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Top 5 Best Kitchen Sideboard in India | 22nd Sep 2020

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Kitchen Sideboard

Why good Kitchen Sideboard is necessary?

The trend and style of furniture that you have in your home tells about your choice and taste. Therefore home décor requires attention and actions towards furniture design, style, and trend. There is a need to put great thoughts in the designing and selection of furniture that you aim to have in your home. Dining room is dining area where you have get together, family functions and for this sideboards buffet is good option to hide the knickknacks and display the food dishes.

Sideboards are very significant part of furniture for dining room and other part of home. it is really a wonderful and practical piece of furniture that enhance the beauty of your dining room and gives a clean look. Sideboards serve in dining room for storage where you can hide very small articles that make dining room a mess.

Best Kitchen Sideboard | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Kitchen Buffet

Choosing a sideboard might be on your agenda if you’re working on an interior design project or changing home furniture.  Whether scandinavian, industrial style, vintage or contemporary, the style is an important factor and should match the rest of the décor. But in order to make the best choice, it’s also important to consider the functional aspects: What needs to be stored inside? Where will it be used?

Not every sideboard is the same, and while hunting for a sideboard, you will need to consider various options, so we’ve put together some tips. Whether you are buying a sideboard for a professional project or for your own home, this guide can help. When browsing for a sideboard, you will need to consider your options in regards to use (number of shelves, cupboards, drawers, height), types (low versus high sideboards, wall-mounted or stand-alone installation), styles, materials, placement, trends, and other options. Factors that will influence the cost of the sideboard include the brand, cost of materials, type of finish, and how it is made.

Of course, the first thing we think about when buying a new piece of furniture is aesthetics.If you want your interior to make sense, it’s important to match your sideboard to your existing décor. Here are a few examples of the kinds of styles you might come across when looking for a sideboard:

  • Scandinavian: this type of sideboard is minimalist but refined, and usually features pretty colours and light wood. These models will go well with cosy interiors made up of lighter tones.
  • Industrial: combining metal with light or coloured wood, these sideboards look at home as part of any loft-style interior.
  • Traditional: featuring neutral colours and a variety of finishes (wood, stone, etc.), these sideboards will look great in many different spaces;
  • Rustic: carved out of a generally dark-coloured solid wood, these large sideboards have a long lifespan;
  • Designer: made up of unique shapes and patterns, this type of sideboard is best suited to chic, minimalist interiors.


Your choice of material is very important as it will determine your sideboard’s care requirements and durability.

  • Painted wood: very attractive and modern in style; however, you will have to dust on a regular basis. These units are also easily scratched.
  • Solid wood: heavy and very hard-wearing, this material is easy to care for and can be refurbished. Your choice of wood species will dictate the colour of the wood.
  • Wood laminate: delicate but easy to care for. You will have to be careful, however, as this material is not shock-resistant and won’t offer a very long service life.
  • Metal: this material is very durable and doesn’t require a lot of care. It is usually painted.
  • Glass: used in combination with another material, glass gets dirty very quickly and requires regular or even daily cleaning. It is also fragile.

Low and High Sideboards

The most significant benefit of low sideboards is that their storage units are easily accessible and they can be used as a display surface. Serving as a surface for lighting, memorabilia, art, photos or decorative objects, a low sideboard can contribute to the interior aesthetic of a home. Freestanding sideboards are easier to install than wall-mounted ones, but those who are looking for a more streamlined look might prefer the latter for its aesthetic. Still, a freestanding sideboard can also be used to separate or mark out different spaces, without requiring a fixed partition.

High sideboards are best when maximizing storage space is the goal. Customization is easier with more possibilities for drawers and doors. Table cloths, dishware, household objects; all of these can be tucked away yet remain easily accessible. Some high sideboards may even have a worktop in the middle with cupboards at the top, which can be used as a preparation area.

When choosing between the two, consider whether your priority is storage or keeping the room uncluttered. High sideboards may be a better solution for maximizing storage space, while low sideboards are perfect for small object displays, accessibility and keeping the space open.

Understand your space

In order to properly style and enhance your home, you need to understand first! This means taking exact measurements, so dig up the tape and get crouching, because this is very necessary. Being completely informed on the dimensions of your home means that you’ll know how to fill and arrange it better. Sketch up a floor plan of your designated dining space to determine the best position for your sideboard or buffet. Remember that any walkways need to be kept clear and accessible. A gorgeous home is no good if you can’t actually move through it! 

Determine its function

You need to determine the core function that you want your sideboard or buffet to be used for before you purchase one. You can simply use this piece for storing crockery or serving gear when it’s not in use, or just for general storage as well. However, there is also the dual function of using the surface for serving, buffet style. This is particularly great when you host guests often or for special occasions. If you’re not that fussed about serving space, you can always use the surface for a gorgeous stylistic display of plants, artwork, photographs and any other decorative pieces you might want to show off.

Formal, semi-formal, or casual?

Sideboards and buffets are traditionally rather formal, but with all the contemporary design options out there this doesn’t have to be a rule! Buffets and sideboards made out of reclaimed timber or rich wood look amazing and are easily integrated into all design styles. For a more casual look, try to opt for a smaller piece painted in a clean white, this will be less visually invasive and will leave more space in a split or open-plan space.

Sideboard or buffet?

The only real difference between a sideboard and a buffet is the room in which they are traditionally found. Sideboards are classically found in the living room, whereas a buffet lives in the dining room. Now, it doesn’t actually matter whether you purchase a product called a “sideboard” or a “buffet”, you can put it anywhere you like! By definition, they are going to be the most functional and useful for dining, but if you want to place yours in the kitchen, living room or hallway, you are, of course, free to do so.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Sideboard – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Kingwood Furniture Cabinet & Sideboard for Kitchen and Living Room in Sheesham Wood with Walnut Finish (Dark Brown) - Size 45 x 16 x 35 Inches
Kingwood Furniture Cabinet & Sideboard for Kitchen and Living Room in Sheesham Wood with Walnut Finish (Dark Brown) - Size 45 x 16 x 35 Inches
4 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: Length (45 Inch), Depth (16 Inch), Height (35 Inch)
  • No Assembly Required
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturing defects warranty on product
  • Each piece is unique as it is individually hand crafted by skilled master craftsmen

A simple sheesham wood cabinet & sideboard that goes with any decor. The simple seat shows off the rich grain of the wood and has great utility and looks for living room as an side end table.

Dimensions: H 35 x W 45 x D 16 in Inches;
Weight: 26 KG;
Color:Walnut Finish;
Assembly: No Assembly Required;
Product Material: Solid Sheesham Wood (Seasoning & Chemical Treated Wood)

Features / Reviews

Sheesham wood cabinet

Great utility and looks for living or dining room

Very durable for long term use


Urban Ladder Baltoro 59" Wide High Gloss Sideboard (Finish : White)
Urban Ladder Baltoro 59' Wide High Gloss Sideboard (Finish : White)
8 Reviews
  • Primary Material: Engineered Wood, Subtype: MDF, Secondary Material: Particle Board, Subtype: Engineered Wood | Colour : White
  • Assembly Required
  • Warranty in Months: 12
  • Care Instructions: Colour / polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, Use mild detergents with a soft sponge / cloth for cleaning stains. Pure alcohol can be used to clean stubborn stains followed with a mild detergent cleaning process, Note: Please avoid dragging the bed to reposition it, as this can weaken the joints over an extended period of time, especially in MDF/Particle Board beds
  • Product Dimensions: Length (59 inches), Width (17.7 inches), Height (31.5 inches)
  • A delight in white, The Baltoro sideboard is all neat, clean lines, and no fuss

The warranty does not cover damages due to usage of the product beyond its intended use and wear & tear in the natural course of product usage.

Features / Reviews

Attractive looks

Made from Engineered Wood


The Attic French Sideboard (Walnut)
The Attic French Sideboard (Walnut)
11 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: Length (160 cm), Width (40 cm), Height (90 cm)
  • Primary Material: wood, Back Material: MDF
  • Color: Walnut, Style: French
  • No Assembly Required: The product is delivered in a pre-assembled state
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Warranty: 3 year warranty against borer/termite and 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect
  • Assembly: Pre-assembled, does not require assembly
  • The Attic uses chemically season and treated 100 percent pure solid wood that is harvested from FSC certified renewable forests in the country
  • Premium handcrafted construction by the skilled artisans from Jodhpur(Rajasthan)

Features / Reviews

Classy product made of premium solid wood

Ample storage space


Nilkamal Freedom Big 1 (FB 1) Plastic Storage Cabinet (Weathered Brown & Biscuit)
Nilkamal Freedom Big 1 (FB 1) Plastic Storage Cabinet (Weathered Brown & Biscuit)
212 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions: Length (21 inches), Width (28 inches), Height (71 inches)
  • Primary Material: polypropylene
  • Color: Brown, Style: Contemporary
  • Assembly Required: Product requires assembly and comes with assembly instructions
  • Multipurpose corner cabinet
  • Can be used anywhere in house
  • Highly durable and made of high quality materials
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Toll Free No: 1800 121 9115 for product related queries

Put your odds and ends out of sight with this 4 shelf cabinet by Nilkamal Freedom. Perfect for the living room, workroom or even laundry room. Large capacity cabinet with 4 shelves has doors that open easily, close securely and accommodate a standard-sized padlock. It is made of Polypropylene making it very durable and the bright purple and pink color adds a splash of glamour to your living space. It is a multi-purpose cabinet to store all your items and can be placed in any part of the house.

Features / Reviews

Made from Polypropylene

Highly durable and made of high quality materials

Multipurpose corner cabinet


Shagun Arts Wooden Sideboard Cabinet for Living Room | Kitchen Storage Side Board with 2 Drawers & Door Cabinet | Sheesham Wood, Brown Finish
Shagun Arts Wooden Sideboard Cabinet for Living Room | Kitchen Storage Side Board with 2 Drawers & Door Cabinet | Sheesham Wood, Brown Finish
9 Reviews
  • Product Dimensions (In CM):- Length: 115 CM, Width: 45 CM, Height: 75 CM.
  • Primary Material: Sheesham Wood | Secondary Material: MDF (Is Only Applicable For Those Products Which Have Drawers) | Product Name: Wooden Sideboard Cabinet For Kitchen & Living Room.
  • Assembly Or Installation Is Based On Diy (Do It Yourself) Basis.
  • We Provide The Best Quality Products. Every Product Goes Through A Tough Quality Check To Ensure That We Can Serve Our Best Way. Only Made In India Products.
  • This Storage Sideboard Is Very Sturdy And Durable.Keeping This Piece Of Furniture At Home Will Show Your Concept Of Resource Conservation, Environment Protection And Sustainable Development.

Shagun Arts Is A Well Known Brand In Furniture Category In Amazon We Are Working Since 2011 In Rajasthan. And We Deal In All Type Of Furniture Like Bed,Chair, Dining,Bedside,Coffee & Center Table,Night Stand,Rocking Chair,Iron Furniture,Dressing Table, Wooden Temple,Trunk, Bar Cabinet, Bar Stool, Bar Chair, Changing Table, Drawing Board, Writing Desk, Monks Bench, Refectory Table, Folding Table, Poker Table, Trestle Table, Wine Table, Workbench, Closet, Pantry, Kitchen Cabinet, Vanity Set, Modular Furniture, Arm Chair, Wooden Rocking Chair, Wooden Designer Bed, Wooden Single Bed, Wooden Carved Sofa Set, Wooden Rack, Wood Chest, Portable Wordrobe, Wicker Sofa, Bamboo Dining Table, Foldable,Patio,Longue,Balcony Furniture,Computer,Laptop,Study Table,Kids Furniture,Garden Outdoor,Indoor,Bedroom & Living Room,Wardrobe Furniture,Kitchen,Hallway,Hotel Furniture,Cafe & Resturant Furniture Wooden Stools,Console Tables,Sideboard & Bar Cabinet,Wooden Tv Units,Home Decor Furniture,Book, Wall Shelves. | We Provide All Type Finish In Furniture As Per Your Requirement Like Rosewood Finish, Honey Finish, Liquor Finish, Oak Finish, Metallic Finish, Glossy Finish, Mahogany Finish, Red Mahogany Finish, Natural Wood Finish, Teak Finish, Mirror Finish, Stained Finish, Cherry Brown, Cherry Wood Finish, Antique Pine Finish, Tudor Oak Finish, Black Finish, Black Finish, Dark Oak Finish, Rugger Brown Finish, Teak Finish, Old Pine Finish, Wax Finish, Brown Oak Finish, Dark Oak Finish, Maple Finish, Natural Ash Finish Etc.

Features / Reviews

Sheesham Wood material

Very Sturdy And Durable


This article will help you a lot if you are looking to buy a new Kitchen Sideboard for your home, but aren’t aware of the important points that you should know as a buyer before purchasing a new Kitchen Sideboard.

So, this was the complete information about the Kitchen Sideboards that you need to know about before purchasing an ideal one for yourself. Along with the above-listed points in the buyer’s guide section, you should be also looking for your needs of buying the Kitchen Sideboard and the budget. By doing so, you can easily find a brilliant product for your home that fits your needs along with your budget.

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