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What is a Electric Steamer?

Food steaming refers to the method of cooking food relying on heat and moisture. Food can be effectively cooked in a closed environment that is surrounded by water vapor. It is the best kitchen utensil to cook dumplings, sushi, and other all-time favorite food.

Why good Electric Steamer is required?

Are you fed up with overcooked food? Or want to try a healthier way of home cooking? Or maybe you just want to spend less time in the kitchen but still eat well. The steam cooker could be your solution.

Steam cooking is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food, as you do not need to add any oils or fats, and it retains all the natural nutrients and vitamins of the foods.

Best Electric Steamer | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Electric Steamer

Before you are fully convinced that you’ve chosen the best food steamer, it is crucial to establish whether the steamer has all the features that can match your needs and expectations. Here are some of the things to consider and best features of the best food steamer.

Ease Of Cleaning

Steamers are quick and easy to clean compared to other styles of cooking. As they don’t use any oil or sauces, there is no grease to clean up. Many models also now come with dishwasher-safe parts, so washing-up is a doddle!


Tiers are useful for increasing the cooking capacity of your steamer. They are also great for cooking non-related dishes at the same time. For example, vegetables in one tier, fish in another. If you plan to use steam cooking for dinner parties or large families, then you will get the best use of out multiple tiers. For individual cooking, one tier is usually enough.


This refers to how much food you can cook at one time. Home steam cookers usually range from 1 quart (1 liter), which is suitable for steam baby food or small portions of vegetables, to 10.5 quarts (10 liters). Of course, the larger the food steamer, the more space it is likely to take up in your kitchen.

A large capacity steamer works best if you are cooking for the whole family or hosting dinner parties. If you are cooking for one or two people, then a smaller model with a 5-quart capacity will be more than adequate.


The more precise you are with steaming, the better results you will get. Therefore, having a timer that is easy to set and easy to read is very helpful. Some electric steamers will come with pre-programmed settings, which should give you guaranteed great results and make the steamer more user friendly. Others require manual settings.

Non-electric steamers do not have the timing feature so you will need to run a timer separately and monitor your cooking to get the best from your steamer.


As with any kitchen gadget, a food steamer will take up space in your cupboards. If you are concerned about storage, then look for a steamer that is foldable or has a nesting feature. Folding features are more common with silicone and stainless steel vegetable steamers. Nesting is where the containers will fit inside one another when stored, thus saving space.


A food steamer’s size matters. The size of the food steamer you need to purchase is highly dependent on your intention of cooking. The size of your family also matters when considering the steamer’s size.

The application also determines the size of the food steamer you need. For example, you need a slightly bigger food steamer for restaurant use than what you use for a household. Indeed, the purpose of use determines the perfect size for you.


Food steamers come in different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, bamboo, and plastic. You have to keep in mind that the type of material also comes with a price. It is important to choose a food steamer or cooker that is durable and one that you can use for many years.

Water Gauge

During steam cooking, you need to be able to check the water levels so you can add water when needed and avoid your food being boiled dry. If the water dries up, both your food and potentially your pot, will be ruined.

The best food steamers will let you gauge the water level and add water easily during the cooking process.

Steaming Process

There is no steamer that is meant for all types of foods. It is important to determine the type of food you are planning to steam so you can choose the relevant steamer.

In addition to this, you also need to take into consideration the steaming time. It is important to establish if it’s convenient for your cooking requirement. The water holding capacity plays a major factor to consider.

Advanced Features

Manufacturers have tested and improved their products to bring more advanced features. The advanced features of food steamers today include digital delayed start, timer, and keep-warm function. It would be nice to check these cool features for your faster and convenient food steaming task.

Top 5 Best Electric Steamer – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Inalsa 5L Gourmet Multi-Function 500W-Food Steamer & Egg Boiler with LED Indicator,BPA-Free 2 Tier Stackable Baskets,Stainless Steel Base ,Auto-Stop & Dry Run Protection,Fits 14 Eggs In One Go (Black/ Silver)
  • Fast and efficient large capacity steamer: With a powerful 500W steam design, Gourmet heats up instantly and cooks evenly. Cook steamed & healthy food at the press of a button , this food steamer is suited for every occasion.
  • 2 BPA -free stackable baskets: The baskets ensure durability & safety as they are BPA-free and break resistant. These baskets allow you to cook multiple items at once for quick and easy meal preparation
  • Steaming made simple: Powerful & even steam distribution allows your food to be cooked properly. Dual steaming helps you cook food separately, but simultaneously, for a complete meal that’s ready all together
  • Set timer and steam: Gourmet features a 60-minute timer for easy meal prep, providing convenience and saving you time when making multiple dishes
  • Safety mechanism: Built-in auto shut-off feature activates when the steam cycle is complete or water is empty
  • Compact for storage: The steamer’s nested design makes it compact in size to fit perfectly in kitchen cabinets without taking up too much space
  • 2 year warranty: We sincerely provide with product warranty and genuine customer service. If you have any needs or questions, we will be more than happy to assist you
  • For any issue kindly contact_us on: [ 9773982069 ] [ 9773982070 ] 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Tuareg Marketing Pvt.Ltd, KHASRA NO.154,1092,1189, BHALSWA VILLAGE,BHALSWA, North West Delhi, Delhi, 110033. Contact No: 9810158535,Tuareg Marketing Pvt.Ltd, KHASRA NO.154,1092,1189, BHALSWA VILLAGE,BHALSWA, North West Delhi, Delhi, 110033. Contact No: 9810158535
  • Capacity : 5 Litres , Perfect for different cuisines: Steaming is a cooking method practiced all around the world. Gourmet food steamer allows you to steam any style of food from vegetables, rice, momos to idlis and chicken delicacies. Enjoy steamed and healthy food
  • Egg-boiler: With Gourmet you get to have 14 eggs boiled all together at once. It is the perfect companion for your busy mornings

Inalsa Gourmet 400watt Food Steamer comes with 5 Litre Capacity 60 minutes timer Inbuilt egg tray and auto-off. Warranty 2 Year. Concealed heating element Break resistant double layer PC bowls Dry Run protection.

Features / Reviews





Auto shut-off


Wonderchef Nutri-Pot 3L
Wonderchef Nutri-Pot 3L
29 Reviews
  • Nutritious cooking at the touch of a button
  • Nutri-Pot(1 unit),Spoon(1 unit),measuring cup(1 unit)
  • Black & Silver
  • A combination of 7 kitchen appliances in 1
  • Capacity: 3 liters
  • Warranty: 2 Year warranty
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Includes: Nutri-Pot(1 unit), Spoon(1 unit), Measuring cup(1 unit)

Features / Reviews

One Touch Cooking

7-in-1 Appliance

Delay Timer

Tight-fitting lid

Integrated with Amazon Alexa which guides you step by step


Steemo Plastic Free Food Contact, Flavour &Taste Maintaining Best Stainless Steel Multi Steam Cooker Healthy Electric Food Steamer Momos Egg Boiler Turbo Steam Generator Starts In 30 Sec 600W Only 5lt
Steemo Plastic Free Food Contact, Flavour &Taste Maintaining Best Stainless Steel Multi Steam Cooker Healthy Electric Food Steamer Momos Egg Boiler Turbo Steam Generator Starts In 30 Sec 600W Only 5lt
33 Reviews
  • True & Sure “Cooking Is Your Life & Your Kitchen Is Your Office.” “Healthy” options are becoming more Popular especially,People for Whom "The Healthy Life Style is the Only Lifestyle" Such people will truly appreciate "Steemo Stainless Steel (S.S) Steam Cooker" which will not react with Acidic Foods or Sauces.
  • Unlike other plastic steam cooker this non-reactive stainless steel multi steam cooker maintains all flavor & original taste, does not absorb unusual odours or flavours. It distributes heat faster and saves electricity & time. Powerful & even steam distribution allows your food to be cooked uniformly. Dual steaming helps you cook food separately, but simultaneously, that's ready all together. Steemo premium quality Stainless Steel Steamer preserves 90% of the antioxidants in the fresh vegetables
  • In S.S. Jars you won't get residue flavours or colours from your food contaminating the next meal, you cook It can make all sorts of dumplings,from dimsum to tibetan momos, fresh cut vegetables, uniformly cooked Non-Veg. It can even draw extra fat from the Non-Veg. simultaneously. It can sterilize milk without getting boiled or spilled out of the vessel, and since medium of heat is moisture the taste of the milk remains original and same. Auto Stop Timer with bell & indicator is an extra feature
  • Steemo is the most economical steam cooker to run as it has been incorporated with the “Latest Turbo Steam Generator”; A rapid heat technology with no Increase in wattage that reaches to maximum steaming power in just 30 seconds. You can get your meal cooked faster and in a more even manner while saving time and electric consumption.
  • Simple 1 - 2 - 3 Cooking,Steaming,Reheating in S.S. Steemo Cooker with fast and easy cleanup. It can make soup (extract) with the soup attachment and also can cook several items like idly, soft dhokla, khichdi, pulao, kheer, noodles, cake, pudding, sprouts, sweet corn , potatoes, sweet potatoes, sea food, boiled eggs, omelette without oil and of course you can cook any variety of rice with perfect non sticking results in addition to several more recipes provided in the accompanied Recipe Book.

When you wish to cook multiple food items at once, you often have to cook them one after the another, which consumes a lot of time and energy. But what if there was a provision that allowed you to cook multiple food items at the same time? Steemo presents Stainless Steel Multi Steam Electric Cooker that gets multiple containers which allow you to cook different foods at the same time. This durable stainless-steel cooker gets two stainless steel jars and a glass jar that is suitable for making soup. You get a transparent glass lid to cover the jar at the top. This cooker ensures that all your vegetables and non-veg items get cooked uniformly and do not lose their flavour in the process. Equipped with rapid heat technology, this steam cooker goes easy on your wallet by saving a lot of money. The Steemo Multi Steam cooker comes with an auto stop timer with bell and indicator that tells you when the food is cooked. Cooking, steaming and reheating is an easy task with the S.S. Steemo cooker with fast and easy clean up. This Plastic Free Stainless Steel Electric Multi-Cooker and Steamer is an ideal addition for every kitchen.

Features / Reviews

Made Using Durable Stainless Steel Material

Rapid heat technology with no increase in wattage

Fast and easy cleanup

Preserves 90% of the antioxidants

Maintains all flavor & original taste


Maestro Electric Steam Cooker,Multipurpose Food Steamer Model MC3 - 600W 230V
Maestro Electric Steam Cooker,Multipurpose Food Steamer Model MC3 - 600W 230V
37 Reviews
  • Heating Base Unit with a 2ltr. Cooking Vessel, 1 ltr. SS Pan, Inner Vessel, an additional 1 ltr. Cooking Vessel, A 3-plate Idli Stand & Egg Tray
  • Power : 600W 230V 50Hz / 120V 60Hz
  • Cooks up to 500 gms of fluffy and soft rice with no crust formation & boils up to 2 ltrs of milk
  • Automatic cut off (Boil dry protection) saves energy Safe pressure less steam cooking
  • The Stainless steel cooking vessel keeps food hot for more than 2-3 hours

Designed for today’s kitchen, this unique electric steam cooker is compact yet versatile and safe to handle every steam cooking need in Double-walled Stainless Steel Cooking Vessels.

Features / Reviews

Unique Double walled Stainless Steel cooking vessel for better utilization of steam

Safe pressure less steam cooking

Economical compared to gas stove

Stainless steel cooking vessel keeps food hot for more than 2-3 hours

Includes a 3-plate Idli Stand & Egg Tray


Hilton Steamex Multi Steam Cooker
  • Brand:Hilton
  • Can Be Used As Food Warmer To Retain The Original Taste Of The Refrigerated Food
  • Reduces The Risk Of Diseases I.E. Heart, Diabetes, Indigestions & Obesity

steaming is a moist cooking method using the natural convection of heat traveling in the air. Steam cooking makes food most hygienic, healthy, rich in taste & appearance. Can be used as food warmer to retain the original taste of the refrigerated food Make pure soup (enhance charm & glow on face makes you energetic slim & trim gives faster growth to children’s) Fully Compresses and Concealed  A for higher level of nutrients vitamins & minerals with lowest calories is retained that by other cooking method. Especially Design Unbreakable Three Poly Carbonate Jars Plus water level indicator and external water filler .. Healthy, oil free and fat free steam cooking (reduces the risk of diseases i.e. heart, diabetes, indigestions & obesity)

Features / Reviews

Unbreakable Three Poly Carbonate Jars

Water level indicator

External water filler

Healthy, oil free and fat free steam cooking

Can Be Used As Food Warmer


Gone are the days when you would have to sweat it out in the kitchen all day long. You can get a hot, freshly cooked meal by preparing for it in advance. You can make time to help your kids with homework or hang out with them. You don’t have to be serving the hot freshly cooked dishes while your family is at the dinner table. So if you don’t have a steamer, go out there and get one for yourself!

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