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Best Archery Arrow Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Arrow

For beginner bow hunters, choosing the right arrow is often a common question that they ask friends who are experienced bow hunters. Getting your bow, stand and arrows correct is a complicated task. Below we outline some of the best tips on selecting the right arrows for your hunt, answering some of the most common questions on arrows.


Spine (or “spine deflection”) is arguably the most important factor in choosing the right arrow. Arrow “size” actually refers to the spine and is essentially a measurement of the arrow’s stiffness. There are two different types of spine measurements:

Static spine indicates how an arrow reacts when a weight (an 880-gram weight, to be precise) is suspended from its center, with its supported points exactly 28 inches apart. Static spine refers to the number of inches the arrow bends times 1,000. A 330 arrow bends .33 inches. The less deflection, the stiffer the arrow. When you see the spine listed in arrow specifications on the DICK’S Sporting Goods website, this measurement refers to static spine.

Dynamic spine measures how an arrow reacts when shot from a bow, specifically how much it flexes. Most manufacturers don’t list dynamic spine, as there are a number of factors that go into its calculation in contrast to static spine.

Take time to reference the arrow manufacturer’s sizing chart to find exactly the right size based on your bow’s weight and the arrow’s length. Otherwise your arrows may fly erratically.


The two most popular arrow materials are aluminum and carbon. Carbon has become the preferred choice of most hunters because of its lightweight durability, speed and reliability. That’s not to take anything away from aluminum arrows, which are strong, flexible, lightweight and affordable.


The original arrow! These are very cost-effective, which makes them great for new archers, but they don’t last too long. They break, warp, and splinter, and because they’re made from organic material, they’re not uniform—meaning, the differences from arrow to arrow are great, and you’ll find that each arrow flies differently. These are generally popular with traditional archers and people who like to shoot longbows, but they’re almost never used in competitions. They are, however, great fun to make, and if you go online, you’ll find a LOT of archers fashioning wooden arrows.


These are fantastic for beginners, but they’re also used by more experienced archers. They usually cost more than wooden arrows, but they’re usually cheaper than carbon arrows. They come in a wide range of sizes, and can be used for target archery and hunting. Most often, they use screw-in tips, so you can switch between bullet points, field points, and broad heads. They can also be fletched with feathers or plastic vanes. They’re a little sturdier than carbon arrows, which makes them a great choice for target archery, where arrows are often shot in groups, and can knock against each other.


Carbon arrows are very stiff, which is a great match for heavier bows—particularly, heavier compound bows used for hunting. And, because carbon arrows can be manufactured to be very thin, they penetrate game better than thicker aluminum arrows—another plus for hunters. The do splinter from time to time, and when that happens, they need to be tossed. Carbon arrows can get very pricey.

Aluminum/Carbon Mixes

These arrows are usually manufactured to have an aluminum center with carbon surrounding the aluminum. These have all the same advantages of carbon arrows, and they’re great for archers who are shooting outdoors at far-away targets. They’re light, stiff, they perform well in wind, and they don’t require large fletchings. These are popular with competitive archers, and you’ll often see Olympic archers using hybrid arrows. And, as you would imagine, they get pricey.


Arrows that are too short are dangerous. They can also slip off the arrow rest and cause very serious problems (i.e. an arrow through the hand). Your arrow should extend 1 – 1.5 inches beyond the arrow rest to ensure a safe shot.

You may be tempted to cut your arrows to length at home. Keep in mind, arrow cutting is best reserved for commercial arrow saws. Using anything else could potentially ruin fibers and jeopardize the structural integrity of the arrow.


The weight of your arrow directly affects its speed and accuracy. Lighter arrows will travel faster, but an arrow that’s too light is potentially dangerous as it can shatter upon release. That’s why it’s essential to find your minimum arrow weight. The IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) standard is easy to calculate. Simply take your draw weight and multiply it by 5. If you shoot a bow with a 70 lb. draw weight, you will need an arrow that weighs at least 350 grains. The typical weight is anywhere between 5 to 9 times your draw weight.


Fletching refers to the trademark, parabolic “wings” on the back of an arrow that provide stability during flight. What is fletching made of? Feathers remain a popular choice in some circles because of their lightness and stability, but vanes are the most popular choice for most modern archers. They are durable and waterproof. Vanes are typically 4” in length, but 2” Blazer vanes are also a popular choice.

Arrow Nocks

There are many different features to consider when purchasing nocks. They not only come in all different sizes and varieties, they also differ in quality. However, there is one thing you can do to improve every shot: buying lighted nocks. This not only helps when fine tuning your bow, but it can eliminate the chance of losing arrows and losing harvested game.


The straighter the arrow, the better, and most manufacturers usually give a “straightness tolerance” in “+/-” terms—so, an arrow with a straightness tolerance of +/- .001 of an inch is going to be straighter than an arrow with a straightness tolerance of +/- .003 of an inch. As a general rule of thumb, the straighter the arrow, the more expensive it’s going to be.

Straightness is widely considered to be a little less important than spine; in other words, most archers are more concerned about getting an arrow with the proper spine than they are concerned about the straightness of an arrow.

Top 5 Best Archery Arrow – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Avid Archery Cane 6 Arrows for Indian Bow, Wood
  • Great for Competition usage Indian Round and for Beginner
  • Length 28 -32 Inch
  • Feel of a perfectly tuned wood arrow
  • Good Quality Arrows are the Heritage of Traditional Archery. For those committed to the sport of traditional archery

Best Quality Arrows for Indian Bow shooting. Great for State and National Competition. Highly recommended for archer. Good for both right and left hand shooters. Available in standard size. Players can cut the arrow from point size according to their required draw length.

Features / Reviews

Good Quality Arrows

Feel of a perfectly tuned wood arrow

Good for both right and left hand shooters



Victory Carbon Fibre Arrow (S)(Pack of 3)
  • Assorted
  • Carbon fibre
  • Pack of 3
  • 31 inch

Features / Reviews

Rounded chrome plated head

Colored fetching indicates which side is up

Knock end is highlighted in reflective green


Avid Archery Cane Archery Manipuri Bamboo 6 Arrows for Indian Bow for Competitions and Recreation, Wood
  • Great for Competition usage Indian Round and for Beginner
  • Set of 6 Arrow & Length 28 -32 Inch
  • Feel of a perfectly tuned wood arrow
  • Good Quality Arrows are the Heritage of Traditional Archery. For those committed to the sport of traditional archery

Best Quality Arrows for Indian Bow shooting. Great for State and National Competition. Highly recommended for archer. Good for both right and left hand shooters. Available in standard size. Players can cut the arrow from point size according to their required draw length.

Features / Reviews

Length 28 -32 Inch


Lightweight and easy to carry

Great for Competition


Avid Archery Carbon Fiber 3 Arrows for Competitions and Recreation, Black
  • Length from bottom to top of start approx. 30 inches, arrow weight: approx. 30g, spine: 700, outside diameter: 7 mm, color: Blue ,White, tip: stamped sheet metal tip
  • A relatively harmless arrows, risk of injury is also minimized by pressing arrowhead, therefore suited for children and Beginners
  • Children use or shoot must under the supervision of an adult , Do not shoot on persons or animals
  • Contact "Avid Archery Club" for customize Best Quality Archery Equipment
  • Avid bow arrows made of fiberglass with the optimum accuracy and target penetration when shooting arrows archery as spare arrows for children's bow and other bow with draw weight below 40 lbs

Features / Reviews

Made of fiberglass with the optimum accuracy

Lightweight arrows

Highly comfortable


Geologic Softarchery Archery Set 100
  • Easy to set up stand alone target + 1 ambidextrous bow and 2 suction arrows.
  • Target boos is used as storage box for bows and arrows.
  • Ergonomic grip for right- and left-handed archers.
  • Level Of Practice:Beginner,Morphology : Left-Handed Right-Handed
  • Guarantee : 2 years excluding consumables (string, nock and fletching).

Gender: No Gender Sport Practices Archery / Petanque / Running Archery Morphology Left-Handed Right-Handed Frequency:Occasional Level Of Practice:Beginner One size for archers from age 8 years old Take down bow 56″ (1.36 m in height) Brace: 17.5 cm Zero tiller (17 cm upper and lower grip) Target: 65 cm x 65 cm Do you want to complete your set and buy other arrows? The bow is compatible Discovery Soft arrows (green / orange). /!\ Never leave a bow in the hands of child that is not under constant supervision by an adult Never shoot an arrow at a window /!\ Never take aim at a person or animal, the shooting range must be clear. Before each shot inspect arrow to check it is in good condition, withdraw your arrows when nobody is behind you. Make sure to replace the string in the event of visible wear. Failure to follow safety instructions can cause SEVERE INJURIES. Bow with 20 lbs draw weight and draw length of 26 inches

Features / Reviews

Easy to set up

Ergonomic grip for right- and left-handed archers

Includes 1 ambidextrous bow and 2 suction arrows


Deciding which archery arrow is going to be right for you isn’t nearly as difficult as some people make it out to be. When you take the factors into consideration that we have previously mentioned, the task of choosing the best archery arrow is going to be so much simpler.

Having a strong understanding of your archery setup and your goals can not only improve your accuracy but completely modify your shooting experience. It will change the way you make purchases.

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