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Air Purifier

What is a Air Purifier

An air purifier is a compact device that removes dust, smoke, pet hair and dander, harmful allergens and various other floating impurities from the air. It ensures that the air you breathe is pure.

How Air purifiers work?

The core component or technology of the air purifier is the filter. The filter is like a mesh which blocks the harmful particles and bacteria and allow the air to pass. So essentially the filters clean the air, the rest of the machine does take care of air inflow and outflow. The inflow and outflow rate depends on blower and filter capacity to purify the air. Thats it. In other words you are selecting the filter and add-on features.

Why a good Air Purifier is required?

The polluted times we live in, air purifiers for homes are no longer considered a luxury. It has now become a necessity—pretty much as essential as food, water and air. Using an air purifier will help create cleaner, healthier air in your home or office, so you can enjoy better indoor air quality.

Best Air Purifier | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Home Air Purifier

An air purifier has to be the right fit for the room space. The best way of going about it is to match the size of your room and the coverage area of each purifier—this is usually mentioned in square feet (sq. ft). Buying one that is too small for your room will mean that the purifier will be unable to clean the air completely and also keep it clean constantly.

Filter Types

Every filter technology has the same goal – to filter the air of dust, pollen, odors, smoke and other harmful pollutants. There are different types of air cleaning technologies that you can choose from.

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters efficiently clean allergens such as pollen, animal skin and dander, mold spores, and dust. HEPA filters remove at least 99.9% of all the particles as small as 0.3 microns.

  • HEPA air purifier filters have to be periodically changed.
  • HEPA certified filters work well for all common particle allergens, but remember not all HEPA filters are created equal.
  • The larger the HEPA filter, the more particulate it will be able to remove. The size, material, and construction of the actual filter plays a vital role in the air purifier’s performance.

Activated Carbon Filters are rarely used by themselves, but are often used in combination with other filters. Activated carbon/charcoal filters help in absorbing odors and gases thereby neutralizing smoke, chemicals, and fumes.

  • Reacts with oxygen to open up millions of pores that are capable of trapping a large amount of gas and odor.
  • This makes it the ideal surface for bonding with chemical or vapour molecules.
  • Needs to be replaced once they are saturated for optimal performance.

Antibacterial and Germicidal Filters help in eliminating harmful bacteria and germs.

  • Using UV filters along with HEPA filters ensures the air you breathe is sterile.
  • Used in hospitals, kitchens, labs and daycare schools to minimize the risk of airborne infections.

Charged Media Filters combine a particle filter along with an electrostatic charge filter to capture particles as small as 0.1 microns. They are very efficient in purifying air, but need to be replaced fairly regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) makes use of a titanium dioxide coated metal plate along with UV light to oxidize and physically break down chemicals during the filtration process.

By doing so larger molecules break down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules.

Electrostatic Precipitators function just like charged media filters but instead of using filters to capture particles, the particles precipitate and accumulate on the collector plates.

These plates can be washed clean and do not need to be replaced.

Ion and Ozone Generators clean the air by forcing impurities to cling to nearby surfaces.

The negative ions combine with impurities such as dust and smoke particles and stick to walls and carpets. They may create dirty spots on these surfaces which need to be cleaned.

Pre-Filters, like foam and non-woven polyester, eliminate large particles like pet hair before the next stage of filtration.

  • Some have electrostatic properties and use activated carbon to improve filtration and also remove odors and smoke.
  • They need to be replaced regularly to increase the air purifiers lifespan.

Coverage Area

Make sure the square footage listed for the air purifier is about the same or slightly greater than the square footage of the room where you intend to use it. Square footage numbers are calculated based on an 8′ ceiling, CFM, and a stated number of air exchanges per hour.

Air Changes Per Hour (ACH)

This number, also known as the ACH rating, tells us how frequently the air purifier can exchange all the air in a given room. For example, if the purifier has a ACH rating of 6 for a 20′ x 20′ room, then it is capable of exchanging all of the air in that room 6 times every hour. If you have allergies or asthma, you want an ACH rating of at least 4 and preferably 6 or 8.


HEPA air purifiers range from affordable air purifiers for small spaces to fully loaded air purifiers for large rooms. Initial cost isn’t the only expense related to operating an air purifier. Also consider how much replacement filters will cost annually. For some energy usage may also be a concern. While most use little energy, some are Energy Star rated.

Filter Replacements

If you are buying a HEPA air purifier, don’t forget to check and see how much replacement filters will cost. If your unit includes both a HEPA filter and a carbon filter or other combination filtration media, they may need to be replaced separately and after different periods of time. Regular filter replacement is key to getting to the most of your investment while minimizing wear on the motor. Additionally, some manufacturers require regular filter replacement as a condition of their warranty.

Energy Usage

Like all appliances, different air purifiers use different amounts of energy. Unlike most appliances though, air purifiers run, or should run, continuously, so you may want to consider your utility bill before buying an air purifier. If only volts and amps are listed, simply multiply the two: volts x amps = watts. And to determine how many kilowatt hours your model uses per day, multiple watt x hours then divide that by 1000. This will give you daily kilowatt hour usage. Typical air cleaners can use anywhere from 50 watts on low to 200 watts on high. (For comparison sake, a typical lamp uses about 60 watts, while a typical computer uses about 300 watts).

Noise Level

Some air purifiers, like Blueair and AirPura, are extremely quiet while nearly all can be quite loud when operating at full power. For models with thick carbon filters, a slower fan speed can actually produce better filtration results. A fan moving too slowly may not be pushing enough air to properly clean the room. It can be a bit of a balancing act when it comes to noise, but in general, there are appropriate fan settings with comfortable noise levels on all air purifiers. If possible, ask for a demonstration before you buy your air purifier. If you live near the Atlanta area, we’d be glad to give you a demonstration in our showroom.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

Despite flaws with the CADR, this test can give results to help compare air purifiers. While not all manufacturers submit their products for testing, the CADR can be helpful with an apples to apples comparison between models.

Air Pollution

Some air purifiers pollute the air with ozone, a powerful lung irritant that is especially dangerous for asthmatics, children, and the elderly. Avoid these. Look for air purifiers that are CARB certified (California Air Resource Board). CARB is the most stringent testing agency of consumer products, and if you’re unsure, just ask!

Extra Features

These are the bells and whistles. They can make your air purifier a lot easier to use or simply be an added expense that seem useful but really aren’t. This is a bit of a balancing act. For example, a filter change indicator light lets you know when to change the filter, and handles or casters are important if you plan on moving your air purifier frequently. What about audible reminders, LCD screens, or backlights?

Washable Prefilters

The reusable filters collect large particles before they reach the primary filter, potentially extending its life and saving you money on filters.

Top 5 Best Air Purifier – [Updated and Highly Recommended]

Comparison Chart to make your purchase easy

Highly Rated
Sr. No.
Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration
₹ 9,799
Weight (kg)
Dimension (cm)
32.5 x 54.1 x 21.1
2,372 Reviews
Check the Deal
Sr. No.
Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier (Champagne Gold)
₹ 19,900
Weight (kg)
Dimension (cm)
45 x 28 x 56
Check the Deal
Sr. No.
Coway Professional Air Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter (Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C))
₹ 20,705
Weight (kg)
Dimension (cm)
41.5 x 24.5 x 52.5
2,377 Reviews
Check the Deal
Sr. No.
Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier, TP03 (White/Silver)
₹ 29,900
Weight (kg)
Dimension (cm)
20 x 18.5 x 102.2
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Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration
Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier, removes 99.97% airborne pollutants with 4-stage filtration
2,372 Reviews
  • Vitashield Intelligent purification automatically senses air quality and removes 99.97% airborne pollutants as small as 0.003 microns, 800 times smaller than PM 2.5
  • Purifies a standard room in just 12 minutes with a CADR of 270 m3/hour (Standard room size is 18 ft by 12 ft with an 8 ft ceiling height). Recommended room area: 226-333 sq ft.
  • 4 Stage Filtration process through pre filter, activated carbon filter & double layered H13 Grade TRUE HEPA Filter
  • 4-color air quality indicator gives real time air quality feedback
  • Removes 99.90% bacteria and viruses, tested to remove airborne H1N1 virus
  • Removes 99.99% pollen and house dust mites, Allergy friendly quality tested by ECARF
  • Philips is the no.1 brand in Air purifiers in India (Source: Euromonitor International Limited; Consumer Appliances 2018ED)
  • In case of any product queries / issues, please contact the Philips Air customer care on: 18001031235

Vitashield IPS with its aerodynamic design and NanoProtect Pro Filter has a boosted clean air delivery rate up to 270 m3/hr. It can effectively remove ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02um. Also it filters out harmful gases such as formaldehyde and TVOC. Indoor PM2.5 levels can increase far above local guidelines because of outdoor pollution or daily activities like cooking, cleaning etc. The smart air sensor can detect PM2.5 levels and boost the air purifier’s speed to deal with the pollution. Night sensing mode is developed especially for your bedroom; The air purifier rapidly prepares your bedroom air for sleep and constantly monitors your bedroom air quality, delivering clean air while you sleep. The dimmed and/or switched off lights and the low sound help you and your family sleep better. The healthy air protect alert lets you know promptly when it is time to replace the filter. If the filter is not replaced promptly, the appliance stops functioning – to avoid ineffective purification. So you are assured of healthier air always. The color ring on dashboard provides a clear view on air quality by 4-step color, ranging from blue (good allergen & particle level) to red (bad allergen & particle level). The extra thick NanoProtect HEPA is designed for superior purification efficiency and lifetime against airborne particles.

Features / Reviews

3 auto modes

4 manual settings, including turbo spee

Low energy consumptio

Child lock prevents unintended changes

Real-time air quality feedback

4 Stage Filtration process

Removes 99.99% pollen and house dust mites


Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier (Champagne Gold)
  • Presenting Air Touch i8 indoor air purifier with real-time PM2.5 meter by Honeywell, a Fortune 100 company
  • Versatile Coverage Area and efficiency - CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) - 300 cu m/hr, offers up to 36 Sq.m coverage area for a room with 2.74m height - suitable for use in living rooms and bedrooms.
  • Measure the real-time pollution level inside your room with the PM2.5 meter onboard the purifier. No need to invest in another meter.
  • Three stage advanced filtration system with combined patented HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes pollutants with more than 99% efficiency, Type of sensors: Laser.
  • Washable pre-filter that removes larger dust particles, pet hair/dander, soil etc.
  • Combined HiSiv and HEPA filter that removes microscopic allergens, PM2.5, pollens, toxic gases, VOCs, formaldehyde and odour.
  • Completely 'Ozone Free' Air Purifier. Does not emit any harmful gases as a byproduct of the filtration technology.
  • Approximately 3000 hours of filter life, basis the ambient pollution can work for a year if used for 8 hours daily.
  • For any support reach out to us on +91 22 2385 35 35/

Indoor air can be up to 10-times more polluted than outdoor air . Many types of pollutants can affect indoor air quality . While some of these pollutants such as dust and hair are visible to the naked eye, most others go undetected. These invisible air pollutants can cause severe health issues including respiratory ailments. Home , office and commercial air purifier products with multi stage filtration process can be used to effectively remove pollutants from the air. Honeywell offers a wide range of air purifiers, designed and developed specifically for the Indian consumers. They use revolutionary high grade HEPA filter and a patented HiSiv filter for improving indoor air quality. Upon ideal usage, a Honeywell air purifier can remove more than 99% of indoor air pollutants.

Features / Reviews

Powerful cleaning of room in just 10 minutes

Air vents on all sides of the purifier ensure enhanced suction of polluted air

Low Sound Operation

Low Power Consumption and High Filter Life

Child Lock Feature

Measure the real-time pollution level


Coway Professional Air Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter (Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C))
Coway Professional Air Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter (Coway AirMega 150 (AP-1019C))
2,377 Reviews
  • #1 AIR PURIFIER: Coway is loved across the world for its unique technology, award-winning design and user friendly Air Purifiers. Coway has World's Largest R&D Centre for Air Care Products with 243 full-time researchers. Today, "Coway Air Purifier" is India's No. 1 selling Air Purifier Brand. TECH. SPECS: Supply: 230V 50Hz. | Power : 38 Watts. | Noise: 22-49 dB. | Gross Weight: 7.50 Kg | 5 Years Warranty on Motor, 1 Year Warranty on Product.
  • OPTIMIZED AIRFLOW: Smart design ensures innovative flow path for high efficiency (better reach and maximum airflow). COVERAGE AREA: 355 sq. ft / 33 sq. mtrs. | SUITABLE FOR: Living Room, Bed Rooms & Offices | Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 303 cubic m/hr (CADR is Volume of fresh, clean air delivered in an hour) | ELEGANT DESIGN: Slim design to blend anywhere. | iF, RED Dot, Good Design & Spark Design Award Winner for best design | Certified Allergy Friendly: Tested by ECARF.
  • FILTERS AND LIFE OF FILTER: Pre-Filter (To Trap PM10 Particles, Life-long), Patented Urethane Carbon Filter (To Deodorize the air & Remove VOCs, Life 8500 Hours), Multi Layered Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter (To effectively trap PM2.5 particles and eliminate Viruses & Allergens, Life 8500 Hours). AIR QUALITY MONITOR: Smart pollution sensor represents real-time Air Quality through Intuitive Colors. AUTO MODE: Automatically Adjust Speed based on Air Quality. FILTER CLEANING & REPLACEMENT INDICATOR.
  • SPECIAL ANTI-VIRUS GREEN HEPA FILTER: A unique HEPA Filter made of Japanese Gingko Leaves and Sumac Trees, which has unique property to destroy protein on the surface of virus. Removes 99.97 % of Airborne pollutants & 99.99 % of Virus & Allergens. Coway HEPA Filter is one of the thickest (25 mm) HEPA Filter in the industry with Best in Class Protection and Long Filter Life (8500 hours).
  • BEST RATED AFTER SALES SUPPORT: We, at Coway India, are committed to "Keep Customers Interest Ahead of All." It's always our privilege to assist and build relationship with our customers. With our expertise in Air Care Products, we assist our customers in their pursuit of Healthy Lifestyle. 'Get ADDITIONAL WARRANTY OF 2 Yrs' on Motor by Registering on Official Coway Website. In case of any queries, Demo & Installation Needs, feel free to Contact Customer Support.

  • Coway is specialized in Air Care with focus on Superior Quality & Intuitive Design.
  • Special Green Anti-Virus HEPA Filter traps 99.99% of Allergens, Bacteria & Viruses.
  • Patented Urethane Carbon Filter traps Bad Odor, Formaldehyde, VOCs & Cigarette Smoke.
  • Filter Replacement Indicator blinks when it’s time to change HEPA Filter & Carbon Filter.

Features / Reviews



Thick Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter ensures Long Filter Life


Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts speed

Night Mode turns off Mood/AQI light


Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower WiFi-Enabled Air Purifier, TP03 (White/Silver)
  • Manufacturer warranty only applicable on products sold by seller "Dyson India". No other seller offers manufacturer warranty from brand Dyson in India
  • Intelligent Purification; Automatically removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants as small as PM 0.1 (0.1 microns) including dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, pet dander, VOCs and other harmful gases/odors
  • Air Multiplier technology and oscillation feature to powerfully project and circulate purified air throughout the room. Cord length : 1.9m
  • Engineered to project and circulate purified air across LARGE spaces. Dual functionality with fan feature along with air purification
  • Dyson purifiers have a lower face velocity unlike some other conventional purifiers. This, along with the high-efficiency VACUUM SEALED 360° Glass HEPA FIlter ensures that harmful ultra-fine pollutants are NOT released back into the room & stay captured in the filter media
  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter & Tris-coated Activated Carbon Filter. The H-13 Glass HEPA Filter is pleated over 200 times and densely packed with borosilicate microfibres
  • Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies. Dyson Link app provides real-time air quality reports and allows you to remotely control your machine from your smartphone. Comes with a remote control that is magentizes for easy docking on top of the machine when required
  • Features include easy scheduling, 10 air-speed settings, auto mode, night-time mode, sleep timer, and an easy-to-clean aperture with no fast-spinning blades so its safe for little fingers or paws
  • Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly by AAFA (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America)
  • Small footprint and 360° air-intake allows for easy placement ANYWHERE in the room ; Air Flow Level: 1300 CMH ; Control Type: Remote Control, App Control, LCD Display ; Technology Used: Advanced Sensors (PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2, VOC, Temperature, Humidity), Air Multiplier Technology (Patented), Vaccum Sealed Filters (HEPA -13A, Activated Carbon) ; Power Consumption: 40W ; Other Features: Quiet Mode Sound Level - 42.3 dBA; Sound level at Max Setting - 64.4 dBA
  • Please contact_us on: [ 18002586688 ] to avail Free Installation & Setup services or for any other support

The Dyson Pure Cool Link air purifier automatically removes 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. Dyson purifiers powerfully project and circulate purified air throughout the room with Air Multiplier™ technology. The 360 degree, vacuum-sealed Glass HEPA filter removes indoor air pollutants while a second layer of tris-coated activated carbon captures household odors and potentially harmful toxins. Intelligent purification automatically monitors, reacts and purifies – then reports the air quality data to your Dyson link app, so you can remotely control your environment. Easy filter change with notification on app when the filter needs replacement.

Features / Reviews

360° Glass HEPA Filter with Tris-coated Activated Carbon

Air Multiplier Technology for powerful air projection

Oscillation feature helps circulate purified air

Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies

Remotely control your machine from your smartphone

Automatically removes 99.95% of allergens & pollutants

Sharp Air Purifiers offers 20° Airflow that helps in cleaning and purifying the air from the roof to the floor. It collects dust at lower levels of the room and decreases the static electricity in the room for more effective cleaning.

Features / Reviews


Offers low noise levels

HAZE mode is specially made to use when the pollutants level is high

Auto-restart option


There is no single air purifier that’s right for everyone. When you’re shopping for an air purifier, always look first at the CADR ratings and filter types to get an idea of how effective the air purifier will be for your specific needs.

Once you’ve identified an air purifier that offers the best filtration for common pollutants in your home and that is the right size for your space, evaluate secondary features like noise levels and portability. Also make sure that the air purifier’s energy costs and ongoing maintenance costs are within your budget.

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