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Top 5 Best Gaming Console in India | Jun 2021

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Best Gaming Console | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Gaming Console

There are currently several video game consoles on the market and it can be quite difficult to decide which console best suits your needs. Each console has its own unique strengths that could make it an enticing addition to your home, based on personal preference. Here are the key features which will help you determine the best video game console to purchase.

Online Gaming

Do you prefer single-player experiences, or are you looking to join a thriving online community? While each console has a healthy selection of solo experiences, they all offer an online service for multiplayer fun. The PlayStation has PlayStation Network, Xbox has Xbox Live, and Nintendo Switch has Nintendo Switch Online.

PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo all offer their online service at a subscription fee. They each provide access to some of the most popular online multiplayer gaming experiences today.

Backwards Compatibility

It may seem funny to consider old games when selecting a new console, but nostalgia can be a key influence when selecting a new console. Not to mention that library of previous generation titles that you just don’t want to let go of.

Currently the Xbox One S / Xbox One X are the only consoles to support backwards compatibility natively. While not every past title works, they support a growing list of hundreds of games from the Xbox and Xbox 360. Popping in your original disc will entitle you to play these games. Having owned them digitally on Xbox Live will also add them to your current library.

Parental Controls

Are you concerned with monitoring how much time your children spend playing games, or what kind of content they can access? Each console has strong features when it comes to parental controls.

The Nintendo Switch features an app which you can download to your cell phone. Via the app you can monitor play time, and even set automatic system interruptions when gamers exceed time limits. The app will also let you control age-restricted content based on pre-set age categories or custom options.

Additionally, the Nintendo Switch family of consoles features a PIN authentication system that allows for easy restriction on in-game messaging and online interaction. Your pin can also lock access to shopping via Nintendo’s online store.

Storage capacity & Motion Gaming 

Gaming consoles usually have some internal storage. These range from 4GB to 500 GB, and you choose one based on your needs. If you don’t plan on storing any games or content on the console, instead use discs, then you can go for the more affordable option with less storage onboard.

On the other hand, if you are planning to download games over the service, then a larger capacity console is recommended. Motion gaming has completely revolutionized the way we play games. It has also become an important feature of gaming consoles today. Some consoles have a camera that record your body movement while other need an additional controller that is detected by the camera.

Almost all the new gaming consoles today support motion gaming. Some consoles require a separate accessory to let you do motion gaming. In the case of the Xbox 360, the Kinect kit is available while the PS3 uses something called the Move Motion controller. If you want to involve everyone in your family in gaming, motion gaming is probably the best way to introduce it to them.

Graphics Capabilities

There isn’t too much you can compare between different game consoles. For starters, they all have different architectures and operating systems. There also isn’t any kind of benchmarking that is consistent among all gaming consoles.

That makes it pretty difficult to compare their hardware components. But there is one thing we can compare fairly well, and that is the graphics of each gaming system.

In terms of graphics capabilities and game performance, the Xbox One and PS4 are ranked about the same. When it comes to individual games, some will run better on one than the other, but the differences aren’t so huge that most people will notice.

What happened is that somewhere in the middle of the 8th generation, Microsoft and Sony both launched 4K-enabled versions of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. These versions were capable of both HDR (High Dynamic Range) and 4K as well as being much more powerful than their predecessors.

Something to note here is that, even though these consoles are 4K capable, that doesn’t mean every game you play is going to be in 4K. This is an issue with individual games, rather than the console or your 4K television.

Game Selection

The largest game publishers, such as Activision and EA, make mostly cross-platform games, that is games that can play on a variety of consoles. Some games, however, are exclusive to a particular console.

If you have your eye on a particular game, you should check whether it’s cross-platform or exclusive. If it’s an exclusive, and you don’t have the right console, you’ll have to make the tough decision on whether or not buying a whole console just to enjoy one game is worth it.

Sony games tend to only be available on the PS4, while Microsoft games tend to only be available on the Xbox One. There is a bit of an extra here, which is that Xbox exclusives can be played on your Windows PC, owing to Windows 10 availability for most Microsoft releases.

PS4 exclusives are only available on the PS4. This gives Sony an advantage, but not its customers. Exclusive games make life harder for the consumer, and only really benefit the console manufacturer and game publishers.


The PS4 and the Xbox One S can both access online streaming services like Netflix and play Blue-ray movies. With the Xbox One S you get a little more, since it can play Blu-ray in Ultra HD and also has television integration.

There’s an HDMI pass-through that allows you to run your satellite or cable box through the console. You may want to have a Kinect to control it easily, or buy a third party infrared blaster.

With the HDMI pass-through the Xbox One’s menu will include your cable provider’s live television. A third party USB tuner allows you to watch over-the-air television.

The Snap feature allows you to split the screen so that you’re playing a game or browsing on one half and watching television on the other.

Virtual Reality Capabilities

Sony is a major player in this field, since it launched the PlayStation VR just a few years ago. The PlayStation VR headset is not only compatible with the PS4, but is also very comfortable and affordable, compared to other tethered headsets in the market. It also has a great selection of games.

Microsoft has the Windows Mixed Reality platform on Windows 10, which is compatible with both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The problem is all of these work only on PC and aren’t compatible with the Xbox One. I also haven’t yet heard Microsoft announce plans to launch a VR headset for the Xbox.

Top 5 Best Gaming Console – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle (1TB)
Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition Bundle (1TB)
82 Reviews
  • The 1TB limited edition console encapsulates the urban decay and vibrant Tech of night city with glowing elements, bright panels, color shift effects, and textures
  • Get hands on with Xbox wireless controller Cyberpunk 2077 limited edition featuring a half natural & half Cyber enhancement design based on cult Cyberpunk character Johnny silverhand & his bionic arm
  • Play as a mercenary outlaw equipped with cybernetic enhancements in a massive, ever-evolving open world
  • Customize your characters cyberware, skill set, and playstyle
  • Watch 4K Blu-ray movies
  • Stream 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube, among others
  • and listen to music with Spotify

Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world, action-adventure story set in Night City, a megalopolis obsessed with power, glamour and body modification. You play as V, a mercenary outlaw going after a one-of-a-kind implant that is the key to immortality. You can customise your character’s cyberware, skillset and playstyle, and explore a vast city where the choices you make shape the story and the world around you.

Features / Reviews

Games play better on Xbox One X

Experience immersive true 4K gaming

Play Anywhere games

Included 1-Month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


PS4 1TB Slim Bundled with Spider-Man, GT Sport, Ratchet & Clank And PSN 3Month
PS4 1TB Slim Bundled with Spider-Man, GT Sport, Ratchet & Clank And PSN 3Month
1,158 Reviews
  • Store your games, apps, screenshots and videos with 1TB model â?? slimmer and lighter than the original PS4 model and available in jet Black
  • What's in the box: number of games -3, PSN voucher-1, HDMI cable, power cord and USB cable on each unit
  • Hdr-enabled PS4 games burst into life with incredible colour and clarity on an HDR TV, delivering a more vibrant, realistic spectrum of colours
  • Play the greatest games and PS4 exclusive, take your adventures online with PS plus and Stream or download TV shows and movies from Netflix, PS store or wherever you get your favourite entertainment

The slimmer, lighter PS4, the world’s best console – packing in awesome gaming power in 1TB versions. Available now in Jet Black.

Features / Reviews

Hdr-enabled PS4 games

Incredible colour and clarity on an HDR TV

Slimmer and lighter

1 TB storage capacity


Microsoft 1 TB Xbox One S Console - Forza Horizon 4 Bundle&Marvel's Avengers (Xbox One)
  • Own this limited edition console featuring a dark translucent casing that makes the crimson omen appear submerged in snow and ice, designed by gears co-creator rod fergusson and the Xbox team
  • Bring the gears universe to life: laser-etched cracks appear across the console's icy top surface and snow drifts across a golden locust symbol on the back
  • See even more of your games with the integrated light bar that glows with various colours depending on in-game action - now visible on the touch pad
  • Marvel’s Avengers begins at a-day, where captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers headquarters in San Francisco
  • The Celebration turns deadly when a catastFive years later, with all super Heroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only Hope is to reassemble Earth’s mightiest heroesrophic accident results in massive devastation

Microsoft 1 TB Xbox One S Console- Forza Horizon 4 BundleOwn th Xbox One S Forza Horizon 4 Bundle and experience a shared open world where dynamic seasons change everything. Explore beautiful British scenery and collect over 450 cars—including over 100 licensed manufacturers.Marvel’s Avengers (Xbox One)Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix are excited to unveil Marvel’s Avengers, an epic action-adventure game that combines cinematic storytelling with single-player and co-operative gameplay. Developed by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos-Montreal, Nixxes Software, and Crystal Northwest, the game features an original story and delivers the definitive Avengers gaming experience. Assemble into teams of up to four players online, master extraordinary abilities, customize a growing roster of Heroes, and defend the Earth from escalating threats.

Features / Reviews

Games play better on Xbox One X

Experience immersive true 4K gaming

Included 1-Month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


No products found.

This special bundle includes : Nintendo Switch console with a unique Fortnite design on the back Exclusive yellow Joy-Con (L) and blue Joy-Con (R) Nintendo Switch dock with a unique Fortnite design (Exclude V-Bucks Offer)

Features / Reviews

Unique Fortnite design on the back

Instantly transforms into an on-the-go handheld

Play Anywhere games


Xbox Series S
Xbox Series S
395 Reviews
  • Go all-digital and enjoy disc-free, next-gen gaming with the smallest Xbox console ever made
  • Xbox game Pass ultimate includes over 100 high-quality games, online multiplayer, and an EA play membership for one low monthly price (membership sold separately)
  • Play thousands of digital games from four generations of Xbox with backward compatibility, including optimized titles at launch
  • Introducing the Xbox series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen all-digital console at an accessible price point
  • Experience next-gen speed and performance with the Xbox velocity architecture, powered by a custom SSD and integrated software

Introducing the Xbox Series S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox console ever. Experience the speed and performance of a next-gen all-digital console at an accessible price point. Get started with an instant library of 100+ high quality games, including all new Xbox Game Studios titles like Halo Infinite the day they release, when you add Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (membership sold separately). Seamlessly move between multiple games in a flash with Quick Resume. At the heart of Series S is the Xbox Velocity Architecture, which pairs a custom-SSD with integrated software for faster, streamlined gameplay with significantly reduced load times.

Features / Reviews

Thousands of games across four generations

Experience the modernized Xbox Wireless Controller

Controller designed for enhanced comfort during gameplay

Included 1-Month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate


By now you probably have a very good idea of which console best suits your personal preference. Whether you prefer the top shelf power and performance of the Xbox One X, the awesome PlayStation 4 console exclusive library of games at Sony, or the unique dual functionality of the family-friendly Nintendo Switch, there’s a lot to love regardless of which console you elect to make your own.

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