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Top 5 Best Monoculars in India | 23rd Jul 2021

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What is a Monocular

A monocular is a small, low-powered telescope that you hold in your hand like a set of binoculars. Using one eye, you can see through a monocular and look at far away objects when you are hunting, camping, or watching sporting events. You can also use a monocular as a magnifier to hold over text that is hard to read.

Benefits of a good Monocular

The biggest advantage of a monocular is its size. Even if binoculars are heavy, a monocular offers similar levels of magnification and clarity in a smaller manner. This makes the monocular best suited for smaller spaces or when weight is not a problem.

Monoculars provide a great alternative to both binoculars and spotting scopes. 

  • made up of only one viewing scope, so are often only half the size of binoculars
  • significantly more compact, light and portable than both binoculars and spotting scopes
  • available in a range of sizes, some as small as 10cm in length
  • very portable and handy for a number of different activities, from sight-seeing, to bird watching, hiking, hunting, spectator sports or concerts
  • often favoured by people who want to have a ‘quick peek’ at something rather than viewing for an extended period of time.

Best Monocular Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Monocular

Whether you’re buying a monocular for hikes, birdwatching, hunting, concerts, or sports games, you’ll find our buying guide very helpful. Here you can learn about the advantages of monoculars over binoculars, the most important features, and more.


One of the main reasons to choose a monocular over binoculars is their compact size. A monocular is essentially half a pair of binoculars. As such, they’re about half the size and weight.

That doesn’t mean all monoculars are the same size though. Differences in design can lead to drastic size discrepancies. For instance, some designs feature a focus ring that wraps around the main body, leading to a streamlined monocular. Others feature a separate focus dial on top of the main telescope, which can cause it to be considerably larger.


In general, most of these devices weigh less than a pound. Some are very close to that one-pound mark while others are well below half a pound in weight. That might not seem like a huge difference, but after holding it to your eye for several minutes, you’ll start to feel that extra weight.


Magnification measures how much larger an object appears when viewed through your lens. If your monocular offers 10x magnification, then anything viewed through it will appear ten times larger. Another way to think of it is that the subject will appear ten times closer.

Monoculars come in a wide range of magnification levels. You can often even choose from several magnification levels on the same monocular. If you plan on viewing objects that are very far, then you’ll want more magnification.

Image Quality

The entire point of a monocular is to improve your viewing ability. So, it stands to reason that image quality is one of the most important aspects to compare between monoculars.

Some things to look out for are viewing range, clarity, and brightness. Viewing range determines how far your monocular will allow you to see and can be heavily affected by magnification. Clarity refers to how sharp your image appears. You don’t want it to be clear in the middle with blurry edges. And if your image isn’t bright, then you won’t have a pleasurable viewing experience in any light conditions.


Many of the times that monoculars see use involve outdoor activities. Hunters, bird watchers, and those attending sports games all use monoculars to get a better view. But this leads to the possibility of contamination by water, dust, and more. Luckily, manufacturers have taken this into account by offering weatherproof devices.

Top 5 Best Monocular – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


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Quality monocular, Multi-coated optics increase light transmission resulting in brighter and sharper images with high contrast levels.

Features / Reviews

Multi-coated optics increase light transmission

Stylish rubber covered aluminum body

Ergonomic thumb indents and finger ridges

Water resistant with soft carrying case and strap


Aeoss 40x60 HD HD Monocular Zoom Professional Portable Telescope for Camping Hunting with Smartphone Holder Tripod
Aeoss 40x60 HD HD Monocular Zoom Professional Portable Telescope for Camping Hunting with Smartphone Holder Tripod
47 Reviews
  • HIGH POWER MAGNIFICATION: monocular telescope has large field of view (360ft 1, 000Yds), have the best view in your outdoor adventures, just feel free to enjoy bird watching, hunting, hiking, camping, travelling, wildlife, scenery
  • BAK-4 Prism Inside Our Monocular telescope adopt the latest optics technology and full multi-layer coated lenses, minimize chromatic aberrations for optimal bright, clear viewing, High light transmittance reaches up to 99.5%.
  • Smartphone Adapter Stand with Tripod This monocular telescope can be used with tripod and phone adapter for easy viewing. It is compatible with almost smart phones on the market, and it is the best choice for mountain climbing, traveling, wildlife bird watching, sightseeing, hunting and so on.
  • Easy to Use You can see scenery Easily and Rapidly by using our monocular telescope for Single Hand-Adjust the eye cup and Focus Wheel until see clear and bright image, the Smartphone Holder and extendable stable tripod would help you to get a HD IMAGE or VIDEO easily.
  • Package Accessories Includes 1 x Monocular +1 x Smartphone Holder + 1 x Tripod + 1 x Cloth bag + 1 xDust cover + 1 x Cleaning Cloth +1 x Straps +1 x Eye Cup + 1 x User Manual

Features / Reviews

Multi-coated 50mm glass lenses

Made of anti-slip gum material

Field of vision is infinite and wonderful

Optimum clarity and distance


PA Waterproof 16x52 Telescope Monocular Scope for Hunting, Camping, Sports, Bird Watching (Black)
PA Waterproof 16x52 Telescope Monocular Scope for Hunting, Camping, Sports, Bird Watching (Black)
36 Reviews
  • Multi Coated Optics
  • Centre Focusing Mechanism for quik,easy focusing
  • Twist up Eyecups
  • Rubber Armored For Rugged Fiels use
  • Inculdes Carrying case,Neckstrap and Lens Cloth

16X52 Model, Magnification: 16X Color: Black Size: 153X50X40mm Coating Green Membrane Film: Optical blue membrane perture: 50mm Focusing: Dual Focus Field of view: 66M/8000M Telescope Eyepiece: whirling to Adjust Zoom Suitable for watching birds, sports, scenery etc Easy to adjust dual focus

Features / Reviews

Rubber Armored For Rugged use

Multi Coated Optics

Centre Focusing Mechanism

Inculdes Carrying case,Neckstrap and Lens Cloth


Frackkon Bushnell 16x52 Monocular Telescope,HD Monocular Dual Focus Optics Zoom Portable Monocular HD Optical with Carrying Bag/Cleaning Cloth, for Wildlife Hunting Watching Live Concert 66M/8000M
  • Power x Obj. 16x52
  • PACK OF 1
  • Magification : 16x, Field of View : 6.6 degree (8000Yds), Coating : Full Coating,
  • Color-Black
  • Multi-Magnification Long distance Zoom Binoculars

Features / Reviews


Long distance Zoom Binocular

Full Coating


SUKHAD 40X60 Outdoor Portable Monocular Telescope for Outdoor Travel,Camping,Sighting
SUKHAD 40X60 Outdoor Portable Monocular Telescope for Outdoor Travel,Camping,Sighting
21 Reviews
  • Easy focusing HD monocular telescope provide the best view in your outdoor adventures, Perfect for Hiking, Hunting, Climbing, Bird watching, Watching Wildlife and Scenery, Golf, Scope, Surveillance, concerts travelling and etc.
  • The rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable for use and keeps it from slipping out from your hand and give you a good handfeeling.
  • It can be connected with the mobile phone and take pictures, wide field of vision, further. Don't need to worry about taking pictures for the further scenery. The photography distance will be increased for 30 times more than the common photography.
  • Material: Plastic Color: Black Magnification: 40 x 60 Size: 150 x 52 x 42mm Eye lens diameter: 22mm Objective diameter: 60mm Field of view: 1500M/9500M Weight: Approx. 500g
  • Package Included: 1 x Monocular,1 x Pouch, 1 x Cleaning Cloth

  • 12X50 High Power Magnification – Have the best view in your outdoor adventures. To see 12X closer with a clear and bright image with the generous, light-gathering 50mm objective wide lens.
  • Large BAK-4 Prism inside and Fully Multi-coated Lens Coating – Strengthen the key function of a monocular, offer superior light transmission and brightness, make your view brighter, clearer and delivers crisp images.
  • Solid Framework and rubber armor – Its durable framework make it usable to withstand the toughest weather conditions. Rubber armor makes it comfortable for use and keeps it from slipping out from your hand.
  • Waterproof, frogproof, dust-proof and shockproof design – Completely sealed and 100% nitrogen filled makes it fog and rain proof, prevent moisture, dust, and debris from getting inside the monocular.

Features / Reviews

Easy focusing HD monocular

Rubber armor with stripes makes it comfortable for use

Fully Multi-coated Lens Coating


All of these monoculars perform the same basic function. They allow you to see far off objects in great detail. But that doesn’t mean they’re all equally good at the job they perform. Some offer an excellent viewing experience and others provide a mediocre image quality at best. After putting so many of these devices to the test for our reviews, we’ve settled on three that we feel confident recommending.

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