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Best Bar Cabinet | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Bar Cabinet

Be it for an impromptu cocktail party or sudden celebration of an occasion with a bottle of champagne, having a bar cabinet for home is always a good idea, especially if you love to celebrate with liquor. Moreover, a stylish liquor cabinet speaks elegance and class. It can be the centre of attraction of any room and impress your guests if you want to flaunt your wine collection. Different bar cabinet ideas can be made to complement the interior decor of your home. But how to choose the perfect bar cabinet for home india that suits your need?


Secondly you need to consider what function you require the wine cabinet to have – is it for long term storage? is it for serving temperatures or ageing? is it to be a showpiece in your home? is to be kept under lock and key hidden away? These factors can very much influence the decision you make on the type of cabinet, it’s overall look and which features are important.


Next we would advise you to look at the size of your collection and this in effect will narrow down your options on which cabinet or cabinets can accomodate the bottle capacity you require. Most manufacturers rate their capacity on the Bordeaux style bottle, being a slimmer and easier bottle to store on shelves. If your collection includes considerable quantities of champagne or Bordeaux style bottles then be prepared for less capacity on what the official levels claim (due to wider bottles). Also consider the future: is your collection at or nearing drinking age, what percentage requires longer term storage and what are your plans for adding to it in the future? Purchasing more than one cabinet may be the best option if you have big expansion plans for your wine collection for the future!

Size and Space

Before you even start thinking about what type of bar table set you want, take measurements of the spot you’re hoping to place it in. You’ll want to have room for behind the bar in case you feel like reenacting Cocktail, as well as space for stools in case people feel like lounging around the bar. Allot space for a beer fridge if you’re planning to add one.


There’s plenty of bar furniture you’ll have to choose from, but start with the bar itself. It’s not just a countertop with a few shelves for bottles and glasses. The bar you choose will impact the style, storage and placement of your home bar furniture, so choose carefully before you hand over your hard-earned dollars.

Folding Bar: These are great for those looking to save space. A folding bar can be transformed from a cabinet into a full-on bar. This will give the appearance of having more room when the folding bar is only being used for storage.

Corner Bar: Corner bar cabinets are handy because they take up that awkward ‘dead space’ found in the corner of the room. Another great space saving bar, but you’ll be sacrificing storage space.

Hide-A-Bar: A hide-a-bar can will look like another piece of furniture (cabinets, vanities, dressers etc.) but the design cleverly conceals your bar items until you need them. Hide-a-bars provide you with extensive amounts of storage space.

Wine Bar/Cabinet: These bar cabinets are designed for wine connoisseurs, as they come with built-in wine racks for bottles of vino and a stemware rack for wine glasses, plus additional shelving for all your other spirits.

Wrap Around Bar: The ultimate piece of home bar furniture, a wrap around bar is meant to be the centerpiece of your den or living room. The majority of wrap around bars come equipped with wine and stemware racks, space for a beer or wine fridge, plus cabinets and shelving on both sides of the bar.

Home Decor

You can base your bar cabinet design ideas on the decor of the room where you will be keeping it. For example, the Nucla Bar Cabinet made from solid wood with a vintage design that can look best in a traditional setting. The extremely stylish Genoa Bar Cabinet is a liquor cabinet in modern styles for urban homes.

Even if you plan to make it the focal point of a room, the bar cabinet furniture should blend in with the decor of the room and not stand out too much.

Storage Features

You should always check the storage features offered by the bar furniture you want to buy. It should have proper compartments and drawers to store wine bottles, wine glasses, serving trays and other bar items that can clutter your kitchen when kept unorganized. An open cabinet may have stylish shelves that can accommodate few decor pieces to add to the beauty. The Gurran Bar Cabinet has enough compartments and can be good bar furniture to be placed in a kitchen. It also looks very rustic and stylish, made from Sheesham wood and can be customised to alter storage features based on customer needs.

Design and Style

After you have decided on the purpose your cabinet should serve and the storage features you want it to have, you can start deciding on the style and design to match your taste. Aprodz has both enclosed and open bar cabinets in attractive designs that you will love to have in your home. An open bar cabinet can be the ideal furniture to flaunt your expensive wine collection and stylish glassware.

Unconventional styles like the Holder Bar Cabinet made from reclaimed wood can look extremely stylish when kept as a patio bar cabinet if you love hosting outdoor parties in your home during the weekend. The Buena Bar Cabinet is a stylish bar counter cabinet with enough storage. The stylish bar counter designs for readymade furniture in your home can impress your guests. Also, you can try your own bar counter at home design ideas by customising the cabinets.


Wood is the best material for a liquor-cabinet if you want it for your home. It is strong and stylish, with a classic charm. There are also different materials for a bar counter india, like marble, wood or glass. You can find wooden bar counter for sale on various trusted online and offline stores, made from premium quality of wood.

Top 5 Best Bar Cabinet – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Craftswood Sheesham Wood Bar Cabinet Rack Hard and Soft Drinks Storage Cabinets Sheesham Wood Furniture Wine Wisky Scotch All Type Drinks Bar Cabinet for Living Room (Honey Oak Finish)
  • Dimension: Length 132 cm x Width 50 cm x Height 89 cm: Opened: Legth 66 cm x Width 50 cm x Height 92 cm
  • Product Material: Sheesham Wood
  • Color: Honey Oak Finish, Style: Contemporary
  • We encourage self assembly of products to help customers better & completely understand the product they buy. All the tools, accessories and instruction required to assemble the products comes within the packet only.
  • Warranty: 12 Months Against Manufacturing Defects

Features / Reviews

Contemporary style in Honey Oak Finish

Inspired by American modern design

Simple, sophisticated storage


Home Centre Montoya Bar Cabinet
  • Product Dimensions: Length (52 cm), Width (42 cm), Height (114 cm)
  • Primary Material: Compressed Wood
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Assembly Required: The product requires carpenter assembly and will be provided by the seller
  • Style: Contemporary

A mix of versatile storage option with a sleek look makes this bar cabinet from home centre just the right pick.

Designed from compressed wood into a compact yet capacious design, this bar cabinet makes for an efficient and elegant unit. Enhanced with multiple shelves to keep your glasses, this one is surely a must-have for a tipsy session

Features / Reviews

Made from a premium wood



Ganpati Arts Sheesham Wood Wine Rack Display Unit with Single Drawer Black Finish
Ganpati Arts Sheesham Wood Wine Rack Display Unit with Single Drawer Black Finish
7 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: Length 22 Inch x Width 15 Inch x Height 36 Inch
  • Material: Rosewood/Sheesham Wood
  • Color: Black Finish, Style: Modern
  • The product requires basic self assembly at customers end and comes with self assembly instructions along with necessary accessories.
  • Give your home a luxurious look with wooden WALL BAR premium quality , life time uses product
  • Made by Ganpati Arts in India. Made with Indian antique Handcrafted art work by Indian Artsians.

Features / Reviews

Give a luxurious look with wooden WALL BAR

Made from Rosewood/Sheesham Wood

Use for home, living room bar etc


Hariom Handicraft Pre-Assemble Sheesham Wood Stylish Bar Cabinet / Wine Rack With Wine Glass Storage - Living Room Furniture
Hariom Handicraft Pre-Assemble Sheesham Wood Stylish Bar Cabinet / Wine Rack With Wine Glass Storage - Living Room Furniture
22 Reviews
  • KendalWood - Manufacturing Since 1990 - Made In India Sheesham Wood Product
  • Dimension : L 132 x D 50 x H 89 cm (Opened) L 66 x D 50 x H 92 cm (all dimensions in cm ))
  • Material : Fully Made by Sheesham Wood , No other Wood anywhere in product . | Finish Color - Natural Brown Finish
  • Bar Cabinet , Solid wood cabinet , Storage Cabinet , Cocktail Bar cabinet
  • Assembly - Not Required , Pre-assemble  

The Front Is Designed With A Unique Diamond-Cut Chequered Pattern, The Back Has Open Shelves For All Your Glassware, As Well As Wine Racks And Spaces To Hang Wine Glasses And Cocktail Glasses From.

Features / Reviews

Designed With A Unique Diamond-Cut Chequered Pattern

Back Has Open Shelves For All Your Glassware, As Well As Wine Racks


Mahima Handicarft Pre-Assemble Sheesham Wood Bar Cabinet for Living Room, Teak Finish
  • Sheesham Wood Product
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects, Inherent Termite and Borer Issues
  • We Do Provide Lock In The Cabinet

The Front Is Designed With A Unique Diamond-Cut Chequered Pattern, The Back Has Open Shelves For All Your Glassware, As Well As Wine Racks And Spaces To Hang Wine Glasses And Cocktail Glasses From.No assembly required. Indoor use only. The product comes with a warranty against any manufacturing defects and any other issues with the materials that have been used

Features / Reviews

Made from Sheesham Wood

No assembly required


If you’re hoping to add a home bar to your living room or den, there’s more to it than a countertop and a few bottles of liquor. More and more people are choosing home entertainment over going out, and home bars are a simple and easy way to entertain friends. To create a home bar that will leave your guests in awe, follow our guide; trust us, you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

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