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Deep Fat Fryer

What is a Deep Fat Fryer?

A commercial deep fryer is a kitchen appliance designed to heat large quantities of cooking oil for deep frying large quantities of foods such as french fries, funnel cakes, and mozzarella sticks.

How Deep Fat Fryer works?

The basic method that is common among all types of deep fryers is to heat the oil to the desired temperature, lower your battered food into the basket that’s submerged in the hot oil, and then raise the basket once the batter reaches a golden brown color. It is suggested that you drain the oil off your food on a platter lined with paper towels before serving so that customers don’t receive excess grease on their plates.

Best Deep Fat Fryer | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Deep Fat Fryer


On average, a deep fat fryer will hold around 1 to 1.5kg of food at any one time.

1kg will likely do around four side-portions of chips, which is enough for a small family. Those which are larger may be better for other foods, such as chicken when it is going to be the main focus of a meal.

Oil Capacity

You always need to fill the fryer up with oil when it is in use, even if you’re only cooking one portion compared to the four it can usually hold. Most models will require at least one litre of oil.

The larger the oil capacity, the larger the food capacity usually is, but this isn’t always the case so double check both stats.


The best deep fat fryers will have a removable basket which can be lifted completely out of the oil to drain all of the excess off. You want to ensure that the basket is strong, and comes with a good handle, which makes it easy to lift.

Other Features

  • Viewing Window – This will help you check on the progress of your food without having to lift the lid, which improves safety and cooking times
  • Cool Walls – As you can imagine, oil gets very, very hot. You ideally don’t want any of this heat transferred to the body of the device, especially if you have kids knocking around, so look for a product which will remain cool to touch on the outside should any accidents occur
  • Lockable Lid – These will be harder to open than rival models, as you’ll have to press a button or release a catch. Great if the device is knocked over, or you want to be double-sure that no splashing oil will escape
  • Odour Filter – There is no denying that frying can be a bit smelly. A model with an odour filter will ensure the smell doesn’t escape the four walls of the fryer, and also that there is no taste left behind in the oil if you use it a couple of times. Check to see if the filter is washable, too
  • Cool wall – Look for a deep-fat fryer with insulated walls to protect you – and any little ones – from the heat generated by cooking.

  • Removable or foldable basket handle – Some fryers come with basket handles which can either be removed or folded away, meaning that they take up less space in your cupboard when being stored. On some, this mechanism also doubles as a rise-and-fall feature, allowing you to close the lid before lowering the basket of food into the oil.

Top 5 Best Deep Fat Fryer – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Skyline VTL-5424 2000-Watt Deep Fryer (Multicolour)
Skyline VTL-5424 2000-Watt Deep Fryer (Multicolour)
152 Reviews
  • Easy to clean
  • Fry basket with anti-slip handle for safe operation
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Includes: Deep Fryer

Skyline deep fryer fries mouth watering dishes in very less time. That make your cooking very easy and fast.

Features / Reviews

Anti-slip handle for safe operation

Easy to clean

Make your cooking very easy and fast

Discover the joy of delicious hassle-free fried food at home with the 6 ltr Steel Electric Deep Fat Fryer from iconic housewares manufactures Mazoria. Cook fried foods like a pro in the comfort of your own home. With a generous 8 litre capacity and enough space to cook 1kg of food, this fryer is perfect for cooking enough food for the whole family. Great for cooking a variety of foods such as deliciously crisp chips, wedges or fries, fried chicken, Battered fish, tempura, onion rings, spring rolls, samosas and croquettes as well as tasty desserts like doughnuts, Churros and fruit fritters. The easy to use adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights allow you to cook your food perfectly every time. Turn to a specific temperature and it will maintain this heat, ensuring your food doesn’t burn. Large enough to cook a good amount of food but not so large your kitchen will suffer from its bulk. Its sleek stainless-steel design looks good in any kitchen, and is an ideal choice for domestic kitchens, family homes, caravans, holiday homes, student accommodation and cafes.

Features / Reviews

Stainless steel tanks have removable oil inserts with calibration marks for oil levels

Impressive Heating Power

Durable Construction

Automatic shut-off feature


IBELL IBLDF1113L 3 Liters 2000W Electric Deep Fryer With Variable Temperature Control, Silver
IBELL IBLDF1113L 3 Liters 2000W Electric Deep Fryer With Variable Temperature Control, Silver
66 Reviews
  • Wattage: 2000W| Capacity: 3 L| Color Name: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel| Voltage: 240V
  • Warranty: 18 Months
  • Key Benefits: Removable Frying Basket
  • Cooking Capabilities: Fry

This very useful deep fryer from iBELL is packed from irrestible features & power packed performance. It has 1200W power rating. The capacity of this deep fryer is 3 Litre.It has an immersed heating element.The thermostat enable setting differen temperature for different frying needs. It is very compact & can be used for Deep frying comfortably on your table top. Warranty: 1 Year on product.

Features / Reviews

Removable Frying Basket

Stainless Steel Heating Element

Designed with adjustable temperature

Easy Maintenance


Inalsa Professional 2 Fryer, 18/8 Steel, 2 Liter, Digital Timer, 1700 W, Detachable, Dishwasher Safe, European Energy Efficiency Standard, Stainless Steel, (Grey)
  • Optimum Capacity : Can fry 800 grams of potatoes or 10 croquettes in one go with 2 Litres Oil , Warranty: 2 Years
  • Fry quickly thanks to its 1700 watts of power. Input Supply:230V, AC
  • 3. 2L oil capacity fryer - Professional 2 electric deep fat fryer has large oil capacity, you can make homemade fried chips, chicken for children, also can cook much more than just chips, enough food capacity suitable for whole family, 2-4 people
  • Adjustable temperature control - This fryer machine designed with adjustable temperature from 150℃ to 190 ℃. Choose different temperature to cook different food, get more perfect result. Please refer instruction manual
  • Anti-slip feet to improve stability and prevent accidents, cable box
  • Indicator light to show that the oil has reached the optimum temperature. The cold zone allows you to fry healthier and keep the new oil for longer
  • Completely detachable parts for easy clean - There is no mess after finish cooking with the fat fryer, easy to clean it, removable oil container can pour oil easily and just disassembled all parts and immerse into water with some detergent, wipe dry after washing
  • Includes: Deep Fryer, Detachable Deep Fryer Net, Cool Touch Handle, Control Panel, SS Lid with Cool Touch Handle, Instruction Manual with Warranty Card and Customer Care List
  • Product Dimensions: 23.0 cm (L) X 27.6 cm (W) X 22.0 cm (H), Weight: 2.0kg
  • For any issue kindly contact_us on:[9773982069] [9773982070] 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

This very useful deep fryer from INALSA is packed from irrestible features & power packed performance. It has 1700 W power rating. The capacity of this deep fryer is 2L Oil & 800 gram of food capacity. It has an immersed heating element.The thermostat enable setting differen temperature for different frying needs. It is very compact & can be used for Deep frying comfortably on your table top. Warranty: 2 years on product.

Features / Reviews

Submerged Resistance

Stainless steel body and bucket

Pilot light and temperature regulator

Drain position of the oil


ORBIT Stainless Steel DF-30 3.5 L Electric Deep Fryer (Silver)
ORBIT Stainless Steel DF-30 3.5 L Electric Deep Fryer (Silver)
53 Reviews
  • 2000W Power, Type: Oil Fryer
  • Oil Capacity : 3.5Ltr, Cooking capability: Fry, Full Stainless Steel Body
  • 130 °C-190°C Temperature control, Heat Indicator, Power on Indicator
  • Over heat Protection, Cord Storage Compartment
  • Removal Container and Heating Element, Easy To Clean Oil Container, AC 220-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty from date of purchase
  • Power: 2000 watts
  • Includes: main unit, Manual
  • Country of Origin: China

To Assist You In Making Your Cooking Easier, Orbit Presents Df30 Deep Fryer. With An Elegant Design And Convenient Attachments, This Appliance Guarantees Evenly Fried Food While Saving You On Lpg Consumption. The Deep Fryer Has A Detachable Oil Pot With A Non-Stick Coating. . The Double Filters In The Deep Fryer Control Odour And Oil Vapour, Making It Easy To Keep Your Cooking Area Clean. This Deep Fryer Has A Cool Touch Body And Is Extremely Easy To Clean Thanks To The Removable Fryer Basket. While Frying, You Can Also Adjust The Oil Temperature As Per Your Requirement. Orbit Is The Brand That Transforms Your Kitchen In Beautiful, Subtle Ways. Revamp Your Home By Ordering This Cool Product Online. DF-30 3.5L Deep Fryer – 2000W Power – Oil Capacity: 3.5L – 130ËšC – 190ËšC Temperature Control – Heat Indicator – Power On Indicator – Full Stainless Steel Body – Over Heat Protection – Cord Storage Compartment – Removable Container and Heating element – Easy to Clean Oil Container – AC220-240V, 50-60Hz.This product is not for commercial purpose.

Features / Reviews

Over heat Protection

Removal Container and Heating Element

Heat Indicator

Cord Storage Compartment

Power on Indicator


Finding the best Deep Fat Fryer really depends on how you will use it and how many portions you plan to serve. No matter which one you choose, everyone will enjoy the fun of Deep Fat Fryer and eating everyone’s favorite childhood treat.

The first criteria you will need to check is the nature of use and the overall dimensions for portability and ease of use. Also, the tank and power capacity and the options for maintaining and cleaning the device are important considerations.

However, if you’re looking to get the best deal when you buy your Deep Fat Fryer, choose a versatile machine.

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