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Top 3 Best Veena in India | Jun 2021

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What is Veena?

The veena comprises a family of chordophone instruments from the Indian subcontinent. Ancient musical instruments evolved into many variations, such as lutes, zithers and arched harps. The many regional designs have different names such as the Rudra veena, the Saraswati veena, the Vichitra veena and others.

Top 3 Best Veena – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Lakshman Sruthi Full Deep Carving Ekantham Veena
  • Made up single piece of well seasoned Jack Fruit Wood
  • Unique look and beautifully crafted
  • Deeply engraved design on the top of the wooden surface ; Designs on avaliability
  • One set of Veena strings, Meetti, Veena stand, Venna cover and Mela cover are free
  • Weight: 10 kg; Dimensions: 144 x 49 x 47 cms

Veena is the National Instrument of India. Veena is a traditional South Indian stringed Musical Instrument. Veena is made in Tanjore, Mysore, Rajamundhry and Bobbili.This Ekantham veena is made up of single piece of well seasoned Special Jack Fruit Wood. Veena is associated with Goddess Saraswathi and Saint Muthuswamy Dhikshidhar. This Veena has three parts called as Kudam, Dandi & Yazhi which is made in a single piece of wood.This veena is available in three designs such as Goddess Saraswathi, Peacock(Mayil) & Flower designs which is carved in front side.

Features / Reviews

Made up single piece of well seasoned Jack Fruit Wood

One set of Veena strings, Meetti, Veena stand, Venna cover and Mela cover are free


Saraswathi Veena Hand Made - Tanjore Type Joint Veena - Veena Box included
Saraswathi Veena Hand Made - Tanjore Type Joint Veena - Veena Box included
1 Reviews
  • Tanjore Type Joint Veena; Saraswathi Veena: Indian classical String Instrument and
  • Veena carrying box or case included with Veena

Saraswathi Veena & Carrying case included. Saraswathi Veena is a classical Indian Music Instrument. This veena is hand crafted – Tanjavur style, Joint Type Made up of Jack Fruit Wood. Specially hand crafted by artisans to give a distinct look and finish. This veena typically comes with printed design art work on top of the wooden surface. Tanjore type joint Veena has a special type of melam (support structure to hold strings). This is a complete Veena package which include the following items: 1. One Hand Crafted Saraswathi Veena (Joint type – Tanjavur Style) Worth Rs.35900 2. One set of Meeti (Worth Rs.100) 3, Durable Veena case made of durable FIBER GLASS BODY suitable for safe transportation of VEENA valued at Rs.12000 Dimensions: 144 x 49 x 47 cms Approximate Weight 7 kg

Features / Reviews

Hand crafted, Tanjavur style

Distinct look and finish

Carrying case included


Trading dukan Cedar Wood Pro-Grade Hansa Veena Indian Slide Guitar
  • Hansa Veena, superb innovation on the Veena for a more Indianized sitar like sound instead of the guitar sound of the Veena
  • Steel slide, spare strings, special mizrbas picks and all required accessories included.

Steel slide, spare strings, special mizrbas picks and all required accessories included. Made of Cedar Wood.

Features / Reviews

Made of Cedar Wood

Steel slide, spare strings, special mizrbas picks and all required accessories included

Benefits of Veena

Can you imagine living your life without music? It would be very hard to do so, as music has been hard-wired into our very existence as human beings. While everyone enjoys listening to good music, not many of us are what the world calls ‘musicians’- the ones with the ability to play a Veena. This could be due to not having the opportunity to learn as kids or simply due to lack of inclination or proper instruction. However, music is something that is never too late to learn. And here are 10 good reasons as to why everyone should learn to play a Veena.

Relieves stress

Researchers studying the benefits of music have reported that playing a Veena on a regular basis can help bring down stress. Studies show that playing an instrument helps in lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turn lowers the stress hormone cortisol, thus making us feel relaxed. While just listening to music also helps, learning to play an instrument brings with it a comforting routine of daily practice that helps in keeping the stress hormones away.

Makes you smarter

People who have received a music education are generally smarter than their non-musical counterparts are. Extensive research done in this area has proved that children who learn to play a Veena do better in academics.

Improves your social life

Music helps you connect. Learning an instrument enlarges your social circle since you get to meet more people than you usually would. In children, music can help develop social skills.

Helps build confidence

Choosing to take music lessons can help build confidence. Once you are aware that you are able to do something well, like play the flute for instance, you naturally become more confident of your skills. Learning to play an instrument can help both children and adults who face confidence issues.

Teaches patience

Music teachers feel that music can help teach patience. In a world of instant gratification, learning to play an instrument is not something that can happen overnight. It is the daily effort of everyday practice that can help a musician learn how to play without mistakes. This is turn develops patience. Most musicians go through years of regular practice that includes daily musical exercises and the tackling of progressively difficult musical pieces, which in turn helps them conquer the virtue of patience.

Fosters creativity

Stuck in everyday routine lives, many of us lose touch with our creative side. Learning to play a Veena, especially when you reach advanced levels, can foster that lost creativity. Since music education plays on your mental, emotional and cognitive abilities, the brain is stimulated to think out of the ordinary, which results in improved creativity.

Improves memory

Music and memory go hand in hand. Learning to play a Veena makes you use both parts of your brain and this in turn boosts memory power. Music education is also linked to higher IQ levels and the physical development of certain parts of the brain.

Develops discipline

Music requires dedication and regular practice. Allotting a specific amount of time to practice music daily develops discipline in the learner. This can prove to be extremely advantageous in children.

Gives you a sense of achievement

Learning to play a Veena gives you an immense sense of achievement. This feeling of satisfaction leads to a tremendous sense of self-achievement that can help you accomplish more in other areas of your life.

Playing a Veena is fun

Lastly, learning to play a Veena is fun. Playing a Sitar can bring back the fun factor into your life. Music has the special quality to bring joy, peace and fulfillment that helps lift the spirit and make life enjoyable for everyone involved.


These have been some advises for buying a Veena. We sincerely add that it is quite difficult to get a good instrument with no experience and we remind you one more time the instruments’ quality is guaranteed usually by the liability and relationship established between buyer and instrument maker.

We do not pretend to discourage but to warn you by this; carefully check every Veena and remember all the previous advises.

And our last advise is: give priority to what you believe in, make your own decisions and believe in them.

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