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What is a Hammock?

A hammock is an outdoor bed made of rope mesh or fabric that is suspended using cords or chains. A typical hammock has spreader bars, or long bars at each end of the hammock to keep the bed open and easy to climb onto. Hammocks are available in different materials, including cotton, polyester, textilene, acrylic, and nylon. These materials are engineered for outdoor use, meaning they are stronger and more weather-resistant than indoor materials. However, these different outdoor materials each have pros and cons. Cotton, for example, is the most comfortable option but is the least water-resistant, so it is more susceptible to mold and mildew. Polyester, textilene, acrylic, and nylon are durable materials, but they are not as flexible and comfortable as cotton. You can’t go wrong with a hammock made of any of these materials, but be sure to do some research before choosing the best hammock material for your desired comfort level and strength.

Best Hammock | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Hammock

Hammocks have become serious hangout gear for the outdoors. Sightings of these colorful slings hovering between trees are becoming more and more common. For some, a hammock is the ultimate chill-out spot. For others, it takes sleeping under the stars to a whole new level.

Types of Hammocks

Rope Hammocks

These designs are loosely woven from thick, supportive ropes, and they resemble what you might find suspended between two palm trees on a sugar-sand tropical beach. They’re perfect for napping and reading, and their loose weave means they’re plenty breathable on hot days. You can find rope hammocks with or without spreader bars. Look for styles made with polyester cords for ultimate durability.

Camping Hammocks

Light and portable, camping hammocks are easy to pack, carry, and set up in the great outdoors. They typically come with attached pockets or sacks that you can stuff them into for quick packing. Camping hammocks are commonly made from nylon fabric to keep them lightweight and resistant to mildew growth; nylon is a breeze to hose down and dry when you get home from your trip, too. If you’re looking for something highly durable or you plan on traveling with your hammock, a camping design can be a good option. However, keep in mind that this type doesn’t offer as much support as other hammocks.

Quilted Hammocks

Are you looking for a supportive, tight hammock? A quilted design might be ideal. Like regular quilts, these hammocks feature two layers of tightly woven fabric with batting sandwiched between them. They usually have spreader bars to keep them from flipping — and to show off the decorative fabric you’ve chosen. Quilted hammocks tend to work well on hammock stands because they don’t stretch to different lengths between trees.

Fabric Hammocks

Like quilted hammocks, fabric hammocks are lower in cost and typically constructed of quick-dry materials, making them perfect for poolside and beach usage. Most are made of polyester blends and are available in various color combinations and patterns. Some fabric hammocks even come with pillows sewn into them. Fabric hammocks also lie fairly flat for easy entry and exit.

Woven Hammocks

Did you know that these comfortable, stylish slings originated in South America? They’ve been used as beds there for centuries, and as a result, some of the most distinctive hammock styles take their names from South American countries and historical societies. Mayan hammocks are woven out of lightweight, almost gauzy cotton, but they’re quite sturdy. Often available in strikingly bright colors and patterns, Mayan hammocks don’t typically feature spreader bars. They’re the most cocoon-like of all the styles, and you can hang the ends close together so the hammock also works as a chair.

Nicaraguan and Brazilian hammocks are similar in style to Mayan designs, but their fabrics are much more tightly woven — often in Nylon instead of cotton. They’re great if you love the traditional look but want a little more support. They’re also ideal for an afternoon nap, or in lieu of a sleeping bag on a camping trip.


The hammock bed size refers to the midsection area of the hammock on which you will lounge and relax. It does not include the ends of the hammock. The main difference in hammock bed sizes is the width. The width of a hammock determines whether the hammock is capable of comfortably holding one person or a whole family. Decide between a small, one-person hammock, a two-person hammock with a stand or a large, three-person hammock to accommodate your whole family.


Single hammocks are suitable for one average sized adult and the bed size width ranges from 39 to 50 inches. The length of single hammock beds typically range from 76 inches to 79 inches.


Double hammocks are large enough to comfortably hold two average sized adults. The width of the bed ranges from 52 inches to 60 inches. The length of double hammock beds is usually 74 to 79 inches long.


Matrimonial or queen sized hammocks are usually more than large enough for two average sized adults. Our Matrimonial hammock beds are 69 inches wide by 79 inches long.


Family or king sized hammocks are very large. They are designed to accommodate two to three average sized adults. The width of our family hammock bed is 79 inches wide by 79 inches long.

Material / Fabrics


Cotton hammock options are more traditional, softer and tend to have a more natural appearance than their polyester counterparts. Cotton rope hammocks will eventually turn tan with more exposure to the sun and cotton fabric hammock colors will fade with time. However, if you choose to get a cotton hammock then make sure to take your hammock indoors or store it in a shed or garage when it is not in use to increase the lifespan of the hammock.


Polyester is more weather resistant than cotton and thus will withstand Mother Nature’s elements better than cotton. With today’s technology, hammock manufacturers are finding ways to make polyester much softer than it used to be. The colors of polyester fabric hammocks are also not as likely to fade as they are on cotton fabric hammocks. However, please note that while these hammocks are more weather resistant, we still recommend taking them indoors, as well, to help ensure the longevity of your hammock’s life.


Our large variety of hammocks are available in five basic styles: American, Brazilian, Mayan, quilted and rope.

Brazilian Hammocks

Brazilian hammocks are typically made with a cotton or polyester fabric and do not have spreader bars. These hammocks make great sleeping hammocks whether you like to snooze out on the patio or are considering the adventurous route of replacing your bed with a hammock. Depending on the size of the hammock, Brazilian hammocks can hold one to two people.

Mayan Hammocks

Mayan hammocks are usually hand-woven hammocks in either a natural creamy white color or bright multiple colors. Mayan hammocks also make good sleeping hammocks as they cocoon you while still being breathable. The Mayan style is an excellent option if you’re looking for an outdoor hammock bed. However, Mayan hammocks offer the largest size range. We offer single Mayan hammocks as well as hammocks that can hold entire families!

American Hammocks

American style hammocks are hammocks that are designed with spreader bars. These hammocks can be made with traditional rope, fabric or quilted material. Spreader bars are great for people who love to lay in the sun outdoors since the bars help keep the hammock from closing in and creating shadows over its occupant. However, these hammocks have more of a tipping effect because they swing more strongly than non-spreader bar hammocks. Depending on the size of the hammock, American hammocks can hold one to two people.

Quilted Hammocks

Quilted hammocks are perhaps the most comfortable hammocks available. They are considered quilted because of the polyfill that is stitched between two layers of fabric. Quilted hammocks feature spreader bars, making them easy to get in and out of, and are usually reversible so you could potentially get two styles of hammocks in one.

Rope Hammocks

Rope hammocks are considered an American classic. With their spreader bars at each end and durable, charming design they add charm and comfort to any space. These hammocks are woven with durable polyester or cotton rope. They’re made to last and provide comfort to many.

Hanging / Installation Options

Once you choose your hammock, you will need to decide how and where you will hang it. Whether you choose posts, trees, stands or walls, read on to find out what you need to know.


We offer a large variety of stands to suit your hammock needs. Our universal stands work best with Brazilian hammocks while our 12-foot stands and 15-foot stands work for American style hammocks and 15-foot stands work best with the Mayan style choices. If you are unsure of what size stand to use check the specs tab of the hammock on our website. The size stand the hammock is most compatible with should be posted there.


While we do not sell posts on our site, hammock posts can be designed with two four-inch by four-inch boards secured at the bases with cement. Be sure to use the length of your hammock plus 18 to 24 inches to allow for stretching and comfort when you measure for the distance between the two posts.

Hanging Chains

Hanging chains can be used for increasing the length of hammocks to help them better fit on a stand, between posts, walls or trees.


Hammock hanging springs are a reliable and durable method to hang your hammock whether it is installed on a wall, post or tree trunk. The springs will flex with the movement of the hammock and is a great way to hang a hammock indoors or outdoors.

Tree Straps or Ropes

If you choose to hang your hammock between trees then tree straps or ropes are your best option. Tree straps and ropes are designed to wrap around nearly any tree. They are also great options if the hammock will only be in that location temporarily. As with hammock posts, the distance between the two trees should be 18 to 24 inches more than the hammock’s length.

Hammock Accessories

Most accessories will work with any brand of hammock, but you should read the product descriptions carefully to be certain.

Suspension system: Most hammocks include carabiners that have a sufficient strength rating. But a pair of tree straps—your suspension system—is often purchased separately. Make sure that any strap you buy is at least 0.75 inches wide because thinner straps may dig into bark and damage trees.

Underquilt: If you’re sleeping and the cool air is wrapping around your bottom side, it will feel icy cold if there’s no insulation underneath you. One option is to slip a sleeping pad into your hammock. A separate underquilt is warmer, though, because it hangs outside, where you won’t compress the insulation between you and the hammock.

Rain tarp: This hangs above the hammock and uses guylines to maintain a taut pitch. As with any tarp, bigger models offer more protection and rain can sneak underneath it occasionally when the wind blows sideways.

Bug net: Look for models with 360-degree protection, because they also hang underneath to protect your back. Be sure, too, that your net has “no-see-um” netting (most bug nets do) so that it will keep out those gnat-size pests.

The accessories listed above are some of the most common ones, but you can find all sorts of other fun add-ons—everything from hammock stands to drip straps that keep rain from sneaking in along your hammock straps.

Top 5 Best Hammock – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Baskety Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks 450lbs Ultralight Camping Hammock Portable Beach Swing Bed with Hardwood(Wooden) (280 * 100cm, Blue)
Baskety Double 2 Person Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks 450lbs Ultralight Camping Hammock Portable Beach Swing Bed with Hardwood(Wooden) (280 * 100cm, Blue)
94 Reviews
  • Double Person Hammock Hardwood Spreader Bars - Easy fixing, just fix the hammock with 2 binding strings and tie the strings to trees or poles. Easy to carry and pack with the same color sack.
  • High-strength Camping Hammock - Safely holds up to 450Ibs. The rope joint is specially weaved according to physics rules in order every string stand the same weight and the hammock is strong enough.
  • Super Lightweight Travel Hammock - Adopt a special high-density breathable canvas fabric as material, crease proof, pleasant to looking and feels comfortable.
  • Outdoor Hammock - Versatile, durable, and compact. Ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, boating, traveling, picnic, back-yarding, or garden and yard use.

Features / Reviews

Sturdy Cloth Fabric

Durable Ropes


Inditradition Rope Hammock with Wooden Spreader Bars | for Single Person, 30 Inches Width (White)
Inditradition Rope Hammock with Wooden Spreader Bars | for Single Person, 30 Inches Width (White)
13 Reviews
  • Very Comfortable and Stylish Rope Hammock. This hammock is comfortable and high quality, it's designed to safely support a maximum capacity upto 120 KG
  • This 1-person hammock features hardwood spreader bars with 100% cotton rope for extra enjoyment and relaxation. Includes O-rings for hanging on trees, patio, porch or indoors (does NOT include hanging chains)
  • There is a long wooden bar at each end with drilled out holes spaced throughout for the support ropes to go through. Each rope is super thick and braided for maximum durability and support. The 20 ropes collect together and weave into a very pretty triangle pattern, which attaches to a ring and the chain-link can be used for hanging the hammock. (does NOT include hanging chains)
  • This rope hammock can be hung indoor or outdoor, it's perfect for bedroom, living room, patio, backyard, pool or balcony when you reading, relaxing or sleeping. It offers many ways to lay or sit in it,with zero pressure on whole body. You can enjoy it with your family or your friends in the daytime and night. It also makes an awesome gift for anyone.
  • Dimensions : Length - 78 Inches x Breadth - 30 Inches :: Full Length of Hammock - 100 Inches :: Material - Cotton Rope :: Color - White (Note - Hammock Stand Showing in any image is for reference purpose only. This is only Rope Hammock. Stand needs to be purchased separately)

Both practical and stylish – start relaxing today! This double rope hammock is perfect in the yard or as a portable hammock. With its 120 KG weight capacity it is the perfect for 1-person hammock and can be used as a free standing style (stand not included), as a replacement hammock or if you have trees, tie it up and relax. This white rope hammock comes with spreader bars on each end so you can hang it from trees or buy a 15-foot stand (sold separately) to hang it on. Plus, the white coloring goes with most outdoor color schemes and is sure to complement any existing decor.

Features / Reviews

Features hardwood spreader bars with 100% cotton rope

Includes O-rings for hanging on trees, patio, porch or indoors


Niyam Portable Durable Garden Hammocks Striped Ultralight Outdoor Beach Swing Bed with Strong Rope,Swing for Garden & Sports for One Person (Multi Color,280X80cm)
Niyam Portable Durable Garden Hammocks Striped Ultralight Outdoor Beach Swing Bed with Strong Rope,Swing for Garden & Sports for One Person (Multi Color,280X80cm)
30 Reviews
  • Multifunctional and easy setup: aukee tree hammock is a perfect alternative for tent, sleeping pad, hanging bed, ground mat, swing, cradle, yoga mat or yoga hammock. It can be easily and quickly hung on in jungle, beach, patio, bedroom, backyard, garden, indoor or outdoor as long as there are trees, hammock stands, rings or hocks
  • This Niyam Hammock is Versatile, durable, and compact.Ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, boating, traveling, picnic, back-yarding, or garden and yard use
  • Hammock used the mixed colour striped fabric like rainbow which is very lovely and beautiful, put everyone in a good mood
  • Strong hammock with stand weight of 120Kgs
  • Durable and comfortable, Lightweight, strong, and easy to assemble Capability: Holds up to120 kg securely

Features / Reviews

Multifunctional and easy setup

Versatile, durable, and compact

Strong hammock with stand weight of 120Kgs

Why Choose Bhaguji Cotton Fabric Canvas Travel Hammocks?

✈ Bright Colorful Stripe Pattern
The hammock color palette is gorgeous and relaxing and vibrant, perfect combination for beach living.

✈ Sturdy Cloth Fabric
Comfortable and breathable cotton fabric canvas feels very close to a beach towel, so you don’t get too hot
while laying in the hammock. Easy to clean with some soap and water.

✈ Double 2 Person Capacity
The wood spreader bar is over 16 inches long, and canvas bed size is 59 inches wide and 75 inches long,
overall length is 110 inches, it holds up to 450 pounds and has plenty of room for more than one.

✈ Durable Ropes
The ropes are very durable and have plenty of length for most situations, makes the hammock a lot easier to hang.

✈ Compact Carrying Bag
The colorful drawstring carrying bag makes it easy to take along to the park, camping, travel, or just
hook up and down in your backyard for relaxation purposes. Great relax partner for the summer and into the fall,
The option of portability is a huge bonus.

✈ Top Notch Design
– The wood spreader bar is curved and big, with plenty of space to grasp to pull you up while readjusting or
exiting the hammock. – It also functions as a handle to get in and out of it while you are using the hammock.
– Because of the wood spreader bar, the hammock will definitely swing with more efficiency and more continuously!
– The hardwood spreader bars that help prevent the roping from becoming tangled.

Features / Reviews

Sturdy Cloth Fabric

Compact Carrying Bag


SMART BEANS Hammock Swing Without Accessories,Jhula Swing Chair Ideal for Both Kids and Adults,Cotton Hanging Hammock Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, Balcony, Home, Bedroom (Red)
SMART BEANS Hammock Swing Without Accessories,Jhula Swing Chair Ideal for Both Kids and Adults,Cotton Hanging Hammock Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, Balcony, Home, Bedroom (Red)
45 Reviews
  • 【Extra Cosy Swing】: Hammock swing chair is handcrafted using premium quality of materials to ensure years of enjoyment. . Everyone needs an outdoor hammock to help you enjoy those lazy days and this stylish and colourful hammock by is the perfect choice. It adds a touch of style to your garden and provides extra fun for both kids and adults
  • 【Sturdy Spreader Bar】: Long durable spreader bar makes the hammock swing more stable and stylish as well as maximizing style. Which features weight capacity up to 150kgs for secure use
  • 【Stylish & Widely Used】: This hammock chair is uniquely designed and will be perfect for relaxing in your patio, yard, garden, deck. You won't feel tired for no matter how long you sit in it. In this way, you can meditate; take a nap in it comfortably.
  • 【Relax at All Time】: This lightweight hammock chair is easy to store and carry. With the large loop and long string at the top, it is convenient to hang it onto a porch, tree, "C" Stand or any sturdy overhang that can support your weight. . It can be mounted outdoors on a tree or indoors on your ceiling; this outdoor furniture features premium quality cotton filling on the seat and backrest which adds extra comfort, support as well as relaxation
  • 【Product Features】: Suitable for all age groups, weight carrying capacity up to 150 kg, available in various colours, high strength durable rope. Item weight: 8 kg primary material: Cotton Jhula for baby | Jhula for Adults | Jhula for Home Decor | Jhula for Kids | Jhula for Indoor | Jhula for garden | Jhula for Outdoor | Jhula for Home | Jhula for Home Balcony| Jhula for Home Garden | Jhula for Veranda

You work hard. When it’s time to lay back and relax, you deserve the very best in comfort and style. That’s where we come in. At Smartbenas, we know that life can get busy and stressful, and that’s why we have perfected the art of doing nothing. Whether your commute has you drained or you just need a space to let your mind unwind, we have a stylish and comfortable hammock just for you. At Smartbenas, we believe in finding a harmonious balance between work and relaxation for you and your family. At Smartbeans, we are driven to provide the best quality hammocks and chairs that you can find. We offer sizes and stylish designs to suit anyone’s needs; and whether you’re looking for a beautiful all-weather hammock for your outside pool deck or a comfy Caribbean hammock chair for your front porch, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. The options are limitless when it comes to converting your open space to a soothing escape from the world. After trying one of our products you’ll see why your new hammock will be the favourite spot in the house! Shop our products today and see why here at Smartbeans we strive to relax the world.

Features / Reviews

Sturdy Spreader Bar

Lightweight hammock chair is easy to store and carry


Buying hammocks may seem like a straightforward process on the surface. However, when you go to buy a hammock, you may be surprised at the number of options available to you. Be sure to take note of the information provided in this guide to help you as you go forward.

A hammock offers a great way to express your style and enjoy total relaxation just about anywhere. Take fabrics and weaves into account, and plan to choose a hammock that can comfortably support the right number of people. It’s that easy! Now, it’s time to choose your hammock and get rocking.

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