Best BasketBall Accessories and Parts (BasketBall Stand, BasketBall Net, BasketBall Hoop, BasketBall Board)

Top 7 Best BasketBall Parts and Accessories in India | 23rd Sep 2020

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Basketball accessories

Why BasketBall?

BasketBall is a superb way to enjoy your time with family and friends and adding a little competition to the game for making it more exciting. But having a good BasketBall Accessories and Parts is equally important.

It gives you and your friends and family an immense gaming experience  to enjoy some precious moments with your loved ones.

Whether you play it for the competition or just play casually for the social interaction, BasketBall is fun! When exercise is fun you are more likely to keep doing it, and that is healthy.

What is BasketBall?

Basketball is a team sport in which two teams, most commonly of five players each, opposing one another on a rectangular court, compete with the primary objective of shooting a basketball (approximately 9.4 inches (24 cm) in diameter) through the defender’s hoop (a basket 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter mounted 10 feet (3.048 m) high to a backboard at each end of the court) while preventing the opposing team from shooting through their own hoop.

A field goal is worth two points, unless made from behind the three-point line, when it is worth three. After a foul, timed play stops and the player fouled or designated to shoot a technical foul is given one or more one-point free throws. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins, but if regulation play expires with the score tied, an additional period of play (overtime) is mandated.

Best BasketBall Hoop | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a BasketBall Hoop

Basketball hoops, goals and systems generally refer to the same setup: a goal that features a backboard, a rim, and a supporting pole. But, there are several things, like size, installation, and more, that will determine how well your goal performs over time, how much your goal will cost, and beyond.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the initial planning phases of browsing and eventually purchasing an inground basketball hoop.

The goal of this guide is to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed selection when purchasing a hoop for your driveway, court, or home. The guide will break down the differences between backboard types, rims, and other features that are found on most modern basketball hoops. Once you are able to decide on what features you want in your hoop you will have a better understanding of the product you ultimately buy and how much it is likely to cost.

Basketball Hoop Types

There are three main hoop types that are available for purchase. These three types are portable, in-ground, and wall-mount. We will now break down each type so that you will have a greater understanding of the pros and cons of each option.


Likely the most popular basketball hoop type today as far hoop choice and number of hoop purchases. Portable basketball systems generally come with a base that can be filled with either sand or liquid which keeps the unit in place and stable. These can range greatly in size and capacity from 27 to 42 gallons. Some larger hoops will also have space to place bricks and other materials to help weigh down the basketball system. Portable hoops are a great choice for most homes as they are easy to transport and easier to install than in-ground options. The draw back to portable hoops is that especially at the cheaper level these hoops will shake and vibrate more than more heavily supported hoops that are attached to a wall or supported by concrete in the ground.


Generally in-ground hoops are significantly more stable than portable systems. This is because many of these hoops’ support poles are placed into the ground with concrete. We recommend these hoops for serious players wanting to get serious about their game who have a stable living situation and are unlikely to move. If you are moving often, then a portable hoop will likely be a better fit for your home. It is important to note that because in-ground hoops require concrete installing these hoops so that they are level can be more complicated than just assembling a portable hoop.


Wall-mount hoops have become less popular over time due to the convenience of the portable basketball hoop. However, these are fairly stable units due to the support brackets used and because they are often attached to a building. If you have a garage and a driveway next to each other then wall-mount systems will be a great choice.


Probably the most important piece of the hoop’s hardware is the rim as it comes into play on almost every shot. Almost all modern hoop systems come with some sort of breakaway mechanism that helps to relieve tension on the hoop when dunked so to minimize the risk of breaking the backboard.

There are three types of rims found on recreational basketball hoops:

Standard Rim (No Springs)

The most basic rim that comes with recreational basketball hoops is the standard rim. Standard rims have been around for decades and used to be used on all basketball hoops. Ever since spring loaded breakaway rims came into existence standard rims are not used as often. These days standard rims are found primarily on low priced portable basketball hoops.

Because they do not have a breakaway mechanism, standard rims have a tendency to bend, warp, and break when dunked. On the plus side, if you use them just for layups and regular shots they are decent depending on the quality of the system’s other components.

Exposed Spring Breakaway Rim

Most modern recreational basketball hoops for sale today have a spring loaded breakaway rim where the springs are exposed. There are usually one or two springs on these hoops. The exposed springs may have a tendency to rust over time if you live in a humid climate.

The truth about these exposed spring rims is that often their springs are low quality. This often makes the rims too bouncy when the basketball hits the rim on shots, which impacts the performance of the hoop overall. Not to mention that over time these rims will still wear down with dunking.

Enclosed Spring Breakaway Rim

Generally found on mid-tier and top-tier basketball hoops, enclosed spring breakaway rims are the top shelf of basketball rims. However, not all are made equal. An enclosed spring rim found on a $500 hoop will not have the same quality found on a $1500+ in-ground hoop. One will be good, while the other will perform like the hoops found in professional arenas. This is generally due to the materials used, spring quality, and design.

Springs on these hoops are enclosed in a metal cover so that they are not exposed to the weather elements helping them last longer.


There are three main types of backboards to choose from and these include: polycarbonate, acrylic, and tempered glass.


Polycarbonate backboards tend to be common on less expensive basketball hoops. This is actually a type of plastic that is rigid and can hold up to mother nature quite well. On the down side, the performance of polycarbonate on backboards is often less than stellar.

You will notice when using a polycarbonate backboard that the ball does not come of the board with much force, which in part can be attributed to a lack of brace support provided in cheaper hoops. However, for someone just looking for a recreational hoop for the family, a polycarbonate backboard will likely meet your needs.


Backboards made with thermoplastic acrylic will generally perform better than their polycarbonate counterparts. This is why many middle-tier hoops come with an acrylic backboard, which makes acrylic a great choice for the majority of basketball system purchasers. The quality and durability is evident when playing on an acrylic hoop as the ball will come off the board with more bounce.

Tempered Glass

Finally, we have the mother of all backboard materials, which is tempered glass. While acrylic and polycarbonate are both forms of plastic, tempered glass is the real deal and is used in gyms across the country. That is why this type of backboard will provide the most refined performance available.

Because tempered glass excels in backboard performance it should come as no surprise that it is also the most expensive backboard material available. This will suit advanced players who are very serious about their game and intend to spend many hours honing their skills.

The only downside to tempered glass is that it is far less durable than polycarbonate and acrylic. This means that if your portable hoop happened to tip over during bad weather or a dunk then the glass could shatter.

Backboard sizes also vary and can be in one of two shapes: fan or square. Most basketball hoops today do come with a square backboard which offers a greater surface area for missed shots to hit. Square backboard come in sizes from 42 inches to the regulation 72 inches. Remember, larger backboards are generally more expensive depending on the material.


Support Pole Design

Support poles come in three different designs: three-piece, two-piece, and one-piece.  This means that a three-piece support pole literally uses three different pieces of metal to make up the support pole, while a two-piece support pole uses two pieces, and a one-piece support pole uses one piece.

The bottom line when it comes to support poles is that the less pieces a support pole has the more stable it will be.  So one-piece support poles are found exclusively on top of the line in ground hoops.  While two-piece support poles are found on top of the line portable hoops and mid-tier in ground hoops.  Three-piece support poles are found on cheaper portable basketball systems.

Backboard Support

Less expensive basketball hoop options tend to have a brace that helps to adjust the hoop’s height positioned at the center of the system.  The highest performing hoops will have a thicker support pole and additional bracing the encompasses most the backboard playing area which reinforces stability for shots.

Because budget hoops do not have this bracing shots that hit the left and right sides of the backboard tend to come off dead compared to when they hit the middle of the board where the majority of the hoop’s support is supplied.

Hoop Height Adjustment

Almost all of today’s portable and in-ground hoops feature some sort of height adjustment mechanism. Previously, you needed a broom handle to adjust the height of hoops, however, most often basketball systems today come with a handle or crank mechanism that makes height adjustment easier.  Some of the least expensive options available still use a telescoping system where you can place a bolt through the support pole at various increments.

The most common adjustment range for hoops are 7 and a half feet to the regulation 10 feet.  Yet, there are some hoops that have a greater range than this.  Be sure to check the specifications of the specific hoop you are interested in to get an idea of it’s height adjustment range and adjustment mechanism.

Top 7 Best BasketBall  Accessories and Parts – [Updated and Highly Recommended]


Raisco R36CM Speed Basketball Ring (Orange)
Raisco R36CM Speed Basketball Ring (Orange)
63 Reviews
  • In-Box Contents: 1 Basketball Ring and Net
  • Basket ball ring with net
  • Size: 6 (diameter 36 cm)
  • Designed for school gyms, outdoor sports, coaching, gaming arcades
  • Finish powder coated, mounting pattern
  • May be attached to a wall or regulation board (fiber glass or graph-to) please seek professional advice on installation the product

Get the nylon basketball net from raisco sports, the specialist in training practice fun standard size sports goods. This white standard size basketball net is made of good nylon. This basketball net for training practice fun has a weight of 100 gms. Be it birthdays, diwali, eid or christmas, this will be the standard size sports goods gift for family and friends.

Features / Reviews

Finish powder coated, mounting pattern


Basketball Stands Height Adjustable Basketball Stands Of Frame And Bar(2 m)
  • Material: Iron
  • Package included: 1 X Basketball board 1 X Iron basketball frame 1 X Set of main support 1 X Base 1 X Basketball 1 X Set of screw fittings 1 X Portable pump(Gift)

Specification: Color: Red,black Material: Iron Adjustable range: 77-160cm(1.6m),77-200cm(2m) Suggested Age: 3-8(1.6m),3-99(2m) Suggested height: 60-160cm(1.6m),60-200cm(2m) Features: Basketball stand height is adjustable as you want There are 1.6m and 2m height model for you to choose Iron pole and iron basket frame,strong and durable Large base and stable,you can add sand and water to increase its weight Very easy and fast to mount without any tools,suitable for being taken to outdoor. Package included: 1 X Basketball board 1 X Iron basketball frame 1 X Set of main support 1 X Base 1 X Basketball 1 X Set of screw fittings 1 X Portable pump(Gift)

Features / Reviews

Very easy and fast to mount without any tools

Suitable for being taken to outdoor

Strong and durable frame


Revotrad Basketball Net (1)
  • Excellent design: the interface is secure and the thread is stitched at the interface; Knot design is not easy to trip, more beautiful and firm
  • Finish powder coated, mounting pattern
  • Durable
  • Pack of 2 and 4
  • Premium quality product

We are a leading organization to offer the best quality range of basketball net. The offered net is manufactured by our highly experienced professionals using modern techniques and premium quality raw material. It is checked at various quality parameters by our quality controllers to avoid any flaw before the final dispatch. Moreover, it can be availed by our clients from us at reasonable price. Heavy duty net. Basketball net for Ring Premium quality Basketball Net, Standard Size, Nylon Basketball Net for Training Practice Fun

Features / Reviews

Premium quality raw material

Finish powder coated, mounting pattern

Interface is secure and the thread is stitched at the interface


PS Pilot 1 Pc - Basket Ball Ring 16 mm With Net
PS Pilot 1 Pc - Basket Ball Ring 16 mm With Net
32 Reviews
  • Basket Ball Ring With Net
  • 16 mm Ring
  • High Quality
  • Color May Vary- Assorted Colors

Basket Ball Ring With Net 16 mm Ring High Quality, Color May Vary- Assorted Colors

Features / Reviews

High Quality

16 mm Ring


Nivia Ball Pump Double Action (BP - 213)
  • Double action push and pull technology
  • Compact and Pocket Size
  • Pumps Air on Both Upstroke and Downstroke
  • Quick and easy method to inflate footballs, basketballs, volleyballs and handballs
  • Box Content: 1 Ball Pump

Features / Reviews

Compact and Pocket Size

Pumps Air on Both Upstroke and Downstroke


Spalding 1700063 Rubber Backboard and Rim
Spalding 1700063 Rubber Backboard and Rim
289 Reviews
  • 44-Inch poly carbonate backboard
  • 5/8-Inch solid steel Slam Jam breakaway rim
  • Fits round or square poles
  • Glass the most professional and expensive of backboard materials
  • Glass provides the most bounce of backboard materials, allowing you to play like a pro
  • Acrylic with more bounce than polycarbonate but less bounce than glass, acrylic is a good material for players of all levels
  • Polycarbonate a durable and less expensive material with a bit less bounce than other materials. Polycarbonate is ideal for beginner or youth players

We ignite the inner confidence that lives in athletes of all levels, across the globe, and enable them to play their best game. We protect the integrity of sport because of our passion for the will behind the work. Our heritage of quality products is what makes us stand out and you excel. Explore our journey to discover why we are an icon in sports and innovation.Portable systems require minimal installation and offer ultimate convenience. These systems generally feature a base that can be filled with sand or water to stabilize them and include wheels for portability. Although they are not as sturdy as in-ground or wall-mounted hoops, portables are simple to set up and can often be folded for convenient storage.

Features / Reviews

Fits round or square poles

Glass provides the most bounce of backboard materials, allowing you to play like a pro


Toy Park Portable Basketball Hoops/Portable Basketball Stand with Height Adjustable 210-260cm Backboard, Free Standing Basketball Hoop Net System on Wheels
Toy Park Portable Basketball Hoops/Portable Basketball Stand with Height Adjustable 210-260cm Backboard, Free Standing Basketball Hoop Net System on Wheels
2 Reviews
  • Junior basketball hoop is height-adjustable, ensuring that all ages can enjoy the game
  • Constructed of heavy-duty steel, a polyethylene panel, and an all-weather nylon net, this hoop will last all season
  • Fill the base with water or sand so your kid can jam with the confidence that their hoop will stay standing
  • Perfect for practicing on an indoor court or playing a pick-up game outside with pals
  • Hoop height adjustable from 205cm to 260cm, board size L 69 cm x W 45.5 cm

Constructed of heavy-duty steel, a polyethylene panel, and an all-weather nylon net, this hoop will last all season. Perfect for practicing on an indoor court or playing a pick-up game outside with pals.

Features / Reviews

Constructed of heavy-duty steel, a polyethylene panel, and an all-weather nylon net, this hoop will last all season

Height-adjustable, ensuring that all ages can enjoy the game

Benefits of Basketball

Basketball has all kinds of physical, cerebral and emotional benefits attached to it:

Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Basketball is great for your heart health! Because you keep moving, your heart rate increases. It also helps in building endurance, which is important when you want to make sure that your heart is healthy. It will help lower the risk of stroke and heart disease later in your life.

Burns Calories

Do you want to shed a few extra kilos? Play basketball! All the quick lateral movements, running and jumping, gives you an aerobic workout that in turn can help you burn a lot of calories. For every hour of basketball, a person who weighs 165 pounds can expect to burn about 600 calories while a person who weighs 250 pounds can expect to burn approximately 900 calories.

Builds Bone Strength

The physical demands of this awesome sport help in improving and building bone strength. Any physical activity that involves weight-bearing allows the formation of new bone tissue, and this in turn makes the bones stronger. Both the muscles and bones in your body become stronger with basketball as it is a physical activity that involves the tugging and pushing of muscles against bone.

Boosts The Immune System

When you play basketball or any other sport, it helps in reducing stress. When stress is decreased, you will have more energy and focus to complete tasks. It also makes you more social, which in turns helps in preventing depression. When stress is lowered, your immune system gets a boost as well.

Provides Strength Training

By playing basketball, you get an excellent full-body workout. This helps in the development of lean muscle. It can help develop your lower back, neck, deltoids, traps and core muscles. It also makes your legs stronger, and the movements like shooting and dribbling help strengthen your arms, hand muscles and wrist flexors.

Boosts Mental Development

Basketball may be a fast-paced game that requires a lot of physical skills, but it is also a mind game that requires you to think on your toes. It requires you to have a lot of focus so that you can accurately and quickly process the action on the court and make decisions that are effective with the ball. It also requires you to train yourself so that you can observe your opponents and teammates constantly and make quick decisions based on their actions.

Develops Better Coordination And Motor Skills

Basketball requires excellent hand-eye coordination as well as full-body coordination. When you play this sport, it gives you the training to help develop these skills. Dribbling gives you training for hand-eye coordination while rebounding shots that are missed gives you the training to develop full-body coordination.

Develops Self-Discipline And Concentration

As with other sports, there are rules that need to be followed when you play basketball. When you break these rules, it can lead to penalties for you as well as your team. It helps you develop self-discipline that is important as it encourages you to be more competitive and fair at the same time. It also keeps your mind focused and alert.

Improves Awareness Of Space And Body

Basketball is a game that requires spatial awareness. You need to know where you are positioned to make that perfect shot or play defense effectively. When you have an awareness of the space and body, you will know exactly where you need to be when your teammate or opponent makes a shot or passes the ball. When your spatial awareness is improved, it also helps in keeping you in balance.

Boosts Confidence

One of the best benefits of playing basketball is that it truly boosts one’s confidence. Being a good player and being a member of a great team can do wonders to increase your self-esteem and help you gain more confidence. When your confidence is boosted, your faith in your skills is also increased. Being confident allows you to face life with an improved disposition and has a positive effect on every aspect of your life.

The fast-paced action involved in basketball makes it one of the most exciting games to play and watch in the world. The fact that it provides numerous benefits is an excellent bonus. It is no wonder that the President of the US has made it a part of his regular workout regimen to keep himself physically and mentally fit. It is a great game for both adults and children. If you are looking to play a sport that gives you multiple benefits, both physically and mentally, this is the one for you.


Choosing a Basketball can be a tough decision for a player. But by finding the right Basketball Accessories, you can be ready to dominate every game, set and match on the field.

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