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Best Studio Accessories | Buying Guide : Things to consider while buying a Studio Accessories

Studio Monitor Stands

There are many recording artists out there all with differing requirements, and once you’ve established your own unique needs, you should be able to find the best stands for you. The following are aspects you should consider;


For Musicians just setting up new studios it may be best to experiment with a cheaper studio monitor stand to really get a feel for the different monitor bases and the functions they perform. Many of the cheaper studio monitors in our review proved to be extremely durable and of good quality construction.

Height Adjustability

Do you only use your monitors whilst sitting at a desk in your studio, or do you need to adjust the height of your stands for listening both sitting and standing?

Many of the non-height adjustable studio stands are engineered with a standard desk and chair in mind, if you are planning on listening to your sound from an extra low sofa, bean bag or something similar, you may require a more flexible stand. Similarly, if you are planning to place a stand behind existing studio furniture (click here for our full guide), please ensure that the stand offers enough height for your monitor to protrude above objects and not be obstructed by same. Remember any such barriers will greatly affect the accuracy of the sound you hear!


When considering stability, it is necessary to asses both the upper and lower bases. Lightweight, tripod style stands are very stable, but not suitable for smaller studios or cramped spaces.

Adding to stability, many stands also offer both leveling carpet spikes and rubber feet or glides, making them suitable for both carpeted and hard floor surfaces. Some studio stands also have a large inner cavity which not only improves the sound quality of your monitors but greatly adds to the general stability of your ensemble.

None of the studio monitor stands we tested were supplied with wheels. For heavier monitors, stands with wheels could be extremely useful in assisting with the correct positioning of your speakers, providing they are lockable. One can only imagine the discomfort of witnessing your precious monitor’s slowing exiting left and disappearing down the stairs.

When considering stability, the size of the upper plate is also of great importance. Perhaps a stand can easily cope with the weight of your monitors, but their size will make the stands wobbly ad unstable.

Your recording or listening space is another important factor to consider. For example, will children or pets have access to your recording studio? A cat curled on top of a monitor could render the stand top heavy and shaky. Similarly, is it possible that an errant child or pet could push past your monitors, sending your expensive kit crashing to the ground? Certainly, in this sort of environment, stands with wheels that cannot be firmly locked, or studio stands with smaller bottom bases would, in all probability, not be the best bases for your purposes.


There are some stands, such as the Definitive Technology Professional 600/800 Monitor Stands, which have been engineered with a specific range or brand of speakers in mind, and ensure the safety and stability of these particular monitors. It may not be possible to adapt or modify these stands to work with your particular brand of studio monitors.

Sonic Decoupling

As already discussed, one of the main functions of your studio monitor stands will be to give you a cleaner, more accurate sound.

Neatness and General Appearance

Appearance of Speaker HolderModern studio monitors are built with a variety of different finishes, designed to suit professional studios, small home studios, studies, and even general living spaces. Wood laminate finishes fit nicely into a general home setting or a sleek commercial style studio. Many other stands come in elegant black metal finishes, an elegant, but a durable option which may be better suited to your purposes.

Some stands also offer separate cavities, keeping your power and audio cables neat and hidden from view. Should you have numerous cables and wires snaking around your studio, cable management could be something to consider.


The positioning of your speakers, the height, distance from your ears etc. is incredibly important. Monitor stands allow you to move speakers away from studio walls, elevate them away from floors and desk surfaces and adjust your speakers so they are as symmetrically placed as possible. All of the aforementioned ensure the best audio reproduction possible.

‘Cleaning up’ your space will ensure that the sound you hear whilst recording will be as close as possible to your final studio mix, even when played back on many different devices.


You may require a more portable, traveling studio and certain stands that are designed to be quickly packed up, and will even fit into your regular luggage. Other stands, such as the wood-laminate finished are much heavier, and not really suitable for lugging around the country. It is also worth bearing in mind that the laminate finishes may be more vulnerable to chips, scratches and other damage which is likely to be sustained when traveling. Perhaps stands with these types of finish are best left in your permanent studio or home base.

Studio Racks

For the beginner, it may seem reasonable to place their equipment on shelves and go from there. Doing so compromises the very sound quality you are trying to produce. Every piece of equipment has a vibration signature. Placing them on a shelf magnifies that signature. Pieces of equipment also produce considerable heat. Placing them on a solid object of any type creates a barrier that reduces the exhaust of heat. Take it from the professionals: the only way to combat these two critical concerns is to use a studio rack mount.

Rack Mount Size

The consistent element has created a market where rack-mounted equipment is restricted to the width of the traditional rack mount, 19-inches, with the height occupied by the module inside of the rack regulated in units. Each unit is 1.75 inches in height. Many modules are built higher, with some reaching more than ten-units is size. For the home studio, the largest device that you will use is likely four-units.

Order of Installation

For most of us, our home studio does not include the advanced airflow systems found in production studios. The unwritten rule is to keep the ambient temperature around your studio equipment below 85-degrees Fahrenheit. Your home studio rack mount provides the area necessary to allow for heat dissipation. The rack design configures 0.5 inches of open space between each unit and 0.24-inches of space on each side, allowing for air to flow naturally and cool the equipment.

The trick is to place a module that generates the most heat at the top of the rack creating a chimney type of effect that draws cool air from the bottom and sides of the rack. The order of installation, then, is determined by the module’s heat signature. Here is the correct order of module installation in a home studio rack mount from top to bottom:

  • The power conditioner regulates all power that runs through your equipment. Since all power runs through this module, the heat signature is significant and continuous
  • The multi-channel mic preamp is filled with micro-circuitry that produces a tremendous amount of heat. Placing it near the top helps in establishing a chimney airflow effect that whisks away heat
  • The headphone amp is a key component of the home studio system. It allows the operator to increase or decrease pure sounds coming through the device to get the perfect aural quality. The device generates little heat
  • The monitor management system is a light-weight module that basically distributes the volume to create the stereo effect. Its heat signature is virtually non-existent
  • The audio interface works to condition sound and removes noise through a series of in/out cables and switches. The process generates so little heat that the module is the perfect choice to occupy the bottom position of your rack

Types of Rack Mounts

The main types of rack mounts for homes studios come in three categories, including:

  • The basic rack is the cheapest available and works well in the home studio where the function is more valuable than fancy design
  • The portable rack is designed for use by musicians and groups while on the road. These racks are more expensive as portability requires a stronger framework and reliable, lockable wheels
  • The high-end studio rack is the most expensive on the market. I do not recommend these for a home studio due to the cost. These racks are insulated with a soundproofing material that does not conduct heat and therefore requires a silent fan to create airflow to protect your expensive equipment from heat damage

Top 8 Best Studio Accessories – [Updated and Highly Recommended]

Studio Speaker Stands


Rockville Pair Adjustable Universal Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands with Carry Bag
  • Includes: (2) Tripod Speaker Stands. (1) Carry bag for the stands.
  • Pair Rockville RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands With Carry Bag.
  • Adjustable Height. Steel Construction with Nylon Clutch and Base. Black Color.
  • Weight Capacity: 100 lbs. Adjustable Height Range: 71 inches.
  • Base spread: 0-32 inches. Tube Diameter: 1.38 inches. Leg Diameter: 1.38 inches.
  • User needs a speaker on the stand to lower it because it lowers with weight

Brand New Rockville Pair of RVES1 Heavy Duty Adjustable Pro PA Speaker/ Lighting Stands with Carrying Case.

Features / Reviews

Adjustable Height. Steel Construction with Nylon Clutch and Base

Includes Carry bag for the stands


kh Height Adjustable Portable Folding PA/DJ Tripod Speaker Stand (50 KG)
  • Plastic Bracket Metal Tripod
  • Height Adjustment : 1 M - 2 M
  • Upper Shaft Tubing : 35 MM
  • Load Capacity : 50 KG
  • Weight : 3.2 KG

The speaker stand is the perfect way to turn any ordinary set up of speakers; in to a more professional looking; and more presentable arrangement. This also allows the sound from your speakers to have better sounding music at ear level. The speaker stand is strong; reliable; durable and easy to set up. Along with a turn lock; and a pin key; not only is the height of the speaker stand adjustable; you can be sure that it will stand strong without dropping height. Not only do the speaker stands lift the speakers off the floor; they will project the sound further; so that you get a richer; louder; crisper sound both near by; and further away from the speaker set up. They also are height adjustable. This is a great way to ensure that no matter where you have your party; indoors or outdoors; you can adjust the height of the stand to suit perfectly. Speaker stands also allow for better cable management; so you can ensure you have a clean and presentable look for your party. Speaker stands are most commonly hired for a large range of events; such as speaking events; and any other type of event where a speech is being made; as well as presentations; birthdays; weddings; and house parties. They are a nice addition that will enhance your party substantially.

Features / Reviews

Plastic Bracket Metal Tripod

Load Capacity : 50 KG

Studio Monitor Stands


Samson SAMS200 Heavy Duty Monitor Stands (Set of 2)
Samson SAMS200 Heavy Duty Monitor Stands (Set of 2)
52 Reviews
  • English (Publication Language)

Professional-grade isolated studio monitor stands

Features / Reviews

Nice finishing

Professional-grade isolated stands


IsoAcoustics IsoAcoustics ISO130 Small Monitor Stand Pair
  • ISO-L8R130 monitor stands will upgrade your monitoring accuracy
  • Enjoy tighter, more extended bass and solid stereo imaging - without shelling out for new monitors
  • IsoAcoustics has built the ISO-L8R130 according to the "PIF" (Placement, Isolation, Focus) principles of acoustic design.

IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 monitor stands will upgrade your monitoring accuracy. Enjoy tighter, more extended bass and solid stereo imaging – without shelling out for new monitors! IsoAcoustics has built the ISO-L8R130 according to the “PIF” (Placement, Isolation, Focus) principles of acoustic design. The results are immediately noticeable, and dramatic. Placed on ISO-L8R130 speaker stands – decoupled from supporting surfaces, with minimized reflections from nearby surfaces, and crystal-clear focus. Your old studio monitors will stun you with how accurate they are. Get better monitoring (without getting new monitors) with IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R130 monitor stands.

Features / Reviews

Enjoy tighter, more extended bass and solid stereo imaging

Will upgrade your monitoring accuracy



Gator Cases Lightweight Molded 6U Rack Case with Heavy Duty Latches, Shallow 14.25" depth, 6U (GR-6S)
Gator Cases Lightweight Molded 6U Rack Case with Heavy Duty Latches, Shallow 14.25' depth, 6U (GR-6S)
224 Reviews
  • Lightweight ABS Construction with Heavy Duty Twist Latches
  • Standard 19", threaded and field replaceable 7mm zinc-plated steel rack rails
  • Removable Front and Rear cover for access to Front & Rear rack rails
  • One pack of 48 Gator Rack Screws included
  • Compact 14.25" Rack Depth / 2U Rack Size (10.5")

The Gator Cases GR Shallow Series shallow rack cases are manufactured to withstand the rigors of the road! Made with a shallow, lightweight polyethylene frame and sturdy aluminum valiance, these cases will protect your rack gear from the damage and destruction that can occur in between gigs! The GR Shallow Series rack cases 14.25” rack-able depth is design to hold shallow gear. The recessed carry handles are design to provide comfort while moving your gear around. The Gator Cases GR Shallow series rack case also comes with front and rear rack rails, as well as heavy-duty twist butterfly latches. The Gator GR Shallow series rack cases are available in 2U, 3U, 4U, and 6U rack sizes. The GRR series includes the rolling GRR series rack cases in 4U, 6U and 8U rack sizes. The GR Series is available in 2U, 4U, 6U, 8U, 10U, and 12U rack sizes. The GR, GR Shallow, and GRR series rack cases were designed to provide solid protection for the gear mounted within them. Gator Cases understands that your gear is important and needs to be protected. This is why our designers designed these rack cases to withstand impacts but also lightweight for easy transport. The front and rear rack rails are also designed to be easily replaceable and support your gear with ease! Gator Cases is known for manufacturing innovative products designed to protect! We offer a wide range of available sizes, materials, and protection levels, for all types of instruments and gear including Frameworks stands, Rackworks install racks and accessories, and Protechtor drum cases. It isn’t hard to find a great reason why Gator should be the brand you trust to protect your equipment for life! .

Features / Reviews

Lightweight ABS Construction with Heavy Duty Twist Latches

Removable Front and Rear cover for access to Front & Rear rack rails


Gator Cases Studio Rack Cabinet (Black, 4 Space)
  • 19" Studio rack cabinet
  • 16.3mm thick MDF furniture grade black oak laminate
  • Rack rails constructed of 3.2mm heavy duty cold rolled steel
  • 15.25" Rackable Depth

Features / Reviews

Rack rails constructed of 3.2mm heavy duty cold rolled steel

16.3mm thick MDF furniture grade black oak laminate


Raxxess RAX Unitray Universal Rack Tray UNS1
  • Model: UNS-1
  • Depth: 10"
  • Height: 1.75"
  • Capacity: 20 lbs.

The Raxxess UNS1 Universal Rack Tray is a one space, 14-gauge shelf with a hole-pattern in bottom for mounting a variety of half-rack equipment.Finished in durable black baked enamel. To mount the UNS1 rack tray, you will need to purchase optional rack screws.

Features / Reviews

14-gauge shelf with a hole-pattern in bottom for mounting a variety of half-rack equipment

Finished in durable black baked enamel


On-Stage RS7030 Rack Stand
  • 12-space rack holds multiple pieces of gear in a single footprint
  • Includes rack-mounting screws perfect for installing gear on the stand
  • 75 lbs. capacity delivers strength and stability to reliably support rack-mount gear
  • Black powder-coat finish is exceptionally durable and will not chip easily

OnStage RS7030 Rack Stand

Features / Reviews

12-space rack holds multiple pieces of gear in a single footprint

Black powder-coat finish is exceptionally durable and will not chip easily

Includes rack-mounting screws perfect for installing gear on the stand


There are many reasons people want or require studio monitor stands and, luckily, there are many products available on the market to greater serve all these different wants and needs. Variables such as price, stability, brand-specific products, portability and the size and weight of your studio monitors should all be considered. Please take into account the location of your monitors, do you require black metallic or matte finishes, best for your recording studio, or would you prefer a wood-look to better suit your lounge or study? When purchasing a monitor stand ensure that you have a very clear idea of your requirements, and you shouldn’t go far wrong. We wish you the best of luck and satisfaction with your choice of monitor bases.

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