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Top 6 Best Telescope in India | 24th Jul 2021

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How a Telescope works?

Before you find a product to purchase, you should know how it works. The main purpose of all types of telescopes is to collect light, and each type of scope collects light in a different way than the rest.

When you look up at the moon with your naked eyes, you’ll see a large white sphere, but you won’t be able to decipher any of the finer details.

By collecting light, telescopes allow you to unlock the finer details of objects in the night sky, and Galileo said it best when he chose to describe telescopes as tools for revealing the invisible.

Best Telescope Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Telescope

You can choose the telescope that does the most and with the highest price, but these can be overly complex for a beginner. Of course, the other extreme is that you spend so little on your telescope that you end up with a useless toy.

    Types of Telescopes

    When shopping for a high-quality telescope, you’ll find three major styles, and to find the perfect telescope for your needs, you need to understand the differences.

    Refractor Telescope

    The first type of telescope using a refractor mechanism, and it features a shape that most people are familiar with. The front of this product has a large lens, and as the lens collects light, it beams it into the mirror that is positioned in the back of the telescope.

    • Great for objects on Earth
    • Very simple design and easy to use
    • Requires almost no maintenance
    • Sturdy design
    • Sealed tube keeps optics safe

    Reflector Telescope

    Reflector telescopes operate differently than their refractor counterparts, and they have a mirror built into the end of the tube.

    The purpose of the mirror is to gather light, which is sent to another mirror before it hits the eyepiece. We recommend reflector telescopes for viewing faint objects, and they offer images of a higher quality than refractor telescopes.

    • Features a compact, lightweight design
    • Ideal for looking at faint objects
    • More expensive than refractor telescopes
    • Produces a high-quality image for you to look at

    Compound or Catadioptric Telescope

    The third major style is the compound telescope, and it’s also known as a catadioptric telescope. Unlike the other styles, this telescope features two mirror, which are located in the front and back. The two mirrors work together with the lens to produce a high-quality image.

    • Optics tube is sealed to prevent dust accumulation
    • Best choice for astrophotography
    • Works well for Earth objects
    • Good choice for viewing faint objects


    The process of finding a great telescope to buy should be fun, and to get the best value, you need to understand the basics. The first major component is the aperture, and it represents the diameter of the lens or mirror in the scope.

    To find out exactly how much you’ll be able to see with the telescope, this factor is more important than all other features. In almost every situation, a bigger aperture is better.

    A telescope with a huge aperture allows more total light to flood into the eyepiece, and with more light, you’ll get better image quality for faint objects.

    Focal Length

    Another basic feature is the focal length, and it represents the total distance from your telescope’s focal point to the mirror or lens.

    The focal length isn’t nearly as important as the aperture, but it’s important enough to be considered. With a bigger focal length, objects will look much bigger than they would with a smaller length.


    All telescopes are capable of magnifying the objects in the night sky, and the level of magnification that you’ll have is determined by the focal length and eyepiece.

    Some people say that more magnification is better, and many cheaper telescopes emphasize the scope’s magnification. However, if you can’t get a clear image, a high level of magnification is almost useless.

    Electronic Control

    Not too long ago, all telescopes required manual operation, and there was no way to automatically set them for specific constellations of stars.

    Today, you can find a variety of electronic scopes, and with the help of a built-in computer, these telescopes can automatically find certain objects in the night sky.

    Top 6 Best Telescope – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


    Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope
    • Affordable telescope for beginning astronomer
    • Portable yet powerful
    • All-glass optical components with high transmission coatings for enhanced image brightness and clarity
    • Refractor optical design with a 60 millimeter aperture and 700 millimeter focal length
    • Altazimuth mount suitable for terrestial viewing as well as astronomical use
    • 60mm refractor telescope with fully coated glass optics and a lightweight frame ; Optical Coatings: Fully-Coated ; Tripod: Aluminum

    • This telescope is a must-have for an aspiring astronomer. Tracking the night sky with this amazing Celestron powerseeker telescope is very simple thanks to its smooth motion controls. It comes with a software package “The SkyX”, which includes data about planets, their moons and also has sky maps that can be printed. So as a beginner, if you are looking for a power-packed telescope with a rich bundle of features, quality and is yet easy on your pocket, check out the Celestron telescopes online.

      • Optical Design: Refractor
      • Mount Type: Altazimuth
      • Ideal Usage: Terrestrial and astronomical use
      • Aperture: 60 mm
      • Focal Length: 700 mm
      • Highest Useful Magnification: 142x
      • Finderscope: 5 x 24
      • Star Diagonal: 1.25 inches
      • Tripod: Aluminium
      • Lens coating: Fully coated
      • Optical Tube Length: 711 mm

    Features / Reviews

    Easy Setup and High Visibility

    High Magnification and Clarity

    All-glass optical components with high transmission coatings

    Altazimuth mount suitable for terrestial viewing


    No products found.

    Features / Reviews

    Equipped with two different magnification eyepieces

    1.5x erecting eyepiece included

    High Quality Optical Glass Lens

     Aluminum Table Top Tripod


    Hetkrishi 90X Astronomical Refractor Telescope Optical Glass Metal Tube
    Hetkrishi 90X Astronomical Refractor Telescope Optical Glass Metal Tube
    14 Reviews
    • Magnification: 18x, 27x, 60x, 90x
    • Optical glass and Metal construction
    • Free Aluminium Stand
    • Free Hard Attache Case for protection, storage and transit

    The beginner telescope with 50mm objective diameter and 360mm focal length, configure two different magnification 18x and 60x. Additional 1.5x erecting eyepiece included, expand the magnification to 27x and 90x. Theoretical Resolution: 2.000 arc seconds , This is equivalent to 1,000 meters can be seen 0.970 cm two objects. Explore Land & Sky with This 90 Power Telescope. High Quality Optical Glass Lens and Metal Optical Tube. Complete with Aluminum Table Top Tripod & 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece & 2 Eyepieces (18x and 60x). Caution: Do not view sun through telescope as serious injury to the eye will occur. Children under the age of 8 must be supervised by an adult when using telescope. Package Contents: Telescope Aluminum Table Top Tripod 1.5x Erecting Eyepiece 2 Eyepieces (18x and 60x) – Aperture: 50mm (2”) – Aperture: 50mm(2³) – Focal Length: 360mm Max Height: 38cm Hybrid Diagonal: 90 Degree – Equatorial Mount. Accessories Include: – Eyepiece: H6mm, H20mm, 1.5X Erector(for land viewing), User Manual. Note: Note: This item comes in 2 colors (silver and white), however choice of color is not possible. Item color will be sent as per availability. IN case of non-availability of regular colors, your order may be upgraded to limited-edition all-black color at no extra charge. Your cooperation is requested in this regard.


    Features / Reviews

    Optical glass and Metal construction

    Free Aluminium Stand


    Free Hard Case for protection


    PROTOS INDIA.NET 525X Telescope for Stars Moon and Galaxy Long Distance 76700 Reflector Astronomical Telescope
    • High definition astronomical telescope.
    • It is able to be set as 35 times, 56 times, 175 times adding 1.5x Normal Lens; And able to be set as 52 times, 84 times, 263 times when adding 2X teleconverter. And able to be set as 104 times, 168 times, 525 times.
    • Standard 350time,with a max of 525 times
    • Suitable for earth and universe astronomical telescope

    Features / Reviews

    Magnification upto 350 Times

    Comes with aluminum tripod

    High definition astronomical telescope


    Drake Outdoor 90X Refractive Telescope Portable Travel Tripod Adjustable Telescope for Kids, Adults Sky Star Gazing, Birds Watching
    Drake Outdoor 90X Refractive Telescope Portable Travel Tripod Adjustable Telescope for Kids, Adults Sky Star Gazing, Birds Watching
    3 Reviews
    • Spectacular Magnification of 18X - 90X. See The Natural World In More Detail.
    • 360mm Focal Length for Distortion Free Images. 50mm Lens Diameter. Monocular Telescope for Viewing with One Eye.
    • Porro Prism for Reflecting Mechanisms to Create Unique Pathways for Light. Metal Optical Tube, Metal Tabletop Tripod & 2 Eyepieces.
    • Lightweight Aluminium Barrel Body. Excellent Build Quality
    • Package Includes 1 Telescope with Accessories, Operational Manual and a Plastic Molded Carry Case.

    It is a high-powered telescope, with good performance observation of celestial bodies, suitable for entry-level amateur astronomers and children. Different magnification eyepieces can make you free with observed at different distances and sizes objects . And the telescope as the viewing mirror, can be upright image fully. As long as you have enough imagination, there will be more interesting and practical usefulness. ERECTING EYEPIECE The 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece not only increases the magnification of telescope but also correct the direction of the image. For example, a telescope, which has a magnification of 60X, will have a magnification of 90X when a 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece is used. Moreover, when the telescope is used to view landscope, the erecting eyepiece can straighten out the image. WHICH MAGNIFICATION?- SELECTING THE CORRECT EYEPIECE The optimum magnification depends on what you are looking at. As a rule of thumb, the best image results from using a magnification, which is not more than 1.5X – 2.0X the diameter of the objective lens. For observation of moss heavenly bodies, a magnification of 75X – 100X can be achieved with a 50mm objective lens. A lower magnification should be used for the observation. This provides a wider field of view and simplifies aiming the telescope at the desired object. The maximum magnification should be used only for particularly clear objects, which is relatively close to the Earth and very bright, permitting good resolution of details at high magnification. Package: Main tube x 1 H20mm eyepiece x 1 H6mm eyepiece x 1 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece x 1 90º Zenith mirror x 1 33cm height Aluminum tripod

    Convenient focus through Central knob – even when wearing gloves is not a problem. Endures even in the worst conditions and extreme weather.
    Objects can be viewed at night only if the object has light around it.

    Features / Reviews

    Porro Prism for Reflecting Mechanism

    Lightweight Aluminium Barrel Body

    Metal Tabletop Tripod


    Diswa Land and Sky 90x Zoom Refractor Telescope Seeing Planets and Stars Moon
    Diswa Land and Sky 90x Zoom Refractor Telescope Seeing Planets and Stars Moon
    6 Reviews
    • Spectacular Magnification of 18X - 90X. See The Night Sky and Natural World In More Detail
    • Solid tripod: adjustable aluminium tripod is solid, not easy to broke, very durable and safe. Detailed and specific set up introduction
    • Magnification: 18X, 27X, 60X, 90X (6mm Eyepiece + Magnification = 60X; 6mm Eyepiece + Magnification with 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece = 90X; 20mm Eyepiece + Manification= 18X; 20mm Eyepiece + Manification with 1.5X Erecting Eyepiece = 27X)
    • It is a high-powered telescope, suitable for entry-level amateur astronomers and children to explore land & sky!
    • Optical glass and Metal construction

    Get clearer view of night stars and day sky with this spectacularly powerful 90X Advance Land and Sky Monocular Refractor Telescope Kit. It comes with a massive magnification range of 18X to 90X. You can watch birds, discover nature’s beauty and look at the starry night sky more closely and magnified from the window of your room comfortably with this telescope. It is an ideal device for people who love to study astronomy, natural sciences, or for bird lovers. Made with aluminium barrel body, this telescope allows you to see far objects in a crisp & clear manner. Having a diameter of 50 mm and focal length of 360 mm, this telescope incorporates lens that delivers superior light transmission & brightness. It is equipped with Porro prism that employs various reflection mechanisms to create a unique pathway for light. This advanced telescope is highly durable as it is strongly built to last for a long period of time.


    Features / Reviews

    Adjustable aluminium tripod is solid

    High-powered telescope

    Optical glass and Metal construction


    The decision to purchase a telescope is huge, and if you choose the right product, it can completely change your life and how you view life on Earth. The ability to see deep into the cosmos has a profound effect on most people, and fortunately, it’s much easier to do than you might think.

    Once you’ve had this experience, there is a good chance that you’ll want to dive even deeper into the majestic wonders of the universe and never put the telescope down.

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