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Vegetable Chopper

Why good Vegetable Chopper is required?

When you own a quality vegetable chopper, there’s no limit to how much you’ll benefit. Not only will you be advantaged in a number of ways, but so too will your family and friends when they get to enjoy the restaurant quality meals that you can prepare.

  • Saves time – Using a quality vegetable chopper can reduce the time spent in the kitchen by 50%, giving you more time to relax and spend with family
  • Reduces waste – When you use a chopper you’re able to see instantly how much food it makes, so there’s less chance you’ll let vegetables and fruit go to waste
  • Reduces mess – Rather than using a few different utensils in the kitchen, this keeps all of your waste in the one area and makes for an easier cleanup too
  • Gives you versatility – Using a chopper with different blades and attachments means you can perform jobs you never thought possible, and create meals that look as though they came straight out of a restaurant
  • Improves health – When you have something as easy to use as the best chopper for vegetables, you’re more likely to create healthy meals, and your kids are more likely to enjoy them when they look this good

Best Vegetable Chopper | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Electric Chopper

Before you make the important purchase of a vegetable chopper for your kitchen, there are a few things you need to ask yourself. With a better understanding of your mealtime habits and how you’ll be using it, you can be sure you’re choosing the best vegetable chopper for your needs.


Vegetable choppers as we know chops vegetables that are fed to them; in the beginning, it was just limited to manual devices that required human effort for both feeding and cutting. However, today there are two types of vegetable choppers

  1. Mechanical/manual vegetable chopper – As mentioned above requires manual loading and the user will have to rotate or squeeze the handle or head to chop the vegetables. This type of vegetable chopper is comparatively cheaper than an electric cutter. Easy to clean and use
  2. Automatic/electric vegetable chopper – Unlike the manual vegetable chopper an electric vegetable chopper demands the user to feed the vegetable and it will be chopped automatically. An electrical vegetable chopper is expensive than manual choppers and it is not easy to clean.

It is totally up to you on which product to purchase. However, we recommend that you go for electric vegetable choppers as they are advanced and time saving.


Vegetable choppers could be electric or manual; however, the capacity of each product could differ. Most people might consider the capacity of vegetable food chopper a waster or a not important factor, but let me tell you, if you do not prefer emptying the collecting jar every now and then, then you should consider purchasing a vegetable food chopper with large capacity. However, it is totally your choice on which product to purchase.


Every vegetable food chopper comes with a blade that enables the device to chop the vegetable with ease. The number of blades incorporated into a vegetable chopper could be more than one and it depends on the model you get yourselves. However, as important as it is, another important thing is that the vegetable chopper that you should consider purchasing should have interchangeable blades that will allow you to chop vegetables in different ways.


As mentioned above vegetable choppers come with blades and it is a basic fact that blades could cut your hand if sealed or covered securely. If you are using a manual vegetable chopper then it is very important that you consider the security factor seriously.


Most people have a clear idea on how much vegetable to be chopped to get the required vegetable chops, however, if you are a beginner and if you do not have any actual idea of how much vegetable you might need, then a storage option is what you should be focusing on. A storage option will allow the user store the chopped vegetables safely at some place.


Vegetables choppers are easy to use, but not all of them come in a design that allows the user easy cleaning. We recommend that let whatever your circumstances be to consider purchasing a vegetable food chopper with a design that allows easy cleaning.  However, if you are a person who has a dishwasher and if you need a dishwasher safe vegetable chopper, then go for it.

BPA-Free material

A material called BPA (Bisphenol-An) is mainly used for the purpose of solidifying plastics and also to mold them. BPA can easily leach into the food from the utensils that are composed of BPA. It has negative effects on the brain and prostate glands of children, infants, and fetuses. This is the basis of some people’s concern and their reason to avoid buying any kitchen utensils made of BPA. Choose items on which its written “BPA-Free” confidently claimed by the maker company. The best material for choppers typically presents in the market is stainless steel. Plastic ware comes second. Moreover, you can also find choppers made of glass and silicon.


Blades are, in fact, the superhero of any chopper because dicing and chopping is dependent upon them. So select a model that comes with variety of blades sizes and shapes. Hardened steel blade is the best choice to begin with. It doesn’t matter whether you purchase the electric or manual chopper, it should have sharp steel blades. They help against rusting and chipping to prolong the shelf life of chopper and also makes you tension free from replacing them time and again. Do not choose any chopper with delicate blades that can be stuck through the hard food e.g. carrots in the middle.

Top 5 Best Vegetable Chopper – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutter, Pool Green (725 ml) & Wonder Chopper Combo
  • Product 1: High quality stainless steel blades
  • Product 1: Non skid base ; Big handle for easy pull
  • Product 1: Easy to clean
  • Product 1: 380 knife cuts in less than 20 secs
  • Product 2: Ideal for : Onion, vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, herbs, etc
  • Product 2: Safe lid locks
  • Product 2: Quick and efficient chopping
  • Product 2: Sturdy Stainless Steel Blades

Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutter, Pool Green (725 ml)
Chop All Types of Vegetables and Fruits with Ease: It is a pull chord chopper which is very suitable to cut and chop your vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, etc. into tiny pieces with just few pulls of the chord. Make salad, chatni, gravy, paste, etc. more easily and quickly. It is easy to clean and maintain. You can prepare your food item with speed of 380 knife cuts in less than 20 second. Just add food around the blade, close the lid and pull the chord and your preparation is ready. Made from High Quality Materials for Long-Lasting Use: It is made from high quality stainless steel material and international grade virgin plastic. The blade position make it quick and safe in operation. Easy manual operation make it an alternative to electric chopper.

GANESH Wonder Chopper
GANESH Wonder Chopper is Ideal for chopping and cutting onion, vegetables, dry fruits, nuts, herbs, etc. It has Sturdy Stainless Steel Blades for quick and efficient chopping. It provide Tear Free Chopping for Onions, Garlic, Chilly, Etc. Make it instant-Paste, Chopping, Gravy, Salad, Chutney, Food Preparations, etc. using Wonder Chopper. Easy to Clean and Disassemble. Wonder Chopper is made From Food grade BPA free Virgin Material. No Electricity required. Four Safe lid locks ensures Safety during use. It has Non-skid base. It gives about More Than 380 Knife Cuts in less than 20 Sec. It Cuts and Chops with easy hand pull Cord function. Use and Care : Take the Chopper Container and Fix blade holder in the Centre. Cut the ingredient in to appropriate size and add evenly around the blade. Don’t Fill the bowl more than 3/4 of bowl Capacity. Close the Container with Chopper lid and Make Sure it is locked Securely. Pull handle Parallel to bowl. Sharp blades handle with Care. Keep out of the reach of Children.

Features / Reviews

High quality stainless steel blades

Non skid base

Big handle for easy pull

Easy to clean

Quick and efficient chopping

Compact Size

Safe lid locks


INALSA 4-in-1 Chopper Joy-250W Copper Motor, Chop, Mince,Puree,Whisk,850 ml Capacity, One Touch Operation, 1.30mtr Long Power Cord, (White/Purple)
INALSA 4-in-1 Chopper Joy-250W Copper Motor, Chop, Mince,Puree,Whisk,850 ml Capacity, One Touch Operation, 1.30mtr Long Power Cord, (White/Purple)
2,474 Reviews
  • Strong and Sturdy: INALSA Joy Multipurpose Chopper with 250 watt powerful, noiseless and efficient motor with Copper winding that can work continuously for 3 minutes to chop, mince and puree with excellent professional results ; Working: Push to Start
  • Versatile Chopping Blade: It can be used for Chopping vegetables like Onion, Tomato, Green Chili, Ginger, Garlic, Cauliflower, Carrot etc. Further this blade can be used even for Meat Mincing
  • Useful Whisking Attachment: It can be used for Butter, Beating Egg, Curd whisking etc
  • Easy to Use: One touch push button operation
  • Break Resistant Anti Slippery Bowl: INALSA Joy comes with a Break Resistant, Anti Slippery Food Grade Bowl having a total volume of 900ml, with maximum loading volume of 500 ml
  • Sharp Angle Blades: This amazing chopper work with Safe, Rust Resistant stainless steel chopping blade with Precise Angle Blades for minimum operation time to complete the job
  • High Quality Plastic Body: INALSA Joy made from unbreakable ABS plastic for long lasting hassle free use. The Bowl of INALSA JOY is Dishwasher safe
  • Multipurpose Splash Guard Cover: A very useful accessory of INALSA Joy Chopper which can be used as a cover to processing bowl after chopping
  • 1 Year warranty: We sincerely provide with product warranty and genuine customer service.
  • 500 ml Break Resistant Poly Carbonate Processing Bowl ; Power Consumption (Watt): 250, Input Supply: 230V, AC ; Time Rating: 3mins continuous (max.) ; RPM (at No Load): 3000 ; Speed Setting: 1 ; Cord Plug / Length: 2 Pins, 1.5 m

Inalsa joy mini chopper is a easy, portable solution that takes all of the hard work out of food prep. This compact, yet powerful device allows you to precisely chop and prepare ingredients in a matter of seconds. Complete with stainless steel blade and blending power pod for the safe, quick and simple chopping of ingredients, no matter where you are in the kitchen or how much space you have to work with.

Features / Reviews

Transparent Processing Bowl

High Quality SS Chopper Blade

Whisker Blade

Break Resistant Anti Slippery Bowl

Sharp Angle Blades

Strong and Sturdy


Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper (Purple)
Orpat Express 250-Watt Chopper (Purple)
2,492 Reviews
  • This product does not require installation. please contact brand customer care for any product related queires. Customer Service Number: +91-02822-230491 / 02822-391391
  • Chop - vegetables evenly without mush, Mince - garlic and herbs in seconds and Puree - ingredients into tasty dressings and sauces
  • Easy to use power pod with one touch pulsing
  • Powerfull noiseless 250 watts motor. Power Supply: 220 - 240 V
  • Multi purpose splash guard cover, which can be used as a container after chopping
  • Orpat powerful blade technology for long life and easy chopping
  • 700ml maximum container storage capacity, BPA free
  • 500ml loading capacity for chopping
  • 360 degree anti slippery base for smooth working while chopping
  • Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Includes: Chopper, Chopping blade , Whisk plastic blade
  • Brand Customer Care Number : +91-02822-230491 / 02822-391391

Life is made user friendly with ease of operating home appliances at orpat. The company has diversified in to this segment of consumer durables and home appliances with a big basket of home appliances ranging from hand blender, irons, mixer grinders, toasters, ovens, heaters, and fans etc. The Orpat Express Chopper Hand Blender is a multi-purpose kitchen accessory – make smoothies, shakes, baby formulae, marinades and salad dressings.

Features / Reviews

Powerfull noiseless 250 watts motor

Chop vegetables evenly without mush

Easy to use with one touch pulsing

Multi purpose splash guard cover

Powerful blade technology for long life and easy chopping

The Musthaves Pigeon Handy Chopper From “Brand Authorised Stores (Genuine Guaranteed)” Is Creatively Designed To Process Small To Medium Quantities Of Vegetables, This Makes It Perfect Choice For Everyday Chopping And Cutting Needs. It Can Be Used To Chop Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic And Many Other Vegetables. Pigeon Chopper Is Light Weight Compact But Still Very Sturdy, Can Be Used In A Limited Space, Yet It Is Very Sturdy. This Products Is Made Of Non Toxic Plastic So You Should Not Worry About Any Harmful Chemicals Effecting You Because Of Using This Product. Buy Today And Say Goodbye To You Cutting And Chopping Problems. The Pigeon Handy Chopper From “Brand Authorised Stores (Genuine Guaranteed)” Comes With A Easy To Use Pull Cord Mechanism. Its See Through Body Makes It Easy To Monitor The Vegetables Being Chopped In It. The Blades Are Made Of Excellent Quality Cutting Steel Which Are Powered By The Unique Pull Cord Mechanism. Order Today And Reduce Your Overall Time In Cutting And Chopping Vegetables

Features / Reviews

Perfect Choice For Everyday Chopping And Cutting

Multiple Functions

Quiet Performance

Light Weight Compact But Still Very Sturdy

Highly Durable

Made Of Non Toxic Plastic 


Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Chopper (White)
Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Chopper (White)
790 Reviews
  • Content: Prestige Electric Chopper-Pec 3.0
  • Product Dimensions: 13.5 x 13.5 x 25 cm , Net Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Voltage: 230V; Wattage: 250W
  • Suitable for cutting soft and hard vegetables, fruits, fresh herbs, spices, cooked meat and fish, nuts and cheese
  • Extra-sharp stainless-steel blade for efficient performance
  • Unique ring handle design for effortless chopping and cutting
  • Can chop coarse, medium or fine, Plastic container can be used to store and refrigerate food
  • Warranty: 1 Year Product Warranty
  • For queries, please call our customer care 1800-123-334411 on all days from 8AM - 8PM

Presenting the powerful, sleek and versatile Prestige Electric Chopper.Daily food preparation needs such as chopping onions or vegetables, whipping, cutting fruits and nuts, is now easy with Prestige Electric Chopper.With its whipping blade, stainless steel blade system and a powerful 250 watts motor, the Prestige Electric chopper tops in terms of performance, overall quality and convenience

Features / Reviews

Transparent Jar

Stainless Steel Blade 

Compact & Attractive 

Powerful Motor

Press button at the top that makes it easy to use

Extra-sharp stainless-steel blade for efficient performance


There’s no denying just how many benefits you can get from using the best vegetable chopper in your kitchen, so it really comes down to choosing the design and style that best suits your needs. Whether you’re after something manual or electric, large or small, there are plenty of quality brands available that can cater to your needs.

A vegetable food processor could prove a mess if it is not of good quality. However, the vegetable food choppers listed above were selected based on the customer reviews and the brands reputation in manufacturing and marketing a Vegetable food processor.

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