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Drum Accessories

Why Drum Accessories?

Drum sticks might not seem as such a big deal, but come to think about it, Drum sticks are the DIRECT link between you and the drums.
Yet, choosing the right stick can make the difference between a poorly executed performance and a killer one.

Best Drum Accessories | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Drum Accessories

Drum Sticks

Finding drum sticks that fit your playing style is an often overlooked process, as most players understandably put their focus on finding a drum set and cymbal configuration that allow the full expression of their musical personality. But finding the right pair of sticks is no trivial matter; this is where the rubber meets the road (or the stick meets the drum). Playing with a well-balanced set of sticks that feel right will definitely help improve your playing comfort and bring out the best sounds in your kit and cymbals.

Anatomy of a drumstick

To better understand what makes a drumstick different from another, let’s take a quick look at its anatomy:

Drumsticks consist of:

  • A tip/bead – which shapes vary
  • A taper – which length vary
  • A shaft – which length AND thickness vary
  • A butt – which in some models has a playable end to offer more versatility to the stick


Sizes are identified by numbers and letters.

The lower the number, the thicker the stick – with the exception of 2B sticks which are the thickest drumsticks available.

As for the letters, they were first introduced in the early 1900’s and this is what they stood for:

  • A: Orchestra
  • B: Band
  • D: Dance band

Nowadays though these letters don’t mean much and they’re just part of the model they designate, so don’t rely only on them to make your choice.

For the image above I chose not to include each and every size because by looking at them you can’t really tell the difference.

Instead, I put the most common size (5A), one of the thinnest (7A) and the thickest (2B) which should give you an idea of how different they are.

Now, even though drumsticks measurments vary from one brand to the other, sizes are still considered standards…

Meaning a 7A will always be thinner than a 5A, and a 2B will always be the thickest etc, no matter the brand. But for example, Vic Firth’s 7A are slightly thicker than Regal Tip’s.

Here are the main sizes you can expect to find in most brands:

  • 7A – Thin, ideal for jazz
  • 8D – Same as 7A but a bit longer
  • 1A – The longest stick
  • 5A – The “standard” drumstick
  • 3A – Slightly longer and thicker than 5A
  • 5B – Shorter but thicker than 3A
  • 2B – The thickest of all, ideal for rock/metal and practicing.

Well, for beginners, the general consensus is to go with 5A sticks, because of their size and oval bead which allow for playing almost any music style.

As for practicing, many drummers choose to use fatter sticks, such as 2B so that when they go back to “regular” or “thinner” sticks, they have it even easier to play.

Types of beads

The shape and the material of the tip define the sound you will get, and the only rule you need to know here is:

The bigger the surface that comes into contact with the drums, the less defined the sound. So for example a round bead will produce a much more defined sound than an arrow bead. Also keep in mind that you’ll mostly hear a difference on cymbals, but not so much on the rest of the kit.

Beads can be made out of:

  • Wood – which is the most widespread material. It’s not as durable as the next two BUT it’s the one that offers the largest range of sounds
  • Nylon – which has a much brighter sound on cymbals. The main advantage of nylon is that it is a lot more durable, though many people dislike its sound.


The size of the taper influences the amount of rebound you’ll get off the drums and cymbals:

  • A long taper  offers more rebound and a faster response
  • A short taper – offers less rebound, more power and increased durability
  • A medium taper – offers a balanced stick

So if you’re a heavy hitter or mainly play rock/metal, go for short taper sticks.

If you play jazz or other genres that require more dynamics, go for long taper sticks.

And if you want a more versatile stick to be able to play any genre, medium taper sticks are the best choice.


Drumsticks can be made out of either:

  • Wood
  • Carbonfiber
  • Aluminium and polyurethane (plastic)

Now, the vast majority of drumsticks is made out of wood, which includes, from most common to least common:

  • Hickory – which offers the most balanced mixture of density, weight and strength.
  • Maple – which is the lightest wood of all, it is mostly used for low volume and fast playing.
  • Oak – which is the heaviest and densest wood of the three, it produces very durable sticks and is ideal for “heavy hitters”.

As for other materials, such as carbon fiber and aluminium, their main advantage is durability: these sticks will last you A LOT longer than wood sticks.

Drum Thrones [Drum Stool]

Most people would say that it’s only kings and queens that sit on thrones, but you as a drummer obviously know better! Many drummers know that what you sit on actually is really important, but some may be surprised to find an entire article about the best drum throne. They might reason that it doesn’t really matter that much and that they rather spend money on good drumheads and drum sticks, but the thing is that your drum throne actually can make a big difference.


This question alone is capable of starting a discussion on any drumming forum you can find. While we completely understand two opposing camps and their arguments, we will go as far as to say that choosing between these is a matter of personal preference.

We advise you to look at these two types of seats the same way we do. For some, a rounded seat is all that works and they might be unable to break the habit. On the other hand, there are drummers who have improved their skill by going from a rounded to a motorcycle style seat.


If you were to ask the founders and head designers of drum thrones over in Roc-N-Soc about the importance of certain throne elements, you’d get a surprising answer. It is not all that about the seat design nor is it about the hardware. What makes a rock solid throne even better is good foam in the seat.

Some brands have pretty advanced formulas which make memory foam look like stone age technology. Other still use the plain old furniture padding. We, along with everyone in Roc-N-Soc, strongly recommend that you do your best to get a throne with the quality foam seat.


As you can probably imagine, having good hardware on your stool is essential. If this portion of the throne fails, no amount of fancy foam will be able to help you. What you are looking for is a drum seat made of decent alloys and one which doesn’t sport super thin bracing. As long as there is some meat in there, you should be fine.


Finding one solution in terms of drum thrones, that fits all drummers is borderline impossible. Simple as that. What might work for you, might also not work for the next guy and so forth. The idea here is to figure out what you like, what kind of height is optimal for your height, and just narrow down the list until you find something you like.

Every model on our list has shown to be pretty great in service. If you’re still doubting your decisions, you can always go with one of them knowing you didn’t risk much at all.


Assembling a drum throne is extremely easy. In a large majority of cases, a manufacturer will ship you a seat in a separate box or bubble wrap. The other part of the package is going to be a folded shaft with all the necessary accessories. In this particular case, setting up the seat requires only you screwing the seat onto the shaft. With that said, some models come completely disassembled and might require some time to put together.

In these extremely rare cases, it is recommended that you follow the instruction manual that came with the package. Fortunately for us, even the latest and greatest drum stools are still extremely simple to put together and break down.

Top 6 Best Drum Accessories – [Updated and Highly Recommended]

Drum Thrones / Drum Stool


Pdp By Dw 700 Series Drum Throne
Pdp By Dw 700 Series Drum Throne
10 Reviews
  • Lightweight 700 Series
  • Round Top 3" padded seat cushion with 12" Diameter featuring (8) screw X-Brace
  • Sturdy double-braced legs with large rubber feet
  • Solid 1" Base designed with carriage-bolt height adjustment
  • 20-25" Tall

Designed by industry leader Drum Workshop, PDP hardware is built to perform for working drummers. The lightweight 700 Series delivers exceptional quality for less than you’d think. The DT700 throne offers a comfortable 3” seat cushion, a solid 1” base, and sturdy double-braced legs fitted with large rubber feet. Utilizing a carriage-bolt height adjustment, it ranges from 20-25” to fit nicely behind any kit.

Features / Reviews

Sturdy double-braced legs with large rubber feet

Lightweight Round Top padded seat cushion


Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne
  • Top grade foam for maximum comfort
  • Adjusts from 18 to 24 inches high
  • Direct in height adjustment with memory lock
  • Motorcycle Style Vinyl Seat
  • Double Braced

Motorcycle-style Drum Throne with Padded Vinyl Seat and Memory Lock

Features / Reviews

Top grade foam for maximum comfort

Motorcycle Style Double Braced Vinyl Seat


Havana DT-200 Double Braced Drum Throne
Havana DT-200 Double Braced Drum Throne
13 Reviews
  • Double braced legs
  • Height Adjustable throne
  • comes in good packing
  • the above discription satisfies only if purchased from Chennai musicals as seller

Havana DT-200 Drum throne is height adjustable throne with double braced leg supports , these features make them best for any loads.

Features / Reviews

Padded Seat with Swivel Movement

Non-Skid Rubberized Feet

Drum Sticks


Kadence Drum Stick Hickory Wooden Tip 7A
Kadence Drum Stick Hickory Wooden Tip 7A
82 Reviews
  • Hickory
  • Wodden Tip
  • Drum Stick
  • High Quality
  • Durability

Kadence Drum Stick Hickory Wooden Tip 7A

Features / Reviews

Hickory Wooden tip

High quality and Durable stick


Infinity Drum Sticks - 5A
Infinity Drum Sticks - 5A
134 Reviews
  • Good quality
  • Material: Maple Wood
  • Oval wood tip provides a dark, warm tone suited for multiple applications
  • Medium taper for balanced response and rebound
  • Dimensions: 40 cms x 2 cms x 1.5 cms

The 5A has long been the stick for all styles of music due to it’s well-balanced design and length. The oval-shaped tip provides a full; dark sound. The 5A is versatile enough to be used in all musical genres.

Features / Reviews

Oval wood tip provides a dark, warm tone suited for multiple applications

Medium taper for balanced response and rebound


Mustang Krafter Drumsticks With Nylon Grip
  • Material Used : Maplewood
  • Pair Of Drumstick
  • 5A Imported Drum Sticks.
  • Skill Level:Professional

Material Used : Maplewood Pair Of Drumstick 5A Imported Drum Sticks. Skill Level: Professional Good quality

Features / Reviews

5A Imported Drum Sticks

Made of Maplewood


So that’s what you need to know about drumsticks, hopefully this article has answered all your questions and you’ll be able to choose the best model for your needs.

We really hope that this article has helped you to find a great drum throne that is comfortable enough to take your drumming to the next level!

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