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Benefits of a good Boxing Shoes

Since boxing shoes are made specifically for the sport, you would expect them to have some benefits and there are plenty.


Boxing shoes are designed to allow you to glide effortlessly around the ring while a regular pair of training shoes will grip to the canvas too much making your movements slower and more labored and it will also tear up the canvas and cause it to degrade over time which is why most coaches will push you towards getting the proper footwear, sooner rather than later.

Flat feet

Most Boxing boots come with flat soles without too much grip to enable you too Pivot on the balls of your feet, make some angles and find openings for your punches. Since pivoting and creating angles is so important in boxing you should be pleasantly surprised at how easily you can slip and slide around the ring elegantly when you first try on a pair of boxing shoes.

The main problem with running shoes is that they are made for running on hard surfaces, they not only provide too much grip, but too much padding on the bottom as well so you can’t feel the canvas which stops you from planting your feet as effectively as possible and transferring your power through the legs and hips and into the punch.

It is important to note that boxing boots come in tons of different varieties, shapes and sizes and you can get higher soles to suit high arches in the feet and you can also get boxing boots with more grip if you prefer that then the ability to pivot more gracefully. When it comes to gear, it is a game of trade offs.


When we first think about boxing, we think about the hands straight away but most of the movement is with the feet.

Whether you are on the offense trying to close the distance or on the defense trying to create distance and evade your opponent, footwork is key and with training shoes sticking to the mat, you can put pressure on your joints and actually cause you to go over on your ankle on occasion or hurt your knee joints.

Boxing shoes come with the proper support for your ankles so can move around the ring at ease while keeping your joints intact.


Comfort is another thing to take into consideration, these shoes are designed specifically for the sport and they offer maximum comfort once you break them in and get used to wearing them.


There’s an old saying in boxing that power is a blessing but speed kills. Boxing boots designed specifically for the ring offer much lighter weights than traditional running shoes allowing you to move around the Ring with lightning pace.


The best boxing shoes will come with plenty of spaces for the air to escape like wire meshing, allowing your feet to stay cool and not sweating up too much inside the boot and causing it to smell over time.

Best Boxing Shoes Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Boxing Boots

There are several features that you be looking for in a great pair of shoes for boxing. When choosing, you need to look at both high top and low top boxing shoes with the lightest weight possible.

High Top vs. Low Top

High tops are considered the right choice in boxing shoes; however, the low top is also popular. If you need more ankle support, then go for high top boxing shoes. As a beginner, you need low top boxing shoes for sparring and workouts.

Grip and Pivot

When boxing, if you cannot grasp and rotate, you would not gain much ground as a fighter. Hence grip and pivot is essential. Regular shoes can make turning particularly cumbersome in light of how the front of the shoe is not made keeping pivoting in mind. Regardless of whether you can get the correct hold in a non-boxing shoe, the front of the shoe simply is not made considering turning.

This is likely most significant and particular element of best boxing shoes, their capacity to grasp the ground with the goal that your feet do not slide when exchanging power and yet, continually enabling you to rotate so you can toss power punches or execute run of the mill battling footwork moves.


Another feature is the sole construction. The soles of these shoes are smooth on the base to permit speedy development on the canvas. They have surface and grooves cut into the sole to consider some footing, particularly forward and in reverse. Wrestling shoes have furrowed soles that cut into the delicate wrestling mat, taking into consideration a stronghold.

The thickness of the sole matters a lot, the thicker sole is preferred mostly. It’s obvious, the development of the sole will change how you balance and toss punches. It has to do with the association with the ground – most athletic shoes make a distinction between your foot and the ground to assimilate stun, which is just not right for a boxer.

The most exceedingly terrible boxing shoes feel like an outside material underneath, with bizarre knots and bends that don’t shape to your feet. And after that, there is additionally the matter of value and highlights. Some last longer than others. Some are progressively agreeable, increasingly secure, and simpler to use than others. Rubber is, perhaps, the best material for the soles of these shoes. Rubber is a lightweight material that offers a grip, nevertheless still allows for rapid footwork.


All boxing shoes do not come with the strap, but this thing makes you superior to your opponent. The strap helps to join boxer shoes with ankle and feet with more stability and power.


Weight and thickness is another major feature and should not be neglected. It’s mostly about personal preference as some prefer heavier shoes to feel more supported around the ankles whiles some think that it restricts their mobility. Hence the ability to move fast and quickly is of utmost importance.

The best boxing shoes feel light, and comfortable (like socks on your feet), and help you become one with the canvas. Search for defensive boxing shoes that are made with lightweight material. Heavier shoes will in general slowdown boxers and will make them exhausted faster. So as to draw off slips and other guarded strategies, you ought to be as light on your feet as possible.

Versatility additionally enables fighters to manage the pace of the battle and how intently the session is battled. For contenders to move all through their pockets serenely, their developments must be snappy; your boxing shoes ought not to forestall brisk movements, they should upgrade them.

Width and Ease

Again, this is also a matter of preference. In order to avoid losing your balance, you do not want your foot sliding around. If the shoe squeezes your foot when normally wearing them, it’s certainly going to squeeze them when you are boxing thus making you uncomfortable. Width and comfort should be kept in mind when choosing the best shoes for boxing.

The upper portion of the shoe ought to be a blend of leather, softened, and engineered materials. Try to search for breathable nylon “windows” inside the shoe that will enable your feet to inhale a bit. This can help keep your feet from perspiring and lessen the odds of your feet slipping inside the shoe.

You will burn through many hours preparing in your boxing shoes, so you would do well to feel great in them! Stay away from hardened materials in the upper bit. Your shoes ought to be developed with malleable materials. They ought to likewise be without any firm logos or any materials that delve into your feet when your shoes twist (finding the correct size can likewise help counteract this.


Quality is the ultimate feature that you are looking for. A top name-brand shoe will normally do you well here, however, the most effortless spot to search for quality is the sole. It ought to be built well, and the sole shouldn’t look it will strip off once the shoe begins demonstrating its age. So it’s better to spend some good amount when choosing the best boxing shoes rather than going for a cheap pair which is unlikely to last long and provide you with the support required.

Ankle Support

A standout among the most significant tasks of these shoes is to ensure your it protects your ankle. As you definitely know, lower leg wounds are regular in games where you’re bouncing near, changing edges frequently, and continually putting power on your lower legs from all bearings.

Boxing can put power on your lower legs and knees relying upon your boxing style. There are both high-top and low-top shoes for boxers, however, the high-tops will in general offer more lower leg support, so it is ideal to go with them. Some high-tops offer a snare and circle lower leg support. This is an extraordinary method to get a custom fit and more help.

So these were some crucial features that need to be considered when opting for the best possible shoes for boxing. The shoes enable one to move in a considerably more effective way in boxing-explicit positions.

Top 5 Best Boxing Shoes – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Nivia Boxing Shoe Blue/Black
Nivia Boxing Shoe Blue/Black
84 Reviews
  • Outer Material:-PU Sabarlon Mesh with Sublimation Printing
  • Sole:-Eva & Rubber
  • Care Instructions: Rotate your pair of shoes once every other day, allowing them to de-odorize and retain their shapes, use shoe bags to prevent any stains or mildew, dust any dry dirt from the surface using a clean cloth, do not use polish or shiner

Nivia Boxing shoes are made using suede leather which makes it strong enough and ideal for wrestling or boxing purpose. This pair has great looks and amazing grip which gives you extreme support while performing in the ring. Easy to clean and maintain.

Features / Reviews

Made using suede leather

Great looks and amazing grip

Easy to clean and maintain

PU Sabarlon Mesh with Sublimation Printing


RXN Knockout Boxing Shoes for Mens
RXN Knockout Boxing Shoes for Mens
12 Reviews
  • Upper:Flyknit mesh with TPU & PU
  • Sole:RUbber
  • Rubber wave pattern sole for grip & stability with flyknit mesh for breathability
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Pair of shoes

Features / Reviews

Fly knit mesh with TPU & PU

Rubber wave pattern sole for grip & stability

Lace-Up closure


Le Buckle Boxing Shoes (6)
Le Buckle Boxing Shoes (6)
1 Reviews
  • Boxing Footwear suitable for training and matches
  • High ankle support for better feet grip
  • Non marking sole for anti slip protection
  • Extra heel cushion

Premium quality boxing footwear with high quality cushioning and made in tough synthetic leather. It has a premium non marking crape sole.

Features / Reviews

High ankle support

Extra heel cushion

Non marking sole for anti slip protection

Better feet grip


No products found.

Features / Reviews

Extra grip Rubber Sole

Fabric /Suede combination

Highly comfortable


Spartan Blue Boxing Shoes (6)
  • Ankle Height: Low Ankle
  • Closing: Lace-up
  • Tip shape: Round
  • Brand: Spartan
  • Color: Red

“Spartan” presents these Blue colored ‘Boxing’ indoor shoes for men that are especially designed for boxers. The mesh, synthetic leather upper and mesh lining make these lace-ups durable, light in weight and comfortable to wear, while the rubber outsole provides better traction on hard surfaces.

Features / Reviews

Lace-up closure

Low ankle height

Mesh, synthetic leather upper and mesh lining


There are many components that need to cooperate to make a quality pair of boxing shoes. Footing and backing are two of the most significant elements to concentrate on. There are a ton of different things too, which we’ll be going over in this article. Furthermore, just to clear things up, boxing shoes are unique in relation to wrestling shoes.

In spite of the fact that they may look fundamentally the same as boxing shoes have more footing than wrestling shoes. Nonetheless, this isn’t to imply that you can’t wear wrestling shoes while boxing. They’ll work fine and dandy albeit progressively prepared fighters may need increasingly concentrated shoes when it comes down to the low down. Be that as it may, for the individuals who are experiencing considerable difficulties discovering boxing shoes, wrestling shoes will work after all other options have been exhausted. To each their own, yet all things considered, we should figure out how to pick boxing shoes.

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