your back or neck.

  • Swivelling

If you intend to use your chair for relaxation then the Swivel mechanism is excellent. It is a mechanism that is responsible for turning your chair. Very helpful if you want to turn your chair at the table from TV to eat on moment’s notice.

  • Rocking

The rocking recliners are especially very helpful and comforting. The combination of rocking and reclining will put you to sleep almost immediately.

  • Full Recline

The full recline is a completely different thing. Usually, the recliners usually don’t take as much space as furniture’s like sofa. But a full recline will take significantly more space than regular recliners. These recliners are more comfortable too.

Top 10 Best Recliner – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner (Brown).
Royaloak Divine Single Seater Rocking Recliner (Brown).
358 Reviews
  • Key Features: Rich Fabric, Rocks & Reclines, Pocket Spring gives extra Comfort, Malaysian Collection
  • Product Dimensions : L-36in x W-29in x H-38in
  • Primary Material : Fabric
  • 10 days Warranty on manufacturing defects

Features / Reviews

Rich Suede Fabric

Rocks & Reclines

Pocket Spring- with Extra Comfort

German Recliner Mechanism


Amazon Brand - Solimo Musca Three Seater Fabric Recliner (Chocolate)
  • Comes with 2 comfortable reclining side seats and 1 non-reclining center seat in high-quality fabric with an attractive design
  • Made with strong and durable seams to ensure longevity. Fabric does not lose color with rubbing
  • Passed durability testing with 100 kg on each seat and backrest for 25,000 cycles; Passed armrest stability testing with 40 kg dynamic loading for 10,000 cycles
  • Meets the European Standard EN 1728 for performance and stringent European Safety Requirement Standard EN 12520
  • Warranty on manufacturing defects: 3 years
  • Maximum weight load per seat: 160 kg
  • Free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, AZO Dye and lead
  • Lightweight recliner for easy shifting

Features / Reviews

Made from high-quality materials and comfortable

Highly durable and stable

Meets performance and safety standards


WellNap Single Seater Comfortable Recliner Chair (Brown)
  • Brown Manual Single Seater Recliner
  • Very Comfortable to sit
  • This Manual Recliner is crafted from excellent grade hardware and made to last for long

Features / Reviews

Crafted from excellent grade hardware and made to last for long

Very Comfortable to sit

Unique upholstery feels soft


Innovate Recliner & Sofa Wooden Motorized Recliner Chair - P-Type, Standard Size (Cream, IN0006_WH)
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY ON MECHANISM already asembelled
  • Product Dimension: 39X37X39
  • Already Asembelled
  • Classy and Comfortable

Features / Reviews

Classy and Comfortable

Attractive looks

Durable and sturrdy


@home by Nilkamal Gretel Single Seat Recliner (Grey)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (83 cm), Width (163 cm), Height (78 cm)
  • Primary Material: Microfiber Fabric, Upholstery Material: Fabric
  • Color: Grey, Style: Contemporary
  • Seating Capacity: Single Seat
  • Assembly Required: The product requires carpenter assembly and will be provided by the seller;Warranty: 1 year Warranty on Manufacturing defects
  • Material: Microfiber fabric
  • Sub type material: Plywood
  • Weight: 15.2
  • Contemporary and modern

Features / Reviews

Equipped with an easy to use manual recliner

Unmatched blend of style, comfort and luxury

Solid wooden frame offers it sturdiness


Home Centre Panama Half Leather Recliner-1 Seater (Brown)
  • Product Dimensions: Length (82 cm), Width (95 cm), Height (105 cm)
  • Primary Material: Leather, Top Material: Leather
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Seating Capacity: Single Seat
  • Assembly Required: The product requires carpenter assembly and will be provided by the seller
  • Manual recliner mechanism is used
  • High density foaming is used with s spring under structure of recliner
  • Brazilian leather is used on sitting part and pu on rest parts of chair
  • Solid wood wooden frame under structure ensure strength while sitting and movement of chair

Features / Reviews

Constructed from fine-quality faux leather for a modernistic look

Filled with high density foam with adjustment function

Ensure no sagging while being seated


FURNY Carson 1 Seater Dried Treated Leatherette Manual with German Recliner Mechanism Sofa with U Shaped Seating Comfort and Box Springs (Black)
  • Primary Material: Solid Wood, Upholstery Material: Leatherette, Color: Black, Seating Capacity: One Seater, Assembly Instructions: DIY (Do it yourself)
  • Ensures comfortable and cozy seating with its enhanced seating of soft foam cushions
  • The breathable leather is sure to last a long period of time with its careful and sturdy design
  • A contemporary style that is sure to update any room that its put in
  • No Worries to After-sales Service- Call Furny Tollfree: 1800-84-38769

Features / Reviews

Durable and Easy to Clean

High Density Foam

Stable Rack Structure


Evok Magna Two Seater Recliner (Matte Finish, Dark Brown)
Evok Magna Two Seater Recliner (Matte Finish, Dark Brown)
3 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: Length (168 cm), Width (94 cm), Height (89 cm)
  • Primary Material: Bonded Leather, Upholstery Material: Leatherette
  • Color: Dark Brown, Finish: Matte Finish, Style: Contemporary
  • Seating Capacity: Two seat
  • Assembly Required: The product requires basic assembly and comes with assembly instructions
  • Warranty: 1 Year on product
  • Relax comfortably with your friends on this magna two seater recliner sofa with a hot cup of tea
  • This three-seater sofa is slightly tilted backward with amazing lumbar support that allows a person to sit and relax
  • The elegant brown color of this sofa along with beautiful patterns and textures are designed to completely enhance the look of your living room

Features / Reviews

Contemporary style with Matte finish

Made from Bonded Leather


Westido 1 Seater Manual Recliner in Black Leatherette
Westido 1 Seater Manual Recliner in Black Leatherette
2 Reviews
  • Manual Recliner
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Leatherette

Features / Reviews

Manual Recliner

Stylish looks


Alcanes Franklin Recliner, Ultra Comfortable and Durable Ergonomic Single Seat Reclining Sofa, Living Room Recliner Chair with Thickened Padded Arm/Back Leatherette, Grey Color
Alcanes Franklin Recliner, Ultra Comfortable and Durable Ergonomic Single Seat Reclining Sofa, Living Room Recliner Chair with Thickened Padded Arm/Back Leatherette, Grey Color
1 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: Length (99.06 cm), Width (91.44 cm), Height (106.67 cm)
  • Primary Material: Iron & Plywood, Upholstery Material: Leatherette
  • Color: Grey, Style: Contemporary
  • Seating Capacity: Single Seat
  • The product requires carpenter assembly and the service is currently unavailable for this product
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on mechanism
  • ALCANES is a renowned manufacturer of wide variety of stylish, modern and sleek indoor furniture & with specialization in recliners, and furnishing items.
  • MODERN AND CLASSIC DESIGN: this recliner chair is sleek, modern and sophisticated. expertly crafted for style, this club chair can be the perfect accent for the living room or the office.
  • Double Comfort: Options In Push-Back Mechanism, Swivel Glider, Zero Wall Recliner Design With Adjustable Footrest, Wider Armrests With Curved Shape, Larger-Size Seat Cushion, Thicker Recliner Back.
  • Material : High-quality leatherlite (comfortable skin friendly and easily cleaned), high density & high quality foam.

-Seat Width: About 23 Inches; Arm Width: About 6 Inches; Open Length: About 69 Inches; Closed Length: About 39 Inches -Maximum Capacity: 110 Kg (Approx.) -Material: Leatherette Upholstery. -Frame Material: Sturdy and Long-Lasting Hardware Is Made of Iron and Plywood -Foam Type: High Density and High Resiliency Foam; Fibre -one-Pull Reclining Motion, Easy To Use -Locking Mechanism: Manual Swivel Glider. -Colour: Grey
Suitable for: Watching TV, Sofa Recliner, Amplify Your Living Rooms. Clean The Recliner Thoroughly with A Vacuum Cleaner. Weekly Dusting Use A Clean, Soft Cloth Slightly Dampened with Water and Wipe Gently. Avoid Direct Exposure To Sunlight. Warranty: 1-Year Warranty on Mechanism and Frame. 6 Months Warranty on Any Manufacturing Defect. The Warranty Applies To Furniture Used Under Normal Household Conditions.

Features / Reviews

Rust-free iron frame

Top quality ply board to make a stable structure

High-density foam for cushioning takes care of the comfortable shape of your body


Take the time to do a little investigating to see what’s out there; when you’re relaxing in your new recliner with all of the features that makes it “your” chair, you’ll know it was worth it.

The right recliner chair will be your best friend for life. Just be careful and study your options well before you finalize on one. Happy reclining!

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