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Top 5 Best Landline Phone in India | 11th Apr 2021

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Landline Phone

Benefits of Landline Phone

Better sound quality. Landlines typically produce better sound quality than mobile phones, which can be an especially important feature if you’re hard of hearing.

Reliable coverage. If your home is a mobile black spot or you have problems with patchy mobile coverage, cordless phones combine the reliability of a fixed line with the freedom of movement provided by a mobile.

Alternative to a mobile phone. If you don’t have any desire to ever get a mobile phone, a cordless system is a practical and affordable alternative.

Save money. If you’re already paying for a phone line for your Internet connection, getting a cordless phone can make good sense. By bundling your home phone together with your broadband Internet costs, you could potentially get good value for money.

Best Landline Phone | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Cordless Phone

There are lots of aspects that keen to people to buy cordless phones are crystal clear sound quality, a reliable long-range so they can easily answer calls from any corner of the home or office without facing any call dropping obstacle.

Sound Quality

Unlike mobile phones, we should look forward to high-range, powerful signal strength with crystal clear sound quality from best cordless landline phones. Before placing your order, don’t forget to check the first and foremost point that is the clarity of the handset.


Large, clearly marked keys and a back-lit keypad can help when making calls in low light.


A headset jack lets you use a headset hands-free with a microphone.

Design and Build Quality

Design and built quality are other significant factors that should be looking after. To ensure the build quality of the product is reliable before investing money on it. Check the durability and stability of product material.

For design pattern, compact and small design of the cordless handset is an ideal choice, even easy to hold in a hurry as well. Besides, the wall-mounted design is an additional feature to keep your phone safe and secure.

LCD Screen and Caller ID

The other things are LCD screen and Caller ID in a cordless phone. Through caller ID, you get the information (name and number) of a caller or dialed numbers a long time and date of the call.

If you have an additional call waiting feature, then information of another caller can be explored while you’re already on a call. The LCD screen provides the visuals about the signal strength, battery strength, messages, incoming number, caller ID and other details through it. Moreover, assist you to find contact details or call records in a dim or dark light as well.


Bluetooth technology is used to bring the mobile phone into the home phone environment, allowing mobile phone calls to be made on a cordless landline handset.

Text to speech

Text to speech announces the number when you dial on the keypad. It can also announce the name of the caller.

Sleep mode

You can set the phone not to ring during a specified time period – very handy for a good night’s sleep.

Call barring

Incoming and outgoing barring provides a level of control in case you don’t want to accept calls from certain companies or individuals. It also prevents members of the household from calling specific numbers without permission.


The ability to page from the base to the handset can be handy, particularly if you leave the phone lying around the house.


Conference call means users on an extra handset can join a phone conversation where all parties can hear the conversation.


Phonebook features let you store contact phone numbers in the memory of the phone.


Range is an important issue for any cordless phone. It may be necessary to walk around the home or office without the need to worry about the connection being lost. Whilst the concept of you get what you pay for when you buy a phone applies to many areas, in general most DECT cordless phones will be about the same because the maximum power levels are generally used.

Backup Power

The prominence of battery backup can’t be declined, especially in the case of cordless handsets. Nowadays, some cordless phones come with deficiency of backup power features.

If you want to make your important calls possible while the power goes out, then prefer the phone with enduring and long battery life. Moreover, in case of frequent power outages, you can experience more convenient and reliable usages of your handset with an emergency backup battery.

Top 5 Best Landline Phone – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


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Beetel, the most trusted brand in landline category brings you the basic landline phone B11 for your home and offices. This basic corded Beetel landline phone is packed with features that make it convenient for carrying on conversations comfortably. The phone weighs about 500 gm and can be conveniently placed on the table top or wall mounted for easy handling. This landline phone has alphanumerical buttons with LED ringer indicator, ringer volume control and Mute function. It comes in four different colours “Black “, “Red “, “Blue ” and “Warm Grey” with 1 year warranty

Features / Reviews

Ringer volume control

LED for ring indication

Tone pulse switchable

Wall/desk mountable


Panasonic Single Line 2.4 KX-TG3411SX Digital Cordless Phone (Black)
  • Cordless phone with caller ID, call waiting and call share functions
  • 2.4GHz frequency support, NI-MH battery providing talk-time of 10 hours, charging time of 7 hours and standby time of 144 hours
  • 50 phonebook entries, 5 redial memory and 50 caller ID memory
  • Illuminated LCD display with alphanumeric keypad. Wall mountable phone, 14 ringer melodies, 6 ringer tones, any key answer, time display and redial. The box includes handset, base, battery, charger and user guide,the batteries must be inserted in the cordless and headset must be placed on the base so that the phone is charged for 7-8 hrs before initial use.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase,6 months warrant for the battery from date of invoice

The corded land phone does not make you free from wires and you can’t even save numbers there. This digital cordless phone by Panasonic is a wall mountable phone. It has 6 ringtones and any key answer system. The headset must be placed on the base so that the phone gets charged upto 7-8 hours before initial use.

Features / Reviews

Comes with a Stand

Made from highly durable plastic

Illuminated LCD display

Provides a talk-time of upto 10 hours

Caller ID, call waiting and call share functions


Motorola T201I Digital Cordless Landline Phone (Black)
Motorola T201I Digital Cordless Landline Phone (Black)
326 Reviews
  • 550mAh NI-MH cell battery providing talk-time of 10 hours and standby time of 48 hours
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty for device and 6 months manufacturer warranty for in-box accessories including batteries from the date of purchase
  • Cordless Phone
  • landline phone
  • wireless phone

The Motorola T2’s simplicity is striking, its clean form and extra large display provides beautiful and subtle colour options. It has a black and white display with a bright blue backlight, and all the essential cordless calling features you would expect from a modern cordless telephone.

Features / Reviews

Large bright blue backlit display

Caller ID / Call waiting

Microphone mute

Hands-free speakerphone


Alcatel T-58 Corded Landline Phone with Caller ID and Speaker with Attractive Design (Black)
Alcatel T-58 Corded Landline Phone with Caller ID and Speaker with Attractive Design (Black)
151 Reviews
  • 1 line 7 segments / 1 line icons numeric display | Date and time displayed in standby mode | Call duration display
  • 1 Number of ringtone | 3 Ringtone volume control (High / Low / Off) | Handsfree function
  • 3 Direct access memory | 10 2-touch memories | Call Identification* | 30 Incoming call log*
  • 5 Last number redial | Flash (R) key | Pre-dialling | Mute key
  • Wall mountable | Dialing type (Tone / Pulse) | Line powered, no battery required | Removable line connector cord (RJ11/RJ11)

Alcatel T58 is BATTERY-FREE (thanks to the line-powered), and is equipped with a numerical display supporting features such as Caller ID* function, new/missed calls notification, date/time display etc.

Other mandatory features include the handsfree function for convenient calls to friends and family and 3 direct memories.

Features / Reviews

Numeric display with caller ID

3 Direct access memories

Handsfree function

Wall mountable to be installed everywhere

Line powered, no battery required


Jukkre KX-T777 Ringer LED Indication Corded Landline Telephone Brown
Jukkre KX-T777 Ringer LED Indication Corded Landline Telephone Brown
198 Reviews
  • Size : 17 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm
  • Box Contain :Handset with Curl, Wired Telephone Line cord
  • Set Contain Detail : 1 x Landline KX-T777 Phone

Antique Collection Designed Phone to give a Royal Feel This Corded Telephone is built with super high quality components which can sustain all types of climatic adversity for country like India. This is a low maintenance highly rough & tough use phone for both home & office purpose & can also be used with wireless terminals. All it requires is a telephone in. Technical Specification : Ringer Hi/Lo Switch Tone/Pulse Switch Mute Button Flash Button Redial Button Ringer LED indication Desk or Wall Mountable

Features / Reviews

Ringer Hi/Lo Switch

Tone/Pulse Switch Mute Button

Ringer LED indication

Antique design and finish


We hope the content of our buying guide is worthwhile for you. After going through all factors, may you have got straightforward points on how to grab the best cordless phone for your specific needs whether you’re buying for personal purposes or workplace?

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